In Solidarity with Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

"The cancelation of my speaking events is a concession to the violent intimidation that was, in my opinion, provoked by Fox News. But I am releasing this statement to say that I will not be silent. Their side uses the threat of violence and intimidation because they cannot compete in the field of politics, ideas, and organizing. The true strength of our side has not yet been expressed in its size and breadth, and so they believe they are winning. We have to change this dynamic and begin to build a massive movement against racism, sexism, and bigotry in this country. I remain undaunted in my commitment to that project."

On May 31st, Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor made a public statement about growing harassment and threats of violence she has encountered in the wake of delivering the commencement address at Hampshire College on May 20th:

The cancelation of my speaking events is a concession to the violent intimidation that was, in my opinion, provoked by Fox News. But I am releasing this statement to say that I will not be silent. Their side uses the threat of violence and intimidation because they cannot compete in the field of politics, ideas, and organizing. The true strength of our side has not yet been expressed in its size and breadth, and so they believe they are winning. We have to change this dynamic and begin to build a massive movement against racism, sexism, and bigotry in this country. I remain undaunted in my commitment to that project.

Professor Taylor is an assistant professor fully appointed in the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University. In solidarity with Professor Taylor, her colleagues in the department prepared a letter to share their collective outrage and expressed their unqualified support for Professor Taylor as a colleague and friend. See the letter below, its 6,000+ signatories, and sign the letter.

The video of Professor Taylor’s commencement speech at Hampshire College has been viewed over 20,000 times.

WE, THE FACULTY OF THE PRINCETON UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES, stand in solidarity with our colleague Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, extraordinary scholar of race in America, and we condemn the violent threats and ongoing harassment leveled against her.

We reject any effort to silence Professor Taylor or the principled intellectual tradition she represents. We share her unwavering commitment to speak and write truthfully about the state of the nation and the failures of its political leaders to act in the service of justice, equality, and the betterment of our common humanity.

On May 20, 2017, Professor Taylor delivered the commencement address at Hampshire College, which was video-taped and distributed. In it, she spoke movingly about the necessity of historical inquiry, the struggle for justice, the importance of solidarity, and the urgency of hope.

Fox News subsequently targeted Professor Taylor in print and on television on May 28, focusing on an opening remark of hers that President Trump, “a racist and sexist megalomaniac,” was the biggest threat to the students’ futures. Fox succeeded in inciting Trump followers, who have attacked her with racist, sexist, and homophobic speech and vicious death threats. Those targeting Professor Taylor have called for Princeton to fire her.

We denounce these acts of racial, gender, and sexual violence and the efforts to intimidate and harass Professor Taylor. Her ideas deserve the widest possible audience, free from threat or intimidation.

Professor Taylor, the author of From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation and the book in progress Race for Profit: Black Housing and the Urban Crisis of the 1970s, is a brilliant and innovative scholar of inequality, segregation, and American public policy. Her meticulous, award-winning research on the history and politics of Black America is a model and Professor Taylor has earned the widespread respect of both her peers and her students for her painstaking scholarship, passionate teaching, and advocacy for a better world rooted in both.

We support her whole-heartedly.

Princeton University Department of African American Studies Faculty and Staff

Professor Eddie S. Glaude Jr., Chair
Professor Imani Perry
Professor Ruha Benjamin
Professor Naomi Murakawa
Professor Wallace Best
Professor Tera Hunter
Professor Chika Okeke-Agulu
Professor Stacey A. Sinclair
Professor Joshua Guild
Professor Wendy Laura Belcher
Professor Anna Arabindan Kesson
Professor Kinohi Nishikawa
Ms. April Peters
Ms. Dionne Worthy
Mr. Elio Lleo
Allison Bland

