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  • [Opinion] Reclaiming History

    Friday, Jul 10, 2020
    Confederate statues represent the myths and lies that underlie the persistent racism in American society. To tear down these symbols of historical oppression is to declare a new age, one in which we confront—rather than glorify—our history and confront the reality of who we are in the present. 
  • Payton Croskey

    Payton Croskey is a member of the Class of 2023 from Orlando, Florida intending to concentrate in African American Studies. She is also pursuing a certificate in Applications of Computing in an effort to examine the ways in which racial inequities and biases are unknowingly coded into our everyday technology. She believes STEM fields thrive from challenging preconceived notions while questioning the old and rethinking the new. Payton maintains that the technology industry would greatly benefit from a new wave of diversity in ideas, dexterity and culture.

  • Josiah Gouker

    Josiah Gouker (pronouns: he/him/his) is a member of the Class of 2022 concentrating in the Department of African American Studies with a certificate in French Language and Culture. Hailing from the small desert town of Yucca Valley, Josiah’s experience in a predominantly white town led him early on to become concerned with the ways in which race operates in society.

  • Refusing to Give Death the Last Word

    Monday, Jun 8, 2020
    Between the coronavirus and police killings, Black communities are coping with seemingly endless grief. The absence of funerals during the pandemic has been particularly devastating to a culture in which collective mourning plays a vital role.
  • The Power of Mentors: Blazing Paths for Underrepresented Minorities in STEM

    Wed, Jun 3, 2020, 9:15 am

    Since his selection as Princeton’s first black valedictorian, Nicholas Johnson has spoken eloquently about the importance of role models and mentors to his success at the University. In this conversation, The Power of Mentors: Blazing Paths for Underrepresented Minorities in STEM, Johnson will explore this topic in greater depth with:

    Professor William Massey ’77, the Edwin S. Wilsey Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering;
    Dr. Marian Croak ’77, Vice President of Engineering at Google; and


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