2019-2020 Faculty-Graduate Seminar Featuring Jerome Harris (Housing Works)

Wed, Oct 23, 2019, 4:30 pm
Barfield - Johnson Seminar Room (201), Stanhope Hall
Graduate Students


Black Design: History, Theory & Practice

We explore what it means to “do” Black Studies in practice-based fields.

As our media-saturated culture exhausts every possible angle of consuming race, a new generation of scholars, activists, and artists has turned to investigating the structuring conditions of how blackness is experienced in everyday life.

Jerome Harris is a graphic designer, educator, writer, and curator, and is currently design director at Housing Works in New York City. Harris holds an MFA in graphic design from Yale University and a BA in Communications from Temple University. Harris’s research into the exclusion of African American graphic designers from the profession has manifested as an exhibition, “As, Not For: Dethroning Our Absolutes,” which has shown at multiple universities and arts organizations throughout 2019. His graphic design practice embraces the aesthetics of cultures on the periphery. For the Faculty-Graduate Seminar, Harris will address equity issues in design and discuss strategies for design activism in the twenty-first century.

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