Heath Pearson

Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology
Department of Anthropology and Department of African American Studies

Heath Pearson is a PhD candidate in the Anthropology Dept. and the Dept. of African American Studies, an affiliate of the American Studies Program, and a fellow in The Center for the Study of Religion. Thanks to funding from The Wenner-Gren Foundation, he is currently undertaking long-term, ethnographic fieldwork in a county on the East Coast with many ghosts and many prisons, constructing a history of the land and looking at what happens over time to human flesh and identities, perceptions and memories, and examining the dynamics of local institutions, and the apparatuses of local governance around rural prison facilities. His most recent academic article, “The Prickly Skin of White Supremacy,” explores the co-constitution of race and place in Huntington, Indiana, and the many ways racialized violence lingers in the land, and on the skin, throughout multiple generations. His most recent collaborative project is with VICE Media: Weediquette, Season 2, Episode 7, 'Search & Seizure.' He also spends a great deal of time listening to music.