Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.

Eddie S. Glaude Jr. studies philosophy and literature, theorizing approaches towards addressing persistent inequality by devising critical frames (like the Value Gap) that elevate public discourse to a level he describes as "accessible seriousness." He is an expert in African American religious history and theology.

Tera Hunter

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Tera Hunter studies United States history, with specializations in southern 19th-century African American history, and intersections with gender and labor. She has a particular interest in histories of slavery, including narratives about marriage and obtaining freedom.

Joshua Guild

Director of Graduate Affairs (On Sabbatical 16-17 AY)
Joshua Guild specializes in 20th-century African American social and cultural history, urban history, and the making of the modern African diaspora, with particular interests in migration, black internationalism, black popular music, and the black radical tradition.

April Peters

Department Manager
April Peters is the primary administrator for the Department of African American Studies. She manages the AAS staff, the Department budget, and daily Department operations. She implements the goals of the Department, ranging from the expansion of the undergraduate and graduate programs, faculty recruitment and retainment, and all building improvement projects related to Stanhope Hall. Working closely with the Chair, Peters is the appropriate point of contact for all high-level matters related to African American Studies at Princeton University.

Allison Bland

Media Specialist
Allison Bland contributes to the media strategy for the Department of African American Studies, particularly print and digital communications. She maintains and edits the multimedia and written content on the AAS21 website and its archive. She is the primary @PrincetonAAS account manager across Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Bland responds to media inquiries, assisting journalists to connect with Princeton University experts, and connecting faculty to interesting media opportunities. Bland also assists with campus event publicity and communications.

Dionne Worthy

Assistant to the Chair/Events Coordinator
Dionne Worthy serves two distinct roles for the Department of African American Studies. First, she manages the schedule of Professor Eddie Glaude, attending to his personal correspondence, and coordinating media requests to include radio interviews and televised appearances, as well as speaking engagements. Worthy also plans and coordinates all public AAS events, the major AAS lecture series, the Faculty Brown Bag Seminars, and the Faculty Graduate Seminars. She also works with the AAS faculty programming committee to consider all event co-sponsorship requests.

Elio Lleo

Technical Specialist
Elio Lleo is the Support for Computing in Academic Departments/Department Computing Support (SCAD) specialist for the Department of African American Studies. In addition to providing daily immediate technical support for the faculty and staff of the Department, Lleo is the audio engineer for the AAS21 Podcast (and host of his own Star Trek podcast - Priority One) and the AV engineer for all Department livestreaming and recording activities across Youtube and Facebook Live platforms. Lleo also provides security and support for the AAS21 website, and contributes timely updates to the AAS21 website.

Wendy Laura Belcher

Acting Director of Graduate Affairs
Wendy Laura Belcher studies the intersection of diaspora, postcolonial, and 18th-century studies. She has a special interest in the literatures of Ethiopia and Ghana, and revealing ways in which African thought has animated British and European canonical literature.

Anna Arabindan-Kesson

Faculty Advisor for Senior Colloquium
Anna Arabindan-Kesson specializes in African American, Caribbean, and British art, with an emphasis on histories of race, empire, and transatlantic visual culture in the long 19th-century.

Jana Johnson, CAP

Department Assistant
Jana Johnson supports daily operations for the Department of African American Studies, working closely with all staff and faculty. She works closely with the Director of Undergraduate Studies and staffs the Department’s Curriculum Committee. She schedules meetings and appointments in the Stanhope Hall seminar rooms, Hobson-Rogers (Stanhope 201) and Barfield-Johnson (Stanhope 101). She also answers calls to the primary line in the Department, responds to emails sent to the aas21@princeton.edu email account, and assists with the @PrincetonAAS social media presence on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Student Coordinator Senior Colloquium

Imani Thornton

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