Study Abroad Opportunities

The Department of African American Studies strongly encourages all AAS majors to study abroad for one semester.

The best times to study abroad are sophomore year, junior spring, Wintersession, and the summer. Due to the University’s commitment to 100% in-person education, AAS majors are not eligible to study abroad during the fall semester of their junior year, or the fall and spring semesters of their senior year, when the AAS 300 Junior Seminar: Reading and Writing in African American Studies and Senior Colloquium are in session. Students who do plan to study abroad in their junior year are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the resources available on campus prior to travel, as well as to ensure that they are able to reliably communicate with their adviser and the Department during their time away.

Students planning to spend a semester abroad should seek advice from the Departmental Representative before applying.  Additional guidance can be found on the Office of International Programs website.