Camryn Stafford

Class of 2023
Undergraduate, Concentrator

Camryn Stafford is a member of the class of 2023 from Dallas, TX, concentrating in African American Studies with certificates in Dance and Entrepreneurship. Camryn has always been extremely fascinated and engaged by the African American Studies department’s incredible courses and professors and she is grateful to be a part of such an academically stimulating department. 

Camryn has a potent dance background, dancing since the age of 3 and having the opportunity to train at various schools, programs, and to attend Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She is the founder and executive director of Turning Tables Inc., a nonprofit organization that strives to increase diversity in dance and challenge society’s perspective on discriminatory practices in dance. Through Turning Tables, Camryn has provided students and professional dancers with a platform to choreograph on select topics of diversity and inclusion, allowed student volunteers to give back to the Dallas community by teaching dance classes to underrepresented youth at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas, and given striving dancers opportunities to continue their training through summer programming. Camryn has choreographed multiple evening-length pieces, for Turning Tables to inform the audience about issues of underrepresentation, implicit bias, and unfair standards in the dance world.

On campus, she is a dancer with Princeton University Ballet and diSiac Dance Company. Within the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton, Camryn has worked on dance projects with Netta Yerushalmy, Christopher Ralph, Peter Chu, and Francesca Harper, and Urban Bush Women and is a Lewis Center Student Advisor. She has been granted funding through The Peter B. Lewis Fund and The Mellor Fund. 

Camryn is interested in increasing her knowledge on how the black identity informs dance practice, how to improve dance equity, and dance and art as a source of activism. A striving professional dancer and arts administrator, Camryn hopes to continue to use her platform to advocate for social change and reform through her initiatives.