Professor Ruha Benjamin Delivers the Johns Hopkins Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture

The Johns Hopkins for Institutional and Clinical Research sponsor the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture Series with the goal of honoring the positive and global impact of the HeLa cells. The series reminds all scientists and researchers to engage research participants with respect, gratitude and clear communication. Professor Ruha Benjamin served as a the sixth honored speaker to keynote the lecture series. Benjamin’s work, through papers and her book People’s Science, engage directly with the life and legacy of Henrietta Lacks, the HeLa cells, and her family and descendants. Benjamin’s talk puts forward an idea, and forewarns against, ‘discriminatory design’ — that is, processes that are conceived of to serve people, yet do not include diverse perspectives in their planning and incubation.

Watch: ‘People’s Science: Bodies and Rights on the Stem Cell Frontier… And Beyond’

"Lacks Talk" – Ruha Benjamin

Watch the full broadcast: Johns Hopkins 2015 Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture and Awards

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