Undergraduate Conference Funding

Undergraduate Fund for Academic Conferences

The Department of African American Studies provides an opportunity for funding to enable our concentrators to participate in academic conferences and workshops related to their independent work or other research activities.


This funding opportunity is available to all currently enrolled AAS concentrators and the application is open from early September to June. Students are eligible for one award up to $1,500 per academic year.

How to Apply and When

You can apply by logging onto the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE) and searching for the AAS Concentrators Conference Funding opportunity listed under the “Independent Projects” activity type. While applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, they must be completed at least one month before the beginning of the conference in order to receive full consideration. Applications for retroactive funding will not be considered. The online application will require that you provide:

  • The name of the faculty adviser who will serve as the “recommender” for this funding application. (Before submitting their name, please confirm that they are agreeable to completing the online form in support of your application and can speak to your academic qualifications as well as how your participation in the conference pertains to your research and/or independent work.) No project will be funded without a strong faculty endorsement.
  • A detailed itemized budget
  • An electronic copy of your accepted abstract (if applicable)
  • A project statement (<200 words) describing how your participation in the conference will impact your course of study and/or independent work at Princeton. The statement should also include the conference title, location (city, state), start and end dates, and your role in the conference (attendee or presenter). Please indicate whether you have applied for and/or secured other sources of funding for this conference.
  • Your planned itinerary
  • Any special qualifications that have prepared you to participate in the conference


Expense Guidelines

Funding may be used only for the following expenses and does not cover the cost of personal items, entertainment, or social activities:

  • Conference registration fees
  • Travel to the conference (unless the conference is in your home state or country and/or on the State Department warning list
  • Lodging and meals


Tax Implications and Award Conditions

Awards are considered taxable income with varying implications for Domestic and International status. Please consider your award’s potential tax implications and consult with the Office of Finance and Treasury if you have questions.

As with all University-sponsored overnight travel outside of the greater New York City/Philadelphia area, funding is contingent on safe traveling conditions in the region and on registering your trip information in the travel registration platform Concur prior to travel. Before we can pay your award, we are required to ensure that you have registered your travel with the University and that your travel request has been administratively approved [“Administrative Review Complete”]. If your project’s travel request is listed as pending, your award can NOT be paid until it is approved.

In accepting this award, the student is also expected to fulfill all of the post-project requirements described below as well as requirements listed in the SAFE application’s Terms and Conditions section.

Post-Project Requirements

Within a week of returning from the conference, the student must complete the following post-project requirements by accessing the “Complete My Project” page in SAFE, linked from the student’s “Current Projects” page:

  • Upload a summary (< 200 words) of contributions at the conference and explanation of how the experience has impacted the student’s course of study and/or independent work at Princeton.
  • Upload a copy of the accepted conference abstract or presentation (as applicable)
  • Complete the itemized list of actual expenses and upload receipts in support of the budget


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