Fatima Siwaju

Doctoral Candidate
Department of African American Studies & Department of Anthropology
Aaron Burr Hall, Room 116

Fatima Siwaju is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at Princeton University, with a graduate certificate in African American Studies. Her research and teaching interests center on Islam in the Americas, race and religion in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Afro-American intellectual traditions. Her dissertation, which is based on fieldwork conducted in the Colombian cities of Buenaventura and Cali, explores the intersections of race, religion, and citizenship as they pertain to the historical trajectories, contemporary socialities, and religious practices of Black Shi’i Muslims. Fatima holds a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish and a Master of Philosophy in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge. She also received a Master of Arts in Religion from Syracuse University.