Samantha Newman

Class of 2018

Samantha is a follower of Christ, a resident of sunny San Diego, CA, and a proud African American Studies major. Upon taking an African American Studies course on a whim her freshman year, she was surprised at the richness of the subject matter—the dynamic social, historical, and political role the idea of race plays in this country and the world. She is grateful for the African American Studies concentration for being a corrective lens through which to learn about our society. Her area of academic interest now focuses on investigating Black Christians’ racial perceptions of Jesus Christ and how those perceptions affect their faith. Samantha is also earning a certificate in Spanish. She serves as an executive officer in Princeton Faith & Action and as co-chair of the Alcohol Initiative Fund Board, and she works in Butler/Wilson dining hall. Her non-academic interests include reading C.S. Lewis, breaking bread with loved ones, watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, speaking Spanish, experiencing the pain of beauty, and spending long periods of time in the presence of her friends. She plans to pursue a career in filmmaking as a screenwriter.