Funding for Graduate Students

Graduate Funding and Teaching

Students are normally supported by regular graduate fellowships from their home department. Graduate students with sufficient background and training in AAS subfields may have the opportunity to precept in courses in the Department of African American Studies (as available) during their regular period of enrollment, and teaching may also provide additional financial support in year six and seven for DCE students. Students holding outside, non-Princeton fellowships should consult with the Graduate School about the impact of accepting additional funds for teaching from AAS.

Dissertation Research Funding

The Department of African American Studies offers dissertation research grants for currently enrolled Princeton University graduate students of up to $1,500. These funds may be used to support research in the area of race broadly defined and relevant to African American Studies. In order to apply for dissertation research funding, students will need to apply through the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE), and are required to submit a detailed project description, budget, and letter of support from their dissertation advisor. Research funds may be used to fund travel for research, to present at a conference, and/or to purchase books and supplies.

Funding Application Deadline: September 6, 2017 to May 4, 2018