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  • [Opinion] On-Screen and Off, Chadwick Boseman Was a Hero

    Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020
    Boseman's influence extended beyond the industry. Through all of his movies he inspired moviegoers around the world, challenging preconceived ideas about who we could be. The countless stories of Black children elated by seeing Black Panther on screen reflect the power and potential of cinema. Boseman represented that power and that potential.
  • Refusing to Give Death the Last Word

    Monday, Jun 8, 2020
    Between the coronavirus and police killings, Black communities are coping with seemingly endless grief. The absence of funerals during the pandemic has been particularly devastating to a culture in which collective mourning plays a vital role.
  • Wayward Negro Religions in the 20th Century Slum

    Thursday, May 21, 2020
    In 1911, the Baltimore Afro-American(link is external) reported that a Philadelphia African American man declared Cambridge, Maryland “not a prosperous field for a street preacher.” The man arrived in Cambridge at the end of September and “expound[ed] the Word to the many who frequent[ed] Water street and its environments.” Unfortunately, “he found that his collections [only] amounted to 64 cents the first week.” The unnamed street preacher had struggled to pay his rent in Philadelphia and came to Cambridge for a fresh start but faced similar challenges in his new city, as those who passed him by deemed him a beggar, or worse, a nuisance. Spending additional hours on the street corner in Cambridge, as he had done in the city of Brotherly Love, “he made an extra effort to have the populace increase this magnificent sum, and was rewarded with just enough to make $1.” His earnings were not enough to cover his rent, but it procured him a ticket back home to Philadelphia. 1(link is external)
  • Exploring Black Politics

    Friday, Jul 12, 2019
    In this Graduate Series Interview, Jordie Davies (moderator) sits down with Keahnan Washington to discuss the influence of Black Politics, Activist Movements; like Black Lives Matter, and the importance of voting in today's political climate.


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