Julia Michiko Hori

Ph.D. in English
Certificate in African American Studies

B.A. University of Toronto (2011)
M.A. University of Toronto (2012)

Julia M. Hori joined the Department of English in 2014. Pursuing a graduate certificate in Princeton’s Department of African American studies, her research interests include Caribbean literature and visual culture, postcolonial literature, African-American literature, race and ethnicity, as well as theories of space and environment. Her project examines overlapping and competing legacies of transatlantic history, memory, and monumentality within various aesthetic practices of restoration in the postcolonial Caribbean.

Her teaching experience includes co-teaching Literatures of Exile (Spring 2015) with the Prison Teaching Initiative and serving as an assistant instructor for American Studies 101: America Then and Now (Spring 2017), African American History Since Emancipation (Fall 2017), and Modern Caribbean History (Spring 2018).


Selected Publications