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Sasha Tycko
Scott Nesbit
Scott Wallace
Seamus O’Sullivan, Ph.D.
Sean Kneeland
Sebastien Bernard
Sequoya Hayes
Sergio Romero
Seth Ackerman
Shani Roper
Shanna Merola
Shannan Wilson
Shannon Elder
Shannon Henricks
Shannon Thor
Sharon Alkalay
Sharon Chatkupt Lee
Sharon Hilke 
Shashi Thandra
Shawn Gude
Sheena Joychan
Sheila Kelly 
Sheri Pitigala
Sherine Gilmour
Sheryl Standley
Shilpi Misra
Shiro Wachira
Shivani Manghnani
Sidney DeHaan
Sidney Jones
Simone Leigh
Siobhan Brooks
Siobhan King 
Siri Colom
SK Bhutada
Sofie Dittmann
Sonia Galvez 
Sonya Renee Taylor
Soojin Son
Sophia Cleary
Sophie Canade
Sophie Hughes
Sophie Michals
Ssheila Brenner
Stacey Chapman
Stacey Iseman
Stacia Sanders
Stan Strasner
Steph Baxter
Stephanie Adams-Santos
Stephanie Ambroise
Stephanie Bibbs
Stephanie Lee Jackson 
Stephanie Miller
Stephanie Rothenberg 
Stephanie Smith
Stephen Yearwood
Steve Ramey
Steven Gilmore
Steven Salaita
Sue Grillo
Sue Katz
Sukoya Charles
Summer Reed
Sunshine J. Wolfe
Susan and Dallas McQuarrie
Susan K Dwyer
Susan McCulley
Susan McCullough
susana domingo amestoy
Susana T. Fried
Susanna Fraass
Susanna Speed
Susannah Bartlow
Susie Hughes
Susie Leni
Suzanna Collerd
Suzanne Adely
Sydney Clark
Taj Smith
Takeiya Smith
Talia Earle
Talia Stocchetti
Tamara Anderson
Tamara E. Lewis
Tamara Mack-Lowe
Tamara Tucker 
tamir rosenblum
Tania Colob-Morales
Tanuja Jagernauth
Tanvi Singh
Taquesha Dean
Tara White
Tariq Al-Sabir
Tasha Cooper
Tasha Russell 
Tashal Brown
Ted Miin
Teresa Kaepernick
Terrell F. Merritt
Terri Mares
Tessa Byrd
Theron Wilkerson
Thianita Brown
Thomas C. Pedroni
Thomas Jaynes
Thomas Leng 
Tiesha McNeal
Tiffany Caudill
Tiffany Paul
Tim Becker
Tim Hammack
Tim Looney
Tim Meegan
Tina Sacks 
Tobin Nellhaus
Todd B Turner
Todd St Hill
Tom Brodrick
Tom Crehore
tom ficklin
Tom Goulet
Tom Head
Tom Nealon
Tony Peters
Tove Walker
Traci Toombs
Tracie Pouliot
Trina Wheeler, LMSW
Trinie Dalton
Troy Ellen Dixon
Troy Hooks
Tyler Mahowald
Valerie Popp
Vanessa J Jackson
Vasilios Kamaras
Vera Michelson
Vernon Jordan III
Veronica Olivares
Veronica Urquilla
Vicente Martin
Vicky scheerer 
Victor McManus
Vie Mae
Vijay Iyer
Vincent Kelley
Virginia Bacigalupi
Virginia Dearborn
Virginia Roberts
Virginia Seewaldt
Vivian Rankin-Scales
Vladimir Lozano
Vladislav Beronja
Walid Hamdan
Walker Evans
Wayne Heimbach 
Wayne Ritz
Wilie Parker
Will Bloom
Will Hays
William Gitt
William J Brock
William Minter
William Ruhm
Worokya Duncan
Xian Franzinger Barrett
Yahnia T Rodriguez
Yekaterina Oziashvili
Yeou-Shiuh Hsu
Ying Chan
Yvette Lambright
Zach Crowellr
Zach Schwartz-Weinstein
Zach Wyner
Zachary Pattin
Zachary Rosen
Zack Smith
Zaheer Smith
Zainab Khan
Zandria F. Robinson
Zareen Bartley
Zoe marinkovich
Zoe Whitley

