Wilglory Tanjong

Class of 2018

Born in Yaoundé, Cameroon and reared in Maryland, Wilglory is an author, academic, social justice activist, and a member of Princeton’s Class of 2018. She is a Mellon Mays Fellow, a Future Global Leaders Fellow, and a Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America Scholar. She was honored alongside her co-author as the United Negro College Fund's "Youth of the Year" for her book, #Admitted: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming the Odds, which advises youth on how to be successful in high school and during the college application process. Her book is currently being used by thousands of students across the country to help bridge the gap in access to higher education. You can find out more at admittedguide.com. At Princeton University, she led various activist efforts as a member of the Black Justice League and she also co-founded DoroBucci, an African dance group. Her passion for bringing African culture to Princeton led her to serving on the African students association board, and planning Okwele: a Cameroonian student academic conference, Sankofa: an African fashion show, and Sakata: an African dance competition. Her academic interests include forming a greater knowledge of the relationship between African and African Americans Studies, beyond their shared history of slavery. This past summer she interned at Facebook in their Global Marketing Solutions division, studied French in Paris, and conducted academic research.