Che' C. Rogers

Class of 2022
Concentrator, Undergraduate

Che' Rogers '22 is from Tacoma, Washington, concentrating in African American studies.  Che' was drawn to the AAS department because of its ability to be applied to all aspects of society, whether it they be cultural, political, health related, etc.  He is a member of the varsity football team and was also an athletic liaison for the Princeton Black Men's Association.  Che' is looking to pair his passions to be of service, with his interests in health and wellness by sharing knowledge and information around being health conscious and more self sufficient when it comes to food production.  He wants to empower the black community in many ways, and feels that this may be an avenue where he can have the biggest impact.  He has enjoyed the various perspectives that he has been exposed to in the AAS courses at Princeton and is excited to use them to envision new ways to share his passions and resources with the world.  His mix of spirituality and passion for people is the source of his drive to empower others.  Che hopes to be a social entrepreneur post graduation.