Princeton University Affiliates in Solidarity

A. L. Graham
Aaron Landsman
Abigail Gellman 
Accra Shepp
Adalberto Rosado
Adam Kent
Adetobi Moses
Adlan Jackson
Adriana Rubertone
Ahmad Greene-Hayes
Aino Wheler
Aisha Oxley
Aja Kennedy
Akua Banful
Alejandra Rincon
Aleksandar Kostić
Alessandra Brown
Alessandro Giammei
Alex Daniels
Alex Kindel
Alex Wheatley
Alexander Brockwehl 
Alexandra Boldin
Alexandra Houston
Alexandra Mayorga
Alexandra Wong 
Alice Frederick
Allison Kruk
Alma Huselja
Alyssa Finfer
Amarra Daniels
Amber Zuberi
Amina Simon
Amy Coenen
Andres Castillo Quintana
Andrew Cole
Andrew Hahm
Angela Wu
Angelika Morris
Anh-Thu Ngo
Anna Lovejoy
Annabelle Tseng
Anne McDonough
Annette Lamoreaux ’81
Anton J. Pluschke
Aparna Raghu
Apria Pinkett
April C. Armstrong
Arcadio Díaz-Quiñones
Aria Wong
Arlene Gamio Cuervo
Arthur Wang
Asanni York
ashley adams
Austin Hancock
Aynsley Vandenbroucke
Ayodele Foster-McCray
Barbara Slote
Beimnet Shitaye
Ben Baer
Ben Clarke
Ben Falter
Ben Koger
Benjamin Chen
Bernat Guillén Pegueroles
Beth English
Beth Lew-Williams
Bethlee M. Lindor
Binita Gupta
Bobbi Brashear
Brahm Kleinman
Brandon Dunlevy
Brandon Holt
Brandon Hunter
Brian Eugenio Herrera
Briana Payton
Brigid Doherty
Brillian Bao
Brittaney-Belle Gordon
Bruno Carvalho
Bryan LaPointe
Bryant Blount 
Caden Ohlwiler
Caitlin Charos
Caleb Maskell
Caleb Negash
Cameron Bell 
Camila Novo-Viano
Candace Lee
Cara Goldenberg
Carl Adair
Carlos Kong
Carmelita Becnel
Carolina Alvarado
Carolyn Yerkes
Casey Brown
Catherine Clune-Taylor
Catherine Riihimaki
Catherine Sharp
Charles Swank
Chaya Crowder
Chelsea Mayo
Chengliang Zhu
Chiamaka Onwuzulike
Chloe Brown
Chloe Brown
Christianese Kaiser
Christina A. León
Christina Chica
Claire Meyer
Colin Bradley
Colleen Campbell
Colleen Guiney
Courtney Perales
Craig Hamilton
Daisy Bassen
Dallas Nan
Damali James
Dan Kowalski
Dan-el Padilla Peralta
Dani Issler
Daniel Abromowitz
Daniel Marshall
Daniel Peacock
Daniel Sheffield
Daniel Teehan
Daniela Salcedo
Danielle Howell
Danielle Perry
Dara Strolovitch
Dashaya Foreman
David Fink
David Friedman
David Kernodle 
David Maisel
David Peterson
David San Miguel-Tasch
Destiny Crockett 
Devin Dobrowolski
Devin Plumb
Disha Karnad Jani
Divya Cherian
Donald Taylor-Patterson
Donna Tatro
Dylan Mittag
E Jeremijenko-Conley
Edna Bonhomme
Eduardo Cadava
Edwin Coleman
Elaine Ayers
ELena Tsemberis
Eli Berman
Elie Bou-Zeid
Elio E. Lleo
Eliot Callon
Elisa Jacome
Elizabeth (Danaher) Clymer
Elizabeth Bou
Elizabeth Moller 
Elizabeth Saldana
Elizaveta Mankovskaya
Elvia Arroyo-Ramirez
Emanuela Kucik
Emilce Santana
Emily Chen
Emily Wei-Hsin Sun
Emma Benintende
Emma Coley
Emma Shoucair
Enjoli Hall 
Eric Rojas
Erica DiBenedetto
Erik Fredericksen
Erik Maritz
Erika Kirgios
Erika Ward
Erin Matthews
Erin Wispelwey
Esther Maddox
Eva Ghirmai
Evan Schneider
Eve Aschheim
Faith Charlton
Fatima Siwaju
Felice Physioc
Felicia Zhang
Ferdose Idris
Fernando Acosta-Rodriguez
Feyisola Soetan
Flora Masah
Forrest Meggers
François Sabourin
Froma Zeitlin
Gabriella Taylor
Gavin Steingo
Gayle Salamon
Geoffrey Wignall
Gina DelCorazon
Giselle Uribe
GJ Sevillano
Grace Rehaut
Guillermo Martinez Cabalga
Haneul Ryoo
Hannah Chomiczewski
Hannah Shaw
Hannah Yohalem
Hansini Bhasker
Hartley Miller
Heath Pearson
Henrietta Keazer
Hrishikesh Somayaji
Imani Ford
Imani Thornton
India Rogers-Shepp
Irene Routte
Isabel Ballan
Isabella Litke
isabelle clark-deces
Isidoro Michan Guindi
Jackson Artis
Jacob Cannon
Jacob Wachspress
Jacqueline Grimm
Jake Schade
Jameil Brown
James Sung
James Williams
Jamie Ayón-Facundo
Jamie Gruffydd-Jones
Jamie O’Leary 
Jane Cox
Janella T. Hinds
Janeria Easley
Janet Kong-Chow
Jared Greenberg
Jasmeene Burton
Jason Manley
Jazzy Ellis 
Jeffrey Williamson
Jenesis Fonseca-Ledezma
Jennifer zhao 
Jenny Greene
Jerome Jackson
Jessica Delgado
Jessica Hoppe Dagci
Jessica Sarriot
Jessica Schwab
Joel Martinez
John Borneman
Jordan Muhammad 
Joseph Fronczak
Joshua Kotin
Joshua Rivas
Judith Hamera
Judith Weisenfeld
Julia Casazza
Julia Grummitt
Julia Perlmutter
Julia Reed
Julia Song
K. Joyce Tsai
Kachina Allen
Kahdeem Cohens
Kalyani Monteiro Jayasankar
