African American Studies Certificate Registration Form

Certificate Requirements

In addition to taking AAS 201, students seeking a certificate in African American Studies are required to take two core survey courses in African American Studies. These two courses must be selected from the literature (AAS 353/ENG 352 African American Literature: Origins to 1910* and AAS 359/ENG 366 African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to Present) and history (AAS 366/HIS 386 African American History to 1863* and AAS 367/HIS 387 African American History from Reconstruction to the Present) survey courses, one of which must be a pre-20th century course.

Students must also take two additional courses in AAS, cross-listed by AAS, from our approved cognates list, or cognates approved by our Director of Undergraduate Studies, in order to qualify for the certificate. To get approval for cognate courses, you must submit the course syllabus for review. Students are strongly urged (not required) to select these additional courses from either the Race and Public Policy subfield, or the Global Race and Ethnicity subfield. Please note that PDF courses cannot be counted toward your certificate requirements (not including P/D/F Only courses).

The department further suggests (but does not require) that race figure centrally in the student’s senior thesis.


AAS Undergraduate Certificate Registration Form

  • Term & Academic Year
  • Core Survey Courses

    1 of 2 must be either AAS 353/ENG 352 or AAS 366/HIS 386
  • AAS &/or Cross-Listed &/or Approved Cognate Courses

  • Additional Relevant Courses You Plan To Take

  • AAS Office Use Only

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