Kristal H. Grant

Class of 2024
Undergraduate, Major

Kris (class of 2024) is a concentrator in African American Studies with certificates in Latin American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Kris is primarily interested in Caribbean art and transnational resistance across the region and the Global South. After growing up in Kingston, Jamaica and leaving home at a very young age, Kris started seeking out communities which emphasized collective care and abolition as being foundational to building new, nurturing futures. To Kris, African American Studies is one of the few departments that she believes is capable of providing her with a radical education. At the moment of writing, Kris is involved with the Pride Alliance, the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, the Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab and the African Students Association at Princeton. Feel free to reach out to Kris if you have any questions about the department or just want to make a friend!