Sisters and Siblings in the Struggle: COVID-19 + Black + Asian-American Feminist Solidarities

Friday, Mar 19, 2021

On Thursday, April 30th, Black Women Radicals partnered with the Asian-American Feminist Collective (AAFC) on the Instagram Live event, "Sisters and Siblings in the Struggle: COVID-19 and Black and Asian-American Feminist Solidarities."

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has impacted thousands around the world. Between the histories of xenophobic racism; medical experimentation and surveillance; prejudice in (and out) of the public health system; the violence of white capitalist heteronormative patriarchal supremacy and more, Asian-American and Black communities are disproportionately experiencing the detrimental impacts of the virus. In New York and across the nation, there is an increase of xenophobic racism and violence against Asian-Americans. Recent reports have shown that in states and cities such as Louisiana, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Michigan that the majority of those who are infected and dying from the coronavirus are Black.

While there are well-documented tensions between Black and Asian-American communities, there is an equally long history of Black and Asian solidarities and community building both in the United States and abroad. How can Asian-American feminists and Black feminists engage in a critical dialogue on the impacts of COVID-19 in their respective communities? What can we learn from the long history of solidarity between Black and Asian-American feminists? More importantly, how can we continue to create transnational Black and Asian feminist solidarities in the United States and beyond?

Black Women Radicals and the Asian-American Feminist Collective had a critical discussion on these topics in efforts to continue to build cross-racial feminist solidarities.

Panelists from the Asian-American Feminist Collective included: Rachel Kuo (@_kuolabear), Salonee Bhaman (@salonee), Tiffany Diane Tso (@tiffanydian), Julie Kim (@jakets), Senti Sojwal (@senti_naro).

For more information about the Asian-American Feminist Collective, please visit here:

[Originally published on May 4, 2020 via Black Women Radicals

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