Race, Coloniality, and Global Art Histories

Tue, May 4, 2021, 8:00 am
via Zoom
Public / Open To All
University of Copenhagen

Race, Coloniality, and Global Art HistoriesSince its launch in Nuuk, Greenland in October 2019, the international research project “The Art of Nordic Colonialism: Writing Transcultural Art Histories” (Carlsberg Foundation, 2019-2022) has united sixteen art historians, curators, artists, and scholars invested in the stakes of centering race and coloniality in the discipline’s ongoing global reorientation.

Our spring semester digital seminar, “Race, Coloniality, and Global Art Histories” broadens our network’s regional focus to engage art historians at the forefront of research on one of our most pressing concerns: how art histories engage Indigeneity with the Black Atlantic.

Dr. Anna Arabindan-Kesson (Princeton University) will speak on her new research project on the visual vocabularies of unfree labor in her talk, “Transfer and Transmission: Visualizing the Global Plantation”.

Dr. Ananda Cohen-Aponte (Cornell University) will feature her new research on the material cultures of insurgency, “Reimagining Lost Visual Archives of Black and Indigenous Resistance in the Americas”.

Afterwards, our postdoctoral research fellow Dr. Bart Pushaw (University of Copenhagen) will summarize the research agendas of the members of our research collective, in a brief talk “What Threads the Tundra and Tropics: The Research Project ‘The Art of Nordic Colonialism’”.

The programme will end with a dialogue and discussion open to all participants.

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