Faculty Highlight

  • Professor Imani Perry and Professor Taylor Contribute to #PrincetonU Series, ‘The Next Four Years’ on Race and Inequality in United States

    Friday, Oct 21, 2016
    by AAS21

    The next president will have to face growing economic precarity for a large portion of the American public. In fact, many other pressing issues — immigration, race, policing and incarceration, and gender equity — are shaped in some significant measure by the fact that substantial swaths of our population live in actual or near poverty conditions and face downward mobility and persistent under-employment.

  • Professor Wendy Laura Belcher Featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Wednesday, Mar 9, 2016
    by AAS21

    Writer Jennifer Howard explores the early life and significant work of Professor Wendy Laura Belcher, and where the two intersect, in a feature profile, "A Broader Notion of African Literature," which appeared in the September 2015 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Belcher spent three years living in Ethiopia as an adolescent, and then six years in Ghana. Her first book, Honey From the Rock, was autobiographical in nature about her years spent in Africa.

  • Meet the 2015-2016 Postdoctoral Fellows

    Monday, Oct 19, 2015
    by AAS21

    Each academic year, the Department of African American Studies selects postdoctoral fellows to spend a year at Princeton where they will use their expertise to write about race, as well as, instruct a departmental course for one semester. In addition, fellows are provided with private offices in the Department where they have opportunities to learn from and with their fellowship cohort and Princeton faculty. 


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