Aisha Tahir

Class of 2021

Aisha Tahir is from Alexandria, Virginia, concentrating in African American Studies and pursuing certificates in South Asian Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Journalism. Aisha’s research will focus on comparing American democracy with Indian democracy through the critical lens on the role of caste systems. Interested in exploring how both democracies are built, and thrive, on these ‘undemocratic’ systems, she hopes to analyze activism in both communities to draw parallels in the uniquely similar challenges it’s citizens have faced and continue to in the 21st century. Along with that, she aims to understand how capitalism plays a role in both democracies and their systems of human order.

She was drawn to the department by experiencing how dedicated it was to understanding oppression and justice through the critical view of race and class. Inspired by those who came before her in the department, she hopes to continue the long legacy of activism. Aisha hopes to learn how law can be of use to fight these deep-rooted problems and wants to serve her communities after law school. During her time at Princeton, she wants to stay engaged in activism on campus for it to become a more open and inviting space for poor women of color.