Avanequé Pennant

Class of 2024
Undergraduate, Major

Avanequé Pennant is a member of the class of 2024, originally from Jamaica and living in Queens, NY. Grounded in her passion for service, Avaneque joined the department to enter a community of intellectually passionate and socially minded individuals that would help her to mobilize around her education as a tool for change.

Academically, she is interested in the utility of an interdisciplinary and intersectional lens to interrogate the production and reproduction of inequities in contemporary American society. More specifically, Avaneque is curious about the role of policies in the perpetuation of inequity. Avaneque is also intrigued by how identity, both individually and collectively, is formed, maintained, and remade in the face of hegemonic pressures and systems of oppression.

On campus, Avaneque serves as an Associate Residential College Adviser in Forbes College. She is also the president of DoroBucci African Dance Company and social chair of Princeton Caribbean Connection. Through these activities, Avaneque aspires to ensure the creation of spaces that center the identity, safety, and well-being of students.

After Princeton, Avaneque hopes to attend law school to equip herself and her community to wield the law as a tool for justice, healing, and change.