Layla Joy Williams

Class of 2025
Undergraduate, Major


After moving around the world for most of her childhood, Layla and her family have finally settled in Tampa, Florida. She is a member of the class of 2025 and an African American Studies major. The department's interdisciplinary possibilities and its dedication to community drew her to declaring AAS. To complement her studies in AAS, Layla plans to minor in Theater and Music Theater, English, and Creative Writing. Outside of her studies, she is heavily involved with the theater community on campus. She is the Vice President of Princeton University Players (PUP), Princeton's only student-run musical theater group; she has also directed and will co-direct through PUP. In addition, Layla is a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, a Writing Center Fellow, and an Orange Key tour guide. 

In the future, Layla hopes to continue to combine her theatrical passions with her scholarly interests.