Student Highlight

[Event Recap] i, heresy: A new dance work by Storm Stokes ’24
Feb. 27, 2024
Written by The Lewis Center For the Arts
Ella Harris receives George B. Wood Legacy Sophomore Prize for the Class of 2025
Sept. 3, 2023
Written by Department of African American Studies
Privacy and Autonomy in the Metaverse
Nov. 15, 2022
Written by Princeton University Library
Black College Students Are Leading the Movement to Eliminate Bias in Tech
Aug. 23, 2022
Written by Nadira Jamerson
Saran Touré receives inaugural Princeton Research Day Library Award
June 8, 2022
Written by Brandon Johnson, Communications Specialist
How a New Generation Is Combatting Digital Surveillance
June 4, 2022
Written by Payton Croskey Kenia Hale Nate File