Zhamoyani McMillan

Class of 2021

Zhamoyani McMillan, a member of the Class of 2021, is from Queens and Brooklyn, NY. His main interest is screenwriting and film, but he quickly gained interest in the AAS department due to the fact that his predominantly white high school had given him an education omitting the contributions of his people. It essentially deprived him of a curriculum like Princeton’s AAS department, focusing on the lives and history of Black-Americans. This past summer, he used AAS funding as well as the annual Lewis Center for Arts Mary Quaintance ‘84 Fund Award that he had won to travel to Senegal and Ghana in hopes of learning about Black diasporic art and also to finish writing a feature-length screenplay. Moreover, he wishes to continue learning about this diasporic welding of cultures, art, and literature, as well as the institutional racism plaguing the United States.