Rachelle Jacques

  • Class of 2018

Desmond D. Jagmohan

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Politics
Office: 111 Fisher Hall

Jana Johnson

  • Department Assistant
Phone: (609) 258-1478
Office: Stanhope 005

James R. Jones

  • Visiting Research Scholar
  • Assistant Professor, Rutgers University-Newark

Kurt Karandy

  • Doctoral Candidate in Religion

Anne Kerth

  • Doctoral Candidate in History

William B. King Jr.

  • Chairman
  • DirectorCorps, Inc.
  • Class of 1967
Office: Nashville, Tennessee

Henry Von Kohorn

  • Class of 1966
  • Founder of The Princeton Prize in Race Relations
Office: Princeton, New Jersey

Janet Kong-Chow

  • Doctoral Candidate in English

Emanuela Kucik

  • PH.D in English
  • Department of English and Department of African American Studies