500-Level Coursework

The Department offers graduate coursework in African American Studies at the 500-level. With permission, some of these courses may be taken by Undergraduate students. Doctoral candidates seeking the graduate certificate in African American Studies must take AAS 500 and two additional 500-level courses.

AAS 500 - Introduction to the African American Intellectual Tradition

This interdisciplinary seminar introduces graduate students from many departments to the African-American intellectual tradition. The perspective concentrates on African-America and the African Diaspora, with attention to issues of class and gender as well as race. A broad set of topics, including race, racism, religion, and slavery are discussed. The course presupposes a familiarity with issues in African-American studies.
Examples of Available 500-Level Coursework 
HIS 577 / AAS 577
Readings in African American History
Tera W. Hunter

POR 562 / COM 562 / LAS 562 / AAS 564
Luso-Brazilian Seminar – Cities and Nature
Bruno M. Carvalho, Lilia K. Moritz Schwarcz

ART 560 / AAS 560
Art and the British Empire
Anna Arabindan Kesson



ENG 556 / AAS 556
African American Literature – The Archival Turn
Kinohi Nishikawa

ART 529 / CLA 528 / AAS 529
Ancient Egyptian Kingship in Image, Architecture & Performance
Deborah A. Vischak

AAS 506 / REL 514 / GSS 506
Sexuality and Religion in America
Wallace Best

AAS 500
Introduction to African American Intellectual History
Eddie S. Glaude Jr., Cornel West

Additional 500-level courses may be considered as cognates with the approval of the Director of Graduate Affairs.