Karen Bailey
Karen Emmerich
Karen Gallagher-Teske
Karen Palmer
Karen Wu
Karina Edouard 
Kate Chiu
Katharine Richardson
Katherine Fleming
Kathleen Nolan
Katie Chenoweth
Katrina Davies
Kauribel Javier
Kay Gabriel
Kellen Heniford
Kelly Bolding
Kelly Hatfield
Kessie Alexandre
Khristina Gonzalez
Kiley Coates
Kim Pearson
Kimberly Bain
Kimberly Stachenfeld
Kimia Shahi
Kristen Davila
Kristen Windmuller-Luna
Krystal Veras
Kujegi Camara
Kyle Berlin
Kyonne Isaac
Laura Bustamante
Laura Kalin
Laura Williamson
Laurel Mei-Singh
Lauren Feldman
Lauren Wodarski
Lauryn Williams
Layla Varkey
Leslie-Bernard Joseph
Leyatt Betre
Liane Carlson
Lily Lesser
Lindsey Hobbs
Linsey Edwards
Lorene Lavora
Lucia Rafanelli
Luis Gonçalves
Luke Massa
Luna Nguyen
M’hamed Oualdi 
Madeleine Pauchet
Mahishan Gnanaseharan
María José Solórzano Castro 
Marcus A Johnson, Jr. 
Margaret Kurkoski
Margaret Lyford
Margarita Rosa
Marie Siliciano
Mariella Castaldi 
Marina Ferraro
Mario Garcia
Marion Friedman Young
Mark Nelson
Mark Stevens
Marlin Yoselin Gramajo
Martina Fouquet
Mary Adeogun
Mary Landon Funk
Matt Chang
Matt Weber
Matthew Fuller
Matthew Karp 
Matthew Kumar
Matthew Oakland
Matthew Palmer
Matthew Shen Goodman
Matthew Taitano
Max Grear
Max Lewis
Max Weiss
Meagan Wilson
Meg Arenberg
Megan yEardle
Melina Acevedo
Melissa Lane
Melissa Renny
Meredith Martin
Micaela E. Martinez
Micah Herskind
Michael Aleman
Michael Glass
Michael Laffan
Michael Strauss
Michele Neuendorf 
Mikaela Levons
Mikecia Clarke
Miranda Bolef
Miranda Christ
Mofopefoluwa Olarinmoye 
Molly Stoneman
Monica Huerta
Monica Pless
Monica Ponce de Leon
Morgan Styer
Morgan Thompson
Myesha Jemison
N. “Chinook” McLean
Nabil Shaikh
Nadirah Mansour
Naiqi Xiao
Najia Zahir
Namkyu Oh
Nana Aboagye
Naomi Fesseha
Natalia Chen
Nathan Ashe
Nathan Poland
Nathaniel Lambert
Nicholas Wu
Nicky Steidel
Nicole Berger
Nicole Legnani
Nijah Cunningham 
Nikita Dutta
Nkosilathi Shangwa
Noemi Vergopolan
Nora Schultz
Nyle Fort
Ogemdi Ude
Oliver Browne
Olivia Watson
Omar Wasow
Orlando Reade
Oscar Castro
Ozichi Okorom 
Ozioma Obi-Onuoha
Pamela Selwyn
Patricia Aguiar
Patrick Monari
Patrick Signoret
Perrin Lathrop
Peter Kim
Peter Schmidt
Phillip Denny
Pilar Escontrias
Pragya Malik
Prateek Swain
Pratibha Shrestha
R.J. Bergmann
Rachel Buckle
Rachel Price
Rahsaan Harris
Rasheeda Saka
Rebecca Faulkner 
Rebecca Ngu 
Rebecca Singer
Rebecca Weng
Regina Kunzel
Reinaldo Maristany IV
Rena Lederman
Renea Henry 
Reuben Keller
Rhoda Lynch 
Ricardo Mayo
Richard Falk
Richard McConnell
Ricki Heicklen
Rita Keazer
Rob Nixon
Robert Decker
Rod Eric Joseph
Rohan Patlolla
Rohana Chase
Ronan O’Brien
Rosed Serrano
Ruo Jia
Russell Weiss-Irwin
Ryan J. Gedrich
Saarah Jappie 
Sabrina Carletti 
Sadie Van Vranken
Sahand Keshavarz Rahbar
Samantha Adelberg
Samantha Floyd
Samantha Newman
Samantha Thiel
Sammy Kunitz-Levy
Sandra Rosenstock
Sandy Harrison
Sarah Baber
Sarah Chihaya
Sarah D
Sarah Grant
Sarah H Cho
Sarah Jemison
Sarah Pacilio
Sarah Rapoport
Sarah-Jane Koulen
Satana Deberry
Scott Rivers
Seleeke Flingai
Selma Thompson
Shannon Linzer ’00
Shannon Winston
Sharon Cornelissen
Sharon Musa
Shaun Marmon
Shawn Mackinnon
Shawon Jackson
Shea Minter
Sheila Lin
Shelby Sinclair
Shuying Cheng
Sian Miranda Singh OFaolain
Sicily Kiesel 
Simone Downs
Sonya Satinsky
Soon il H
Sophia Nuñez
Sophie Moullin 
Stefanie M. Mavronis
Stephen Chao
Su Friedrich
Susan Brison
Susan Sugarman
Susana Draper
Susie Powell 
Suzanne Agins
Swetha Balachandran
Sydney Becker
Sydney Reynolds
Sylvie Thode
Tala Khanmalek 
Tamara Taitt
Tamsen Wolff
Tania Mathurin
Tara Suri
Taylor Eggan
Terrence Jelani Fraser 
Tess Jacobson
Tessa Smith
Thomas Benfey
Thomas Graul
Tia Blassingame
Timothy Chen
Tlaloc Ayala
Tomi Lawal
Tri Le
Tyisha Griffiths 
Tyler Kvochick
Tylor-Maria Johnson 
Usaama al-Azami
Vajdon Sohaili
Valerie Wilson
Vayne Ong
Veronica Sousa 
Victoria Lee
Violet Sharpless
Vittoria Comin
Vivian Chang
Vivian Ufongene
Wendy Li
Wilglory Tanjong ’18
William Gleason
William Grear
William Lathrop
William Pugh 
Yan Wu
Yanie Fecu
Yann Koby
Yitz Landes
Zachariah DeGiulio
Zachariah Smart
Zahid Chaudhary
Zinzi Bailey
Zulaikha Ayub

