Kadence Mitchell

Class of 2020

Kadence Mitchell, a native of Tacoma, WA, is a member of the class of 2020 and pursuing a degree in African American Studies under the subfield of race and public policy.  Having entered Princeton with intentions of entering into a public policy major, and quickly discovering a fascination with political theory, Kadence threw herself into studying the intersections between policy, theory, and race.  Kadence intends to focus her research on the study of black political theorists, particularly those who are queer, who are women, or who are both. In doing so, she hopes that her research will help start the conversation around public policy’s shortcomings, specifically in regards to the protection of and pursuit of justice for, folks who are queer, trans, women, differently-abled, or people of color. In doing so, she hopes that it will catalyze changes in policy that are more just and more honest. 

On campus, Kadence splits her time between three campus jobs, intern and peer educator positions with the Princeton LGBT Center, and various civic service and social justice initiatives and collectives.  Her combined interests in justice, race, orientation and community have led Kadence to coordinate and found, alongside her peers, collectives such as the Black Student-Alumni Coalition, which brought notable guest Craig Robinson ‘83 as a keynote speaker to an inter-generational networking event, and the podcast series #WokeWednesdays, which has featured notable guests such as Professor Imani Perry and Rev. Al Sharpton.  

After her undergraduate years reach completion, Kadence hopes to continue research in the realms of public policy and political theory, with intentions of entering into a masters’ or doctoral program.