Associated Faculty

Dannelle Gutarra Cordero
African American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Jacob S. Dlamini
Assistant Professor
Department of History
Paul Frymer
Department of Politics
Hanna Garth
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology
Simon Gikandi
Robert Schirmer Professor of English and Department Chair
Department of English
William A. Gleason
Hughes-Rogers Professor
Department of English
Dan-El Padilla Peralta
Associate Professor of Classics
Department of Classics
Laurence Ralph
Professor of Anthropology and Director of Center on Transnational Policing
Department of Anthropology
J. Nicole Shelton
Stuart Professor
Department of Psychology and School of Public and International Affairs
Stacey A. Sinclair
Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs
Department of Psychology
School of Public and International Affairs
Keith A. Wailoo
Henry Putnam University Professor
Department of History and Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
Chair, Department of History
Leonard Wantchekon
Department of Politics
Judith Weisenfeld
Agate Brown and George L. Collord Professor of Religion
Department of Religion
Frederick Wherry
Professor of Sociology and Director of the Dignity and Debt Network
Department of Sociology