Academic Community in Solidarity
(A-Z by Institution)


Jacqueline Johnston Adelphi University
Donna Young Albany Law School
Sarah Rogerson Albany Law School
Peter Halewood Albany Law School
Anthony Paul Farley  Albany Law School 
Angeliki Vgontzas Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Samira Mehta Albright College
Irina Rodimtseva Alderson Broaddus
Carol Del Col Alderson Broaddus
Aaron Margulis Alfred University
Rita Law Alfred University
Kate Adams Allan Hancock College 
Linda Scott Allan Hancock College & Cuesta College
Caryn Werner Allegheny College
Noah Thompson Allegheny College
Joe Tompkins  Allegheny College 
Eyad Alkurabi Alumni  University at Albany – SUNY
Mary McCallum Alumni University of Minnesota
Russell Malbrough Alumni, Brown University & Columbia University
Stephanie Sideman Alumni, University of Illinois
Nat Godley Alverno College
Kira Schuman American Association of University Professors
Cathy Arellano American River College
Sara Smith-Silverman American River College
Carina Evans Hoffpauir American River College
Jordanna Matlon American University
Celeste Davis American University
Garrett Graddy-Lovelace American University
Dustin Friedman American University
Jane Palmer American University
Sarah Trembath American University
Donte Newman American University
David Kaib American University
Elliott Wallace American University
M Hussain American University
Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy American University
Angela Harutyunyan American University of Beirut
Kim Dorman American University of Dublin
John E. Drabinski Amherst College
Sunna Juhn  Amherst College
Katarina Cruz Amherst College
Kelly Krugman Amherst College
Anna Schrade Amherst College
Marvin Bell  Amherst College
Brandt Dudziak Amherst College
Olivia Mastrangelo Amherst College
Sanyu Takirambudde  Amherst College
Timothy Lee Amherst College
Alex Trimble Young Amherst College
Matthew Reed Anderson University 
Forrest Caskey Anne Arundel Community College
Augusten Michael Dehn Anne Arundel Community College
Stephen Young Appalachian State University
Sonia M. Rosen Arcadia University
Ciara Brathwaite Arcadia University 
Emily Verdugo Arizona
Helen Van der Sluis Arizona State University
Kelly Jackson Arizona State University
Kristina Lopez Arizona State University
Marlon M. Bailey Arizona State University
Nicole Manning Arizona State University
Taylor Genovese Arizona State University
Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos Arizona State University
Nilanjana Bhattacharjya Arizona State University
Monica Green Arizona State University
Angelica Amezcua  Arizona state university
Kelle Dhein Arizona State University
Onyekachi Ekeogu Arizona State University  
Lisa Bohn Arkansas State University 
Elizabeth Desnoyers-Colas Armstrong State University, Savannah Georgia
Sarah Kessler Art Center College of Design
​ Crystal Sepúlveda  Artist-acitivist, Associate Faculty in Dance Dept. at Mt. San Jacinto College 
Mitzi J Smith Ashland Theological Seminary 
Franki Harrogate Athabasca University, Canada
Julia S. Charles  Auburn University 
Kelly Kennington  Auburn University 
Bruce Clifton  Audrey Cohen College 
Sarah Combellick-Bidney Augsburg College
Sarah Degner Riveros Augsburg College
Brian Lovato Augustana College
Felix Harcourt Austin College
Margaret Aymer Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Ulrike Prattes Australian Catholic University
Erika Esau Australian National University (retired)
Kevin Bruyneel Babson College
Elizabeth Swanson  Babson college
Megan Way Babson College
Daniel Macumber  Babson College 
GPat Patterson Ball State University
Simon Balto Ball State University
Will Hug Baltimore City Community College
Erica Kaufman Bard College
Acacia Handel Bard College
Bill Dietz Bard College
Sara Mugridge  Bard College at Simon’s Rock 
Ayten Gundogdu Barnard College
Premilla Nadasen Barnard College
Alani Fujii Barnard College
Kimberley Johnson Barnard College
Kim F. Hall Barnard College
Charlie O’Donohue Barnard College
Valerie Jaharis Barnard College
Danielle Reiser Barnard College
Allison Humphrey Barnard College
Grace Mueller Barnard College
Darcy Cassidy Barnard College
Sylvie sanders  Barnard College 
Elizabeth Castelli Barnard College at Columbia University
Monica L. Miller Barnard College, Columbia U
Barbara Laxon Barry
Rianne Subijanto Baruch College, CUNY
Theri’ Pickens Bates College
William Hibbitts Bates College
Avery Margerum Bates College
Adriana Salerno Bates College
Dale Chapman Bates College
Tiffany Salter Bates College
Caroline Shaw Bates College
William Hibbitts Bates College
K. Ian Shin Bates College
Jeremy Glover  Bates College 
Alex Servie BAU international Berlin
Tyler Davis Baylor University
Laura M Lysen Baylor University
Nicholas Krause Baylor University
Elise M. Edwards Baylor University 
Brandon L. Morgan  Baylor University 
M. Shadee Malaklou  Beloit College
Michelle Bumatay Beloit College
John McMahon Beloit College
Shawn Gillen Beloit College
Catherine M. Orr Beloit College
John Rapp Beloit College
Nicole Truesdell Beloit College 
Cyan Mcfarlane Ben Gurion University
Tanya Brice  Benedict College
Cesraea Rumpf Benedictine University
Valerie Ann Johnson Bennett College, Greensboro NC
Laura Nussbaum-Barberena Bennington College
India Abbott  Bennington College 
Brooke Davis Anderson Bennington College 
Maboula Soumahoro Bennington College/University of Tours (France)
Nancy Gift Berea College
Tyler Sergent Berea College
Marvin Mutch Berkeley
Ta’Tyana Jammer Berklee College of Music
Monika Mehta Binghamton University
Dael Norwood Binghamton University
Jennifer Stoever Binghamton University
joshua price Binghamton University
Heather Manley  Binghamton University 
Jonathan Kemp Birkbeck
Laurencia Saenz Birkbeck College, London
Bill Cannon Birkbeck College, University of London
Laura Hill Bloomfield College
Don Stryker Bloomfield College
James Dennis Hoff  BMCC, CUNY 
