Christen Zimecki

Doctoral Candidate
Department of African American Studies & Department of Philosophy

Christen Zimecki is a PhD candidate in the Departments of Philosophy and African American Studies at Princeton University. He specializes in ancient Greek and Roman moral psychology and political thought. His dissertation project offers a new interpretation of pleonectic psychology, or “pleonexia”, which is often considered the (rough) ancient Greek equivalent of “greed” or “acquisitiveness”. He argues that the pleonectic agent is someone who wants to gain at the expense of other people and according to a notion of desert that is either idiosyncratic or factional. His current research focuses on the relationship between the socio-political problem of pleonexia and what W.E.B. Du Bois calls “exploiter’s psychology” in his discourse on the rivalries of economic imperialism. 

Christen was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and he studied Philosophy and Classics at Wayne State University. During his undergraduate studies, he was also a member of the McNair Scholars program and worked alongside other Federal Trio Programs that serve traditionally underrepresented students in academia.