Payton Elyse Croskey

Class of 2023
Undergraduate Board of Advisers

Payton Croskey, having bloomed in the sunshine state, is a member of the class of 2023. As a dancer and artist who consistently engages with the world of science and technology around her, Payton has always been interested in the junction of creativity and technology. She believes that positioning the imagination and humanities at the center of technology is crucial in creating humane and just systems. As she pursues a concentration in African American Studies and an Applications of Computing certificate, Payton seeks to engage with and materialize tangible representations of existing theories around these issues. She hopes to continue the conversation of bias and prejudice encoded into current devices by imagining how they may be reprogrammed, repurposed, or altogether rethought.

Beyond her academic life, Payton is the creative content director for the Ida B Wells Just Data Lab, where she extends her studies by collaborating with community leaders and organizations to address the hyper surveillance of underrepresented groups and the racial disparities in technology. She also serves on the Undergraduate Board of Advisors for the Department of African American Studies as a trusted liaison between students and faculty within the department. Further, Payton exercises her passion for graphic design and digital media as a communications and social media specialist for the Lewis Center for the Arts. There, she is a marketing and branding coordinator that creates press releases, digital posters and social media content for the department’s upcoming performances and events. Similarly, Payton is the social and communications chair for Princeton’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, a director of marketing and media for The Standard, a staff cartoonist for the Daily Princetonian and a 2021 recipient of the Martin A. Dale ’53 Summer Award.

Following Princeton, Payton seeks to further her education at the graduate level and contribute to the reconception of innovation and technology, its development and its pedagogy. Ultimately, Payton believes that new, just worlds are only attainable if we first activate our imagination and dream of what could be.