Frequently Asked Questions


What's the best way to get in contact with a Professor?

To contact a professor we encourage you to visit our Faculty Page, or the  Princeton University’s Advanced People Search tool.

Please keep in mind we cannot accommodate requests to reach Faculty Emeriti (including Toni Morrison and Cornel West)


Can the Department of African American Studies Co-sponsor an event?
We welcome every opportunity to collaborate with other Princeton University departments and Community Organizations on relevant events. To have your next event considered, please fill out the Event Co-Sponship Request form. Please give our team time to review and respond.

Postdoctoral Research Associate Opportunities

How can I find out about upcoming opportunities?
Please email to be placed on the notification list. Information is sent once the position is posted on the AHIRE site.
The description says that “cannot be in the process of writing a dissertation.” What does that mean?
This means that the candidate must complete the defense of their dissertation and graduate before the position start date.
Can I submit a syllabus for a course that I have taught or should it be a new course?
You may submit either new courses that you are developing, existing courses that you have previously taught, or a combination of both.

Senior Colloquium

What is the Senior Colloquium?
Through the course of study, readings, and lectures, concentrators have applied their AAS knowledge into developing independent writing and research assignments, leading to the senior thesis. A senior thesis must be written by every senior at Princeton, and in AAS, the thesis is the culminating research informed by a student’s selected subfield and a subject of inquiry of the student’s choosing. More information can be found on the official Senior Colloquium page.
Who can attend the senior colloquium?
All AAS concentrators are required to attend the colloquium. AAS certificate students can apply for admission. The application will be sent via email to juniors during the spring semester.
How long are the sessions?
The sessions are 1½ hours and are usually held in the afternoon. The schedule is shared during the spring semester.

Seminar Rooms

How do I request use of the seminar rooms?

The Seminar Room request form can be found here.

When are the seminar rooms available?

Our seminar rooms’ primarily function as classrooms and for AAS departmental meetings and programming, so the availability varies by semester.

Can I reserve the room in the evenings or on the weekends?

The seminar rooms are locked from 5:00 pm to 9:00 am Monday through Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Can I request a specific room?

Rooms are booked based on the availability of the space and the group size. We cannot guarantee that a specific room is available during the requested day and time.

How many seats are in the rooms?

Hobson-Rogers Seminar Room 101 can seat 15. Barefield-Johnson Seminar Room 201 can seat 18.

Will there be someone on hand to receive my catering?

The department who reserves the room is responsible for receiving all deliveries. You are also responsible for the cleanup and disposal of food. There are extra garbage and recycling bins located outside the rear entrance of the ground floor, which you are free to bring to the rooms.

Can I have access to the room before my scheduled time?

If your meeting occurs before a class, we would not be able to give you access to the room early. Also, your meeting must end before the start time of a class.

Who do I contact for Technical Support in the rooms?

For Barefield-Johnson Seminar Room 201, please contact Instructional Support Services. For Hobson-Rogers Seminar Room 101, please contact Elio Lleo.

Certificate Program

I am not a Princeton student. Can I apply for a certificate?

The undergraduate certificate program is similar to a minor. Only enrolled Princeton University students can receive a certificate.

I am a Computer Science concentrator. Can I get a certificate in African American Studies?

Of course! Our certificate program is available to all undergraduates.

Can I substitute a core survey course with a cognate course?

The survey courses are designed to provide a foundation in African American Studies and cannot be substituted with another course,

When are the core survey courses taught?

The core survey courses are taught each semester. You can learn more about All our courses and approved cognates here

Where can I find the list of courses that count towards the certificate?

You can find a list of all courses and cognates here.

When should I submit my declaration form?

You can submit your form after you have completed AAS 201 or any of the core survey courses. We encourage you to submit your form as early as possible.

Are there funding opportunities for certificate students?

Yes, there are. For details, please visit the Graduate Funding or Undergraduate Funding page.

I have more questions about the Certificate Program, who should I contact?

If your question has not been answered, please contact April Peters.