Independent Work in African American Studies

Important Benchmark Dates for Junior Papers and Senior Theses, 2018-2019

 The department provides a detailed calendar for Concentrators and their advisers each year. The following timelines for the Junior Papers and  Senior Thesis provide benchmarks for the completion of independent work.

Download 2018-2019 Independent Work [PDF]


Junior Papers

Spring Term

Week Description
Week 1

Meet with your adviser (no later than Friday, February 8) to:

  1. discuss your prospectus
  2. discuss how frequently you will meet, and the best ways to check in
  3. plan your next research/writing task.
Week 4 Submit partial first draft (perhaps one major section) to your adviser (no later than Friday, March 1).
Week 5 Students receive first drafts back, with comments from advisers (no later than Friday, March 8).
Week 7 Spring Break
Week 8 Submit partial second draft to your adviser (no later than Friday, March 29).
Week 9 Students receive second drafts back, with comments from advisers (no later than Friday, April 5).
Week 11 Submit third and mostly complete draft to your adviser (no later than Friday, April 19).
Week 12 Students receive third drafts back, with comments from advisers (no later than Friday, April 26)
Tuesday, May 7, 2019

FINAL Junior Paper uploaded by 5:00 p.m. You will receive a link and instructions on how to upload the paper to WebSpace.


Senior Thesis

Fall Term

Weeks Description
Week 1 Schedule meeting with an adviser to discuss thesis topic and plan for the semester, including tentative meeting times (no later than Friday, September 14).
Week 5

Submit five-page thesis proposal to adviser (no later than Friday, October 12).

The proposal should include:

  • description of topic, scope of the project, and methodological approach you plan to take
  • discussion of how your coursework at Princeton or elsewhere has prepared you to pursue the topic
  • a brief survey of sources and discussion of the kinds of evidence you plan to use
  • a discussion of the contribution your work will make to the existing scholarship in your area
  • a preliminary bibliography
  • a preliminary writing plan or chapter outline
December 14th Submit partial first draft (twenty pages) to adviser
February 1

Submit draft of additional twenty pages to adviser


Spring Term

Weeks Description
Week 2 Submit draft of additional twenty pages to adviser , no later than Friday, February 15).
Week 6 Review your degree progress in Stuview and submit your Degree Progress Check-In to the Department Manager ( by March 15 at 5:00 pm.
Week 8 Submit draft of entire thesis to your adviser, no later than Friday, March 29.
Week 11

Upload your thesis via the Thesis Central Senior Thesis Submission System to the University Archives, and submit 2 unbound hard copies to the Department Assistant (, by April 19 at 12:00 noon.

May 3rd Submit Senior Comprehensive Statement and Honors Calculation to the Department Manager ( by 12:00pm.
May 11th Students receive comments from first and second readers
May 15th & 16th Senior Comprehensive Oral Exams – BLOCK BOTH DAYS ON YOUR CALENDAR