Dannelle Gutarra Cordero

Lecturer in African American Studies
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Dannelle Gutarra Cordero is Lecturer in African American Studies. She earned a Ph.D. in History from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus in 2012. Her academic performance won her the High Academic Distinction Medal from the Doctoral Program of History and the Dr. Aída Caro Costas Award for best doctoral dissertation in History from the University of Puerto Rico. Gutarra Cordero specializes in the Intellectual History of the Modern Caribbean and the Atlantic World, and her research and teaching interests include the topics of slavery, race, gender, sexuality, and colonialism. Her current book manuscript intends to examine the intellectual history of institutions of slavery as emotional economies in the context of the Atlantic World. She has been a Visiting Fellow of the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research at Harvard University, has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico and Virginia Commonwealth University, and was the Chair of the Postcolonial Humanities Working Group at Princeton. Also at Princeton, Gutarra Cordero teaches freshman seminars and is a Faculty Adviser of Forbes College, an instructor of the Freshman Scholars Institute, a Faculty Fellow of the Scholars Institute Fellows Program, and an Academic Athletic Fellow of the Women’s Cross Country Team. She is also currently the Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed academic journal "Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia and Latin America".