Leashell Nancy Camille

Class of 2023
Undergraduate, Concentrator

Leashell Camille is class of 2023 in the African American Studies department. Growing up in Queens, New York City, Leashell has always been involved in education, specifically contributing to the growth and development of NYC public school students. Coming to Princeton, she fostered a new love for policy and how it has affected Black communities in America, which is why she joined the African American Studies department. Pulling from her desire to continue to work with children, and studies in race and public policy, Leashell hopes to have a future in education policy regulation for public schools across the country.

During her time here at Princeton, she's worked with non-profit organization, H.E.A.L.T.H. For Youths, which has helped to continue her hands-on work with NYC public school students, and federal agency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which introduced her to ways of protecting communities through government policy. Leashell is also currently a member of two dance groups on campus, Black Arts Company (Dance) and BodyHype Dance Company.