JaDerris Donovan Carr

Class of 2025
Undergraduate Major

Representing Denver, Colorado Jiggie Carr is a member of the class of 2025. Jiggie will major in AAS, emphasizing in the race and public policy subfield, while also getting a certificate in African Studies.  Jiggie has spent his entire life witnessing black injustice and systematic racism in the United States. Jiggie's family lived in Chicago, Illinois before moving to Denver, Colorado. Scenes of injustice emanating from places of power were merely another day in Chicago's neighborhoods. Nonetheless, Jiggie has been surrounded by role models who advocate for black life and are continually striving for equality in his neighborhood. Coming to Princeton provided Jiggie with the opportunity to contribute to this continuous challenge in his neighborhood, where another life is unfathomable to community members and youth. 

Jiggie was drawn to the AAS department because of the family-oriented sensations he had during lectures that were passionately motivated and always sincere, demonstrating that all of the professors actually cared.  

Outside of academics, Jiggie is a member of the Varsity Football team. Jiggie plans to pursue his aspirations of playing in the NFL before transitioning into a career in public policy and advocating for racial justice in African American healthcare