Deborah Gambs  BMCC, CUNY 
Bernice Olivas  Boise State University 
Katrina Pietromica  Boise State University 
Joanne Klein Boise State University 
Daphnie Sicre Borough of Manhattan Community College
Fatima Prioleau Borough of Manhattan Community College
Rhonda Frederick Boston College
Regine Michelle Jean-Charles Boston College
Leigh Patel Boston College
Nell Wasserstrom Boston College
Stacy Grooters Boston College
Paul Edwards Boston University
Thea Rowan, MSW Boston University
Abigail Lessels Boston University
Scott Clark Boston University
Michael Birenbaum Quintero Boston University
Madi Wachman  Boston University
Lauren Boston University
Jasmine Kwasa Boston University
Grant Dowling Boston University
Phillipe Copeland Boston University
Sadia Arshad Boston University
Isabella Loarte-Ciudad Boston University
Thomas Otten Boston University
Kecia Ali Boston University
Shirley Alexander-Hunt Boston University 
Phyllis Humphrey Norwood  Boston University 
Ashley Farmer  Boston University 
Dawn Belkin Martinez Boston University School of Social Work
Michelle Walsh Boston University School of Social Work
Mahlet Meshesha Boston university school of social work
Abby Brockman Boston University School of Theology
Jasmin Figueroa Boston University School of Theology
Ylisse Bess Washington Boston University School of Theology 
Theo Greene Bowdoin College
Judith Casselberry Bowdoin College
Morten Hansen Bowdoin College
Sandy Kauffman Bowdoin College
Lauren Breau Bowdoin College, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
Danielle Drakes Bowie State University
AbdurRaheem Nealis Bowie State University
Robert Birt Bowie State university
Jolie Sheffer Bowling Green State University
Shane Snyder Bowling Green State University
Megan Rancier Bowling Green State University
Bill Albertini Bowling Green State University
Nicole Jackson  Bowling Green State University 
Daniel Bergstresser Brandeis University
Gordon Fellmqn Brandeis University
aliyyah i. abdur-rahman Brandeis University
Ulka Anjaria Brandeis University
Mary Baine Campbell Brandeis University
Chad Williams  Brandeis University
Joy von Steiger Brandeis University
Susan S. Lanser Brandeis University
William Flesch Brandeis University
Shoshana Weisbin Brandeis University
Tam Emerson Brandeis University
Benyamin Meschede-Krasa Brandeis University
Faith Smith Brandeis University
Mya Goodman Brandeis University
Brandis Whitfield Brandeis University
Bernadette Brooten Brandeis University
Rowan Mayback Brandeis University
Gabi Nail Brandeis University
Jasmine Johnson  Brandeis University 
Aja Antoine Brandeis University 
Carina Ray Brandeis University 
Bart Miller Brandeis University 
Alona Weimer Brandeis University 
Hannah Baker-Lerner Brandeis University 
Gloria Saddler  Bristol Community College 
Howard Pflanzer Bronx Bronx Community College/CUNY
Barbara Winslow Brooklyn  College/CUNY
barbara kraskian brooklyn college
Fredrik deBoer Brooklyn College
Danielle Bullock Brooklyn College
Kellen Gold  Brooklyn College 
Tyrone Davis Brooklyn College Alumni
Daphna Thier Brooklyn College CUNY
Jeanne Theoharis Brooklyn College of CUNY
Timothy Shortell Brooklyn College, City University of New York
Nicholas Rynearson  Brooklyn College, NYU
Claudia Salazar Brooklyn College. CUNY
Alexander Tronolone Brooklyn Historical Society
Shelly Noga-Walker Brooklyn Law School 
Rebecca Schneider Brown university
Emily Owens Brown University
Suzanne Enzerink Brown University
Sharad Wertheimer Brown University
Amanda Boston Brown University
Diego Millan Brown University
Sarah Berns Brown University
Elizabeth Gray Brown University
Fiori Sara Berhane Brown University
Will Emmons Brown University
Matthew Guterl Brown University
Michelle Clayton Brown University
Kelley Smith Brown University
Geoffrey Wildanger Brown University
Dennis Hogan Brown University
Lundy Braun Brown University
Victoria Chavez Brown University
Alex Gourevitch Brown University
Megan Gallagher Brown University
Shelley Krause Brown University
Matthew Ellis Brown University
Prabhdeep Kehal Brown University
Hassani R. Scott Brown University
Anthony Pratcher II Brown University
Robert Self Brown University
Julia Chang Brown University
Dian Kriz Brown University
Benjamin Holtzman Brown University
Jordan T. Brown University
Sandra Haley Brown University
Ramon Stern Brown University
Majida Kargbo Brown University
Andrew S. Wong Brown University
Matt Perry Brown University
Ed Osborn Brown University
Esther Kurtz Brown University
Ali Mullin Brown University
Anni Pullagura Brown University
Michael Caplan  Brown University 
Emma Rutenberg Bryn Mawr College
Kamara Simms Bryn Mawr College
Colton Krial Bryn Mawr College
Annie Randall Bucknell University
Michael Drexler Bucknell University
Jennifer Thomson Bucknell University
William Flack Bucknell University
Donna Edwards Buffalo State
Maria Marti Buffalo State College 
Vivian Deno Butler University
Ania Spyra Butler University
Robin L. Turner  Butler University 
Sadie Reynolds  Cabrillo College
Victoria M. Banales Cabrillo College
Kristin Wilson Cabrillo College
Alvaro Huerta Cal Poly Pomona
Anthony Ocampo Cal Poly Pomona
Anthony Seldon Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Dominic Scialabba Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Camille O’Bryant  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
Carlos Gomez Cal Poly SLO
Rachael Redlo Cal Poly SLO
Luz Calvo Cal State East Bay (Princeton U Class of 82)
Liz Sanchez Cal State Fullerton
Cecilia Villarreal  Cal State LA 
Nathan K Carbajal Cal State Long Beach 
Anthony Ratcliff  Cal State Los Angeles 
Patricia Ornelas-Moya Cal State University Los Angeles 
Leila Hilali Cal State University, Northridge
Caitlin Miller Cal State, San Bernardino
Peter Cormas Cal U of PA
Ariel Osterweis CalArts
Christian L. Frock California College of the Arts
Catherine Trimbur California Department of Corrections
Leticia Contreras California Institute of Integral Studies
