Desmond D. Jagmohan

Assistant Professor
Department of Politics
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111 Fisher Hall

Desmond Jagmohan is Assistant Professor of Politics at Princeton University. He studies history of political theory and works primarily in the areas of American and African American political thought. He also has interests in slavery and modern political theory, property, and historical methods. Currently, he is completing his first book, Dark Virtues: Booker T. Washington’s Tragic Realism. Based on several years of archival research, the book recovers an unseen and more radical Booker T. Washington. It reconstructs his political ethics, including his moral defense of equivocation, concealment, and deception as political virtues under conditions of extreme domination. The book is partly based on his dissertation, which won the Best Dissertation Award from the Race, Ethnicity and Politics Section of APSA (2015). His second book, Slavery and Moral Agency, reads Harriet Jacobs’ slave narrative as a philosophical and not simply a polemical response to proslavery arguments and defense of a distinct form of moral agency. Presently, he has several articles in progress or under journal review. His work has been published in Perspectives on Politics, Politics, Groups, and Identities, and Contemporary Political Theory. He holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University (2015).