Stanhope Hall Seminar Room Reservation Request

Hobson-Rogers Seminar Room 101
  • Seats up to 15 people

  •  A/V: Large Screen TV, VHS/DVD Player, Apple TV

  • Polycom Conference Phone

Barfield-Johnson Seminar Room 201
  • Seats up to 18 people

  • A/V: Projector and Screen, Apple Tv

  • Polycom Conference Phone

RECEPTIONS: Receptions are not allowed in Seminar Room 101 or 201. 

SLIDES/PROJECTORS/MEDIA EQUIPMENT: Equipment instructions are available in the seminar rooms. 

LIFE SAFETY: The person planning the use of these places of assembly is responsible for the safety of room occupants during the event. For large or unusual events, contact Public Safety and Occupational Health and Safety well in advance. Occupancy must not exceed the posted room capacity at any time. Exit illumination, exit signs and emergency lighting must remain operative. Ensure that every exit path to the building exterior is continuously maintained free of all obstructions for instant use in case of emergency. Report deficiencies to Maintenance or Public Safety. An announcement should be made at the beginning of each event specifying the "NO SMOKING" requirement and location of emergency exits. 

Any group found abusing the hall would not be accepted for future reservations. The Security Guard reports on the conditions of the room.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Any special needs (room setup/chairs) must be met by the reserving party. 

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS wishing to use the facility must first go to the Dean of Student Life office to obtain an approval form. 

The area needs to be thoroughly cleaned (tables washed, blackboards washed and chairs returned to Contact Building Services to have a janitor present following your event if cleaning services will be necessary. Light food/drinks/coffee/tea is allowed.  *Note: original location and the trash removed) after the event is over. In many instances we do have another event/class following, therefore, it is necessary to have the janitor that evening and not the morning after. You must have a staff member from your department in attendance at all times. Alcohol is not allowed in the Seminar Rooms. AAS and its staff cannot be responsible for your event. We will not sign for food/drink delivered to the building. All platters and other items must be removed from the building immediately following your event.