i, heresy: A new dance work by Storm Stokes ’24

  • Feb 29, 2024, 8:30 pm10:00 pm
  • Mar 1, 2024, 8:30 pm10:00 pm
  • Mar 2, 2024, 8:30 pm10:00 pm
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Event Description

i, heresy, a new dance work by Princeton senior Storm Stokes, speaks to the ontology of the Black spirit ‘in liberation’ from the oppressive constrictions of colonial religious traditions. Combining dynamic and percussive movement, body casting, and projection, Stokes’ capstone work captures a critical discourse between the residue of white supremacist religious ‘rights’ and Black femme and queer wayward ‘wrongs’ within the site of the contemporary (Gen Z) Black believer. Stokes’ movement research for this project, which is connected to her thesis in the Department of African American Studies, was conducted last summer in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Los Angeles and was supported by the Lewis Center’s Alex Adam ’07 Award.

The cast of student dancers includes Taylor Yamashita ’24, Makenzie Hymes ’26, Mary Burdick ’26, Jadi Wang ’26, Pippa LaMacchia ’26, and Gisele Sonnier ’27.

Tickets & Details

Tickets sold out. Performances are free and open to the public.


Get directions to the Hearst Dance Theater, located on the Forum level of the Lewis Arts complex.


The Hearst Dance Theater is an accessible venue equipped with assistive listening devices. The Feb. 29 performance will feature Open/live captioning (CART). Visit our Venues and Studios section for accessibility information about the arts complex. Guests in need of access accommodations are asked to contact the Lewis Center at [email protected] at least one week prior to the event date.

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