AAS Certificate

Undergraduate students may apply for formal admission to the certificate program at any time once they have taken and achieved a satisfactory standing in the core course, AAS 201 Introduction to the Study of African American Cultural Practices.

Students must also take two additional courses. We strongly urge that they select these additional courses from either the Race and Public Policy subfield, or the Global Race and Ethnicity subfield.  These can be regular AAS courses, cross-listed AAS courses, or courses from our Approved Cognates List.  To get approval for cognate courses not already on our list, a student must submit the course syllabus for review to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

AAS Certificate Course of Study

Students who opt to pursue a certificate in African American Studies gain access to an extraordinary bibliography that prepares them to think about difference in sophisticated ways. Students may apply for the certificate after completing AAS 201.

The exact steps to earn the certificate are as follows:

1.) Students take the departmental survey course, AAS 201 Introduction to the Study of African American Cultural Practices.

2.) Students choose and complete two AAS survey courses. (Either two pre-20th century courses, or one pre-20th century course and one 20th century course.)

Pre-20th Century Survey Courses
•  AAS 353 African American Literature: Origins to 1910
•  AAS 366 African American History to 1863

20th Century Survey Courses
•  AAS 359 African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to Present
•  AAS 367 African American History from Reconstruction to the Present

At least one survey course should be a pre-20th century course.

Together, these core survey courses give concentration students a strong base in African American Studies.

3.)  Students must take at least two additional courses in African American Studies.

Students are strongly encouraged to select courses in the subfields of Race and Public Policy and Global Race and Ethnicity.

In total, five courses are required for the certificate.

Additionally, students are encouraged to make African Americans and/or African American Studies central to their senior thesis topic.

Articulation Agreements

The Department of African American Studies participates in ‘Articulation Agreements’ with several departments. Currently, the agreements extend to the Department of English, the Department of History, the Department of Religion and the Department of Sociology. The Articulation Agreements make it possible for students to complete major requirements in the aforementioned departments while also completing coursework for the African American Studies certificate. For all eligible courses and cognates in each department, please see the full Articulate Agreements.