Payton Croskey

Class of 2023
Undergraduate Board of Advisers

Payton Croskey is a member of the Class of 2023 from Orlando, Florida intending to concentrate in African American Studies. She is also pursuing a certificate in Applications of Computing in an effort to examine the ways in which racial inequities and biases are unknowingly coded into our everyday technology. She believes STEM fields thrive from challenging preconceived notions while questioning the old and rethinking the new. Payton maintains that the technology industry would greatly benefit from a new wave of diversity in ideas, dexterity and culture. She attests that this comes from finding humanity in technology by considering the people behind the devices. 

At Princeton, Payton is on the Undergraduate Board of Advisers for the Department of African American Studies. She also serves as a Communications and Social Media Specialist for the Lewis Center for the Arts where she creates press releases, digital posters and social media content to promote on campus activity. Payton has a passion for graphic design and digital media and was also the 2018 Orlando Fashion Week Junior Design Winner. In addition, she is an Ambassador for the 2020 Black Ivy Business Conference and is a member of the National Society of Black Engineers, Princeton Association of Black Women and the Black Student Union while serving on multiple student task forces involving prison divestment, the history of Black Princeton and the integration of incoming students. Off campus, Payton is also the Creative Graphic Designer for both Nectar and Hartford Lab LLC.