Katharine Irene Ransom California Institute of Integral Studies
Rhana Tabrizi California Institute of the Arts
Janet Sarbanes California Institute of the Arts
Abigail Severance California Institute of the Arts
Micaela Lofy California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Mckinley Bruckner  California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Natalie Montoya California Polytechnic University
Bianca Macias California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo
Georgia A Mickey California State Polytechnic University Pomona
Monir Ahmed California State University
Melissa Barrios California State University – Fullerton
Stephen Stratton California State University Channel Islands
Nizan Shaked California state university Long Beach 
Lindsey Ortega California State University Los Angeles
Sarah Hansen California State University Northridge
Jonathan Rich California State University Northridge
Hali Rederer California State University Sacramento
Laura Galvez California State University-Long Beach
Naazneen Diwan  California State University,  Los Angeles 
Robin Mitchell California State University, Channel Islands
M.E. Matthews California State University, Chico
Dalal Dweik California State University, Chico
Pilar Alvarez California State University, Chico 
Stacy Fahrenthold California State University, Fresno 
Elaine Lewinnek California State University, Fullerton
Brady Heiner California State University, Fullerton
Melisa Valdovinos California State University, Fullerton
Lily House-Peters California State University, Long Beach
Jessica Mae Rivera California State University, Long Beach
Robert D Weide California State University, Los Angeles
Jose Trinidad Castaneda III California State University, Los Angeles
Frances Chee California State University, Los Angeles
Enrique C. Ochoa California State University, Los Angeles
Clement Lai California State University, Northridge
Gregory Velazco y Trianosky California State University, Northridge
Tracy Buenavista California State University, Northridge
Kristina Meshelski California State University, Northridge
Jennifer Selwyn California State University, Sacramento
Cara E. Jones California State University, Sacramento
Yumi Pak California State University, San Bernardino
Yvette R. Lopez  California State University, San Bernardino
Daniel T. Kirsch California State University, Stanislaus
Sam Love Calumet Artist Residency 
Jermaine T. Heath, Sr Capella University 
Cassidy Picken Capilano University 
Anna Grear Cardiff University
Elisa Wynne-Hughes Cardiff University
Nicky Priaulx Cardiff University
Victor Huerta Carleton College
Clare Hiyama Carleton College
Abby Sharer Carleton College
Adriana Estill Carleton College
Emily Clark Carleton College
Janis Lee Carleton College
Urmila Kutikkad Carleton College
Koh Zhi You Carleton College
Sonja Anderson Carleton College
Charisse Burden-Stelly Carleton College
Jimmy Donelson  Carleton College 
Anita Chikkatur Carleton College, MN
Christopher Thorn Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Emily Nagin Carnegie Mellon 
Phuong Dinh Carnegie Mellon University
Felipe Gomez Carnegie Mellon University
Judeth Oden Choi Carnegie Mellon University
Jacob Goessling Carnegie Mellon University 
Darwin Tsen Carthage College
Ellen McSweeney Catholic University 
Linnea Seitz Ccac
Katie Sumner CCAD
Regina Langley Center for Theology, Women, and Gender, Princeton Theological Seminary
Dina Gilio-Whitaker  Center for World Indigenous Studies
Eileen R. Campbell-Reed Central Baptist Theological Seminary 
Robert S. Wolff Central Connecticut State University
Cade Johnson Central European University
Cody J. Inglis Central European University
Eszter Timár Central European University
Karen Rintamaki  Central Michigan University
Alan P. Rudy Central Michigan University
Debra Gray Boyd Centre College & Bowling Green State Univ (OH)
Ted Stolze Cerritos College
Suzanne Ashe Cerritos College
Jana Tsoneva CEU
Ian Barnard Chapman University
Robin Sowards Chatham University
Magdalen Powers Chemeketa Community College
Sherise McDaniel Chicago Public Schools 
Albert Delgado  Chicago Teachers Union
Cheryl L Green Chicago Theological Seminary
Quincy James Rineheart Chicago Theological Seminary 
Alejandro Alfaro Chico State
Maddalena Farinati  Chico State University 
Marlon Lieber Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Drew Dellinger CIIS
Jody Adams Citizen Action of New York,  Southern Teir Chapter
Mahfuzur Rahman  City College of New York 
Dina Wilson City College of San Francisco
Lauren Muller City College of San Francisco
Madeline Troche City Colleges of Chicago
Charles Post  City University of New 6
Michelle Billies City University of New York
Anthony Alessandrini  City University of New York 
Rebecca Fullan City University of New York, Graduate Center
Jesse Lemisch City University of NY
David Meltzer City, University of London
Emma Lugo Clackamas Community College
L.B. Williams Claremont Graduate
Ayat Agah Claremont Graduate University
Mack Jones Clark Atlanta University
Jeremy Marks Clark University
Christopher Robinson Clarkson University
Roslyn Sledge Clayton State University
Derrick Vanmeter Clayton State University 
Mary Barr Clemson University
Walt Hunter Clemson University
Todd May Clemson University
Dani Beale Cleveland State University
Auburn Sandstrom Cleveland State University
Mary Ellen Waithe, Ph.D. Cleveland State University
Sonya Charles Cleveland State University
Camila Maroja Colgate  University
Nimanthi Rajasingham Colgate University
Bennie Guzman Colgate University
Carolina Batista Colgate University
Nagesh Rao Colgate University
Jeff Sanceri College of Alameda
Barrye Brown College of Charleston
Rachel McKinnon College of Charleston
Matthew Cressler College of Charleston
Anthony D. Greene College of Charleston
Heather Gilbert College of Charleston
Aaisha Haykal  College of Charleston 
Mari N. Crabtree College of Charleston 
