Nicky Steidel

Class of 2018

Nicky Steidel is a member of the class of 2018 majoring in African American Studies with a focus on African American culture and life and pursuing a certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies. He became involved in the field via his interest in radical politics, a passion he developed while getting involved with underground music in Los Angeles as a teenager as well as through his experiences as a teacher. His research interests include radical political thought, the Black Radical Tradition, labor and social history, African American literature, music subcultures (especially hardcore punk), strategies and histories of collective action. On campus, Nicky is a DJ and Publicity and Promotions Director at the student-run community radio station, WPRB 103.3FM, a mentor in the Big Sibs program, and on the organizing committee of the Princeton Young Democratic Socialists. Off campus, he is involved in the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Nicky does not make very many plans for the future, but he has considered teaching high school American history, going to graduate school, doing labor organizing, and founding his own sober, all-ages art space/community center.