Leashell Nancy Camille

Class of 2023

Leashell Camille, from Queens, New York, is one of our class of 2023 African American Studies concentrators. In addition to an African American Studies major, she is planning to receive a certificate in Technology and Society. To help fuel her interests of education and the advancement of underrepresented communities in society, Leashell hopes that by studying within an intellectually exciting department, under astounding professors, she can contribute to diminishing the achievement gap between higher and lower income class students.

Prior to attending Princeton, Leashell has participated in multiple dance and community serving activities. Since 2012, she has volunteered and worked for an out of school program, Community Youth Care Services, Inc., to help foster the growth and development of New York City public school students through dance and academics. During her years at Princeton, Leashell has further pursued her passions by continuing work with Community Youth Care Services, Inc., but also partnering with H.E.A.L.T.H For Youths, a Staten Island based non-profit organization, to provide free virtual dance classes to youth, helping them have fun and stay active. She is also a dancer with the Black Arts Company and BodyHype Dance Company. Through these companies, she was provided with the opportunity to work with CityStep and the Trenton Arts Program in leading dance workshops for elemantary and high school students.