Rebecca Shumway  College of Charleston 
Kristin Lawler College of Mount Saint Vincent
Kathryn Laity College of Saint Rose
Barbara Ungar College of Saint Rose
Bradley W. Russell College of Saint Rose
Brittany Hutton College of Southern Nevada 
Melissa F. Weiner College of the Holy Cross
Alvaro Jarrin College of the Holy Cross
Virginia Ryan College of the Holy Cross
Elizabeth K Switaj College of the Marshall Islands
Max Shue College of Western Idaho
Sandra Edwards-Thro College of William & Mary
William H. Fisher College of William & Mary
Chinua Thelwell College of William and Mary
Leslie Wingard College of Wooster
Adam Bush College Unbound
Heidi R. Lewis Colorado College
Prentiss Dantzler Colorado College
Claire Oberon Garcia Colorado College
Victoria Ehrlich Colorado College
Michael Sawyer Colorado College
Bettina Voelker Colorado School of Mines
Emma Myers Colorado State University
Farah J Griffin Columbia
Karen Seeley Columbia
Nico Baumbach Columbia
Dara Matseoane Columbia
Michael Robin Columbia College 
Kristen Kelley Columbia College 
Matthew Shenoda Columbia College Chicago
Ramona Gupta Columbia College Chicago
Michelle Molitor Columbia College Chicago
Michael Levin Columbia College Chicago
Brianna Heath Columbia College Chicago
Jaafar Aksikas  Columbia College Chicago 
Andrea Kozak-Oxnard Columbia Law School alumna
Keith Gessen Columbia University
Karen Benezra Columbia University
Shelly Silver Columbia University
James Schamus Columbia University
Bruce Robbins Columbia University
Sheldon Pollock Columbia University
Jared Sacks Columbia University
Todd Gitlin Columbia University
Kendall LaSane Columbia University
Nicholas A. Juravich Columbia University
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak Columbia University
Mia DeLuis Zayas Columbia University
Jelani Cobb Columbia University
Emily Hainze Columbia University
Jessie Kindig Columbia University
Eric Wimer Columbia University
Victor LaValle Columbia University
Micah McElroy Columbia University
Sharon N. Harris  Columbia University
Jeff Jacobs Columbia University
Kate Seidel Columbia University
Vanessa Agard-Jones Columbia University
Josef Sorett Columbia University
Annie Barry Columbia University
Anne Montgomery Columbia University
Graham Streich Columbia University
Maya Randolph Columbia University
Jason Fitzgerald Columbia University
Anita Gundanna Columbia University
Jon Kessler Columbia University
Natasha Lightfoot Columbia University
Susan Bernofsky Columbia University
Katherine Le Columbia University
Yosan Alemu Columbia University
Clara Beccaro Columbia University
Tiana Reid Columbia University
E. Valentine Daniel Columbia University
Alissa Mayers Columbia University
Thomas Saenz Columbia University
Stanley Ramdhany Columbia University
Sarah Kramer Columbia University
Danielle Filipiak Columbia University
Arlene Fernandez Columbia University
Will Mason Columbia University
Christine Madan Columbia University
Yemisi Olorunwunmi Columbia University 
Obery Hendricks Columbia University 
Dialika Sall Columbia University 
Devon Wade Columbia University 
Amber Officer-Narvasa Columbia University 
Wendell Marsh Columbia University 
Laura McTighe Columbia University 
Nicholas Pang Columbia University 
Nakita Joseph Columbia University 
Dianne Sánchez Shumway Columbia University 
Bryn Evans Columbia University 
Nabiha Nuruzzaman Columbia University 
Kalila Morsink Columbia University 
Gabrielle Suissa  Columbia University 
Jessica Hollinger  Columbia University ’05; Berkeley Law School ’10
Robert Loss Columbus College of Art and Design
Sheree Nash Columbus State Community College
LaTanya Atkins Community College
Ingrid Sabio-McLaughlin Community College of Baltimore County
Ann Kottner Concerned Citizen
P. A.  Tarala Concerned community member
Emer O’Toole Concordia University
Sasha Olthof Concordia University
Ted Rutland Concordia University
Shantha Roberts Concordia University
David Gobby Concordia University
Norwood Robinson  Concordia University 
Lana Dee Povitz Concordia University 
Daniel Duitsman Concordia University-Portland
Elena Razlogova Concordia University, Montreal
Rosemary C. Reilly Concordia University, Montreal
Sandy Grande Connecticut College
Lauren Anderson Connecticut College
Francisco E. Robles Connecticut College
Natalie Avalos Connecticut College
Eva Murray Connecticut College (Class of 2017)
Jane Glaubman Cornell
Ross Haarstad Cornell alum & staff
Teri Tillman Cornell Law School ’19
Russell Rickford Cornell University
Lauren van Haaften-Schick Cornell University
Frank Edwards Cornell University
Kevin Quin Cornell University
Kaitlin Emmanuel Cornell University
Nathaniel Stetson Cornell University
Nancy Quintanilla Cornell University
Spencer Beswick Cornell University
Edward E. Baptist Cornell University
Alexander Livingston Cornell University
Mariana Alarcon Cornell University
Randy Hendrickson Cornell University
Satya Mohanty Cornell University
Nick Fesette Cornell University
Sara Warner Cornell University
Shannon Gleeson Cornell University
Thomas Eisenberg Cornell University
Ani Chen Cornell University
Katherine Xie Cornell University
Adrienne Clay Cornell University
Kathryn Weber Cornell University
Rebekah Maggor Cornell University
Zifeng Liu Cornell University
Maria Cristina Garcia Cornell University
Anna Haskins Cornell University
Elise Finielz  Cornell University
Dolores Greisy Perera Cornell University
Monet Roberts Cornell University
Sena Aydin Cornell University
Marquis Bey Cornell University
Omar Khurshid Cornell University
Tiffany Fotopoulos Cornell University
Ella Diaz Cornell university 
Chloe Ene Cornell University 
Oneka LaBennett Cornell University 
Paola Muñoz Rojas Cornell University recent alumni, Columbia University graduate student
Cory A. Taylor Creighton University
Lauren Weirauch Creighton University
Katherine Bankole-Medina  CSU
Carie Yangas CSU
Saili S. Kulkarni CSU Dominguez Hills
Natalie Ingraham  CSU East Bay
