Newsroom Process & Instructions

Last updated on March 4, 2019

This page is dedicated to providing participants with the best practices, processes, and resources needed to effectively contribute to the AAS Newsroom.


Writing Your Article

Picking the Right Topic(s)

We encourage Contributors to write on topics that are related to their field of expertise. The only requirement is that the submitted article(s) be related to the field of African American Studies and/or reflective of the Black Experience in America.

To ensure the cohesion of the newsroom, we reserve the right to deny, reschedule, or cancel the release of an article.

Citing sources and references

To ensure the credibility and legitimacy of the articles shared we ask that you provide proper references at the end of each article. It is also a good practice to link publications, events, people, etc directly within the body of the article.

When using media in your post, it is crucial that you credit the source. Even if you are the one who took the photo/video, we ask that you provide that information so that we may give you credit on the post.

When using Video

Videos can be embedded directly into your post. Currently, the best option is to embed a video from a third party site. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo are great options to explore, find, or upload video content. If you have a video on your phone (or other devices), we ask that you upload to YouTube or Vimeo, and provide us the direct link so that we can embed it.

Proofing Your content

As it currently stands, contributors will ultimately be responsible for proofing their own work. When articles are submitted, our team will do a quick review to ensure that the topic(s) discussed are related to our department. Additionally, we will do a basic spell and grammar check.  


How To Submit An Article

Submit your article via the News Article Submission Form.

Please give us 1-2 weeks for internal review. We will do our best to prioritize time-sensitive articles that relate to recent or upcoming events.

Featured Post Sign-up

Contributors can submit articles at any time. However, to have your article prioritized as a “Featured Post”, we ask that you Sign-up and reserve your slot.

Selecting Categories

Each article must be assigned a minimum of one (1) category. Our list of news categories includes Opinion & Analysis, History, Art & Culture, and more. If you’d like to propose a new category to the newsroom, simply submit your request to Anthony Gibbons at [email protected].

Finding Image(s) and Video for your Article

Each article should be accompanied with at least one High-resolution image. We require that all images are at least 1500px (wide) x 600px (high).

If you do not have access to photos, you can download a free stock image from, or request one (1) premium stock image from Adobe Stock. Please note that photos pulled directly from Google Images may not be eligible for use without consent.


Making changes to Article

If at any time you’d like to amend or make a correction to your posted article, simply contact Anthony Gibbons directly. The change will be reflected as soon as possible.

If the answer to your question is not answered, please contact Anthony Gibbons at [email protected] with any specific or time-sensitive inquires.