Request for Faculty Support

Request for Faculty Support

Course Support: Funding available to develop new courses, and/or to improve, enhance, and sustain existing courses. Funds can be used for in-class guest speakers, books, course travel, etc. Honorarium guidelines suggested for in-class guests = $500 (for academics w/appointments) - $1,000 (for activists and artists). With the exception of late night travel, we suggest that NJ Transit and the MTA be used for any class trips to the New York City area. The current costs are as follows: Roundtrip NJ Transit - $33/person; Round trip MTA - $5.50/person.

Faculty Research Assistants: $2,000 available annually to hire graduate students (on or off campus) to perform research assistance. The students will be compensated at rates of $12 (undergraduate) and $15 -$22.50 (graduate) per hour for their services. This funding is only available once your research funds have been depleted for the fiscal year.

Grading Assistants: In the instance that a core faculty member offers a seminar, but opens up enrollment to over 20 students, they can apply for funding to pay a graduate student to serve as a grading assistance. This is NOT to be confused with an assistant instructor (AI) hired to teach precept sections.

Conferences/Workshops Resources: Provides support to AAS core faculty to attend conferences and workshops, after their research funds are exhausted. Faculty can apply for up to $2,100 annually. This funding is only available once your research funds have been depleted for the fiscal year.

Faculty Programs/Events: Funds for core faculty members to host programs and events campus wide. Film screenings, public lectures, symposiums, conferences, readings, performances, and workshops are all types of events that may be included in this funding.

Book Projects/Publication Funding: Funding to simulate research, scholarship and creative activity by the AAS core faculty. Faculty will be able to apply for up $2,500 annually. This funding is only available once your research funds have been depleted for the fiscal year.

Professional Development: Faculty members are eligible to receive financial support for professional development programs related to teaching, learning and scholarly production. The maximum allocation is $4,000 over two years.

Summer Research Funds: Provides support to AAS core faculty in their work, after their research funds are exhausted at the end of the academic year. Faculty can apply for up to $2,000 per summer in research funds to support their research and scholarship over the summer. Applications are due by June 30th.

Postdoctoral Research Funds: As a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of African American Studies, you are eligible to apply for $2,000 in research funds. These funds may be used to attend conferences, purchase academic books and/or research materials, etc. in order to support your research efforts while at Princeton. The request must include a detailed budget.
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  • Please provide a full description of your funding request. Where applicable an estimated budget, and an explanation of how the the support will enhance your scholarship or teaching is required. Feel free to attach additional pages if needed. If AAS is not your home department, also indicate if your faculty research accounts have been depleted for the fiscal year.
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