AAS Welcomes New Sophomores

May 22, 2019

Making history once more!

This year, African American Studies welcomes thirteen new sophomores as concentrators to the department. This is is the largest class of AAS concentrators in the Department's history! Meet the new concentrators below. Not Pictured: Aisha Tahir, and Kiki Gilbert


Faith Iloka

<p>Faith Iloka</p>

Sydney Maple

<p>Sydney Maple</p>

Arianne Rowe

<p>Arianne Rowe</p>


Masha Miura

<p>Masha Miura</p>

Erica Dugue

<p>Erica Dugue</p>

Leila Ullmann

<p>Leila Ullmann</p>

Runako Campbell

<p>Runako Campbell</p>

Laura Molina

<p>Laura Molina</p>

Ashley Hodges

<p>Ashley Hodges</p>

Zhamoyani McMillan

<p>Zhamoyani McMillan</p>

Amanda Eisenhower

<p>Amanda Eisenhour</p>