Katrina S. Nix

Class of 2024
Undergraduate, Major

Kat Nix is a 2024 pre-law on the Race and Public Policy Track in the African American Studies Department. Kat is pursuing a certificate in Spanish and is also pursuing fieldwork in both Visual Arts and Creative Writing as they are a poet, a photographer, and a filmmaker. They hail from Wilmington, Delaware and their mother's family is from the small Island of Barbados and it is much of this background that inspired their passion for African American Studies. Their grandparents were incredibly involved in the Civil Rights work during the 50s and 60s, with their grandfather working on Brown v. Board and helping to desegregate much of Delaware. Being Afro-Caribbean-American and caring deeply about the Diaspora and racial justice, as well as having a strong intellectual and academic curiosity for an interdisciplinary approach to learning an education, is much of what drew them to the Department. The engaging classes, renowned professors, and artful curriculum/ materials are what made them declare. In the Department they've had the pleasure of being a Research Associate in the Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab where they've done a great deal of research the past couple of years on tech justice as it relates to safety, anti policing, education, and most recently- disability justice. They plan on continuing these areas of focus in their research and career as they go on to independent work and beyond and they look forward to having an active role in the Department and learning and growing from being an AAS Concentrator.