The Quarantine Tapes 164: Esther Choo

Monday, Mar 1, 2021

“Working in the ER, in particular, is this constant reminder of what I go home to and just the enormous--I feel like “privilege” is overused--but I feel so privileged to have this job and being in a position to help.”


Guest host Imani Perry is joined by Esther Choo on episode 164 of The Quarantine Tapes. As an emergency physician, Esther lends her perspective on this moment, from the early days of the crisis to the inequities in the pandemic response to the distribution of the vaccine.

Esther talks with Imani about how she came to medicine and what brought her to working in the ER. She and Imani compare their experiences with social media and online harassment and Esther digs into how she connects to social justice in her work in medicine, speaking thoughtfully to the systemic barriers to equity in her field.


Imani Perry is an intellectual, a professor, and a writer who was born in Birmingham, Alabama at the dawn of the Freedom movement. She lives the life of the mind through literature, criticism, music and art. Perry's hallmarks are passionate curiosity, rigorous contemplation, and dedication to the collective "we." Her children, Freeman and Issa Rabb, keep her honest and dreaming. 

Dr. Choo joined the Department of Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University in 2016 as full-time faculty. Her research interests include substance use disorders, violence, women's health, health disparities, gender medicine, digital health, intervention development, and faculty development.

[Originally published on February 24, 2021 via The Quarantine Tapes]

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