Taylor Branch

Class of 2020

Taylor Branch, born and raised in New York City, is a member of the class of 2019. She is concentrating in African American Studies and pursuing a certificate in Spanish Language and Culture. She arrived on campus originally intending to focus on international politics and political theory, but soon realized that cultural studies was infinitely more exciting and offered a critical lens to analyze her own experiences. After making the switch, she has been most interested in the intersections of race and the legal system in regards to notions of citizenship and democracy. She hopes to integrate her love of travel and Latinx culture into her investigations of racialized legal processes. On campus, Taylor divides her time between her three jobs, and choreographing and dancing with BAC, Princeton’s hip hop dance company. In the past she’s been involved with BSU, serving as its secretary from the spring of 2016 to fall of 2017,and USG serving as the co-chair of the Diversity and Equity Committee during the same time period. Post undergraduate work, Taylor hopes to continue traveling throughout South America before figuring out a capacity in which she can best address racial injustice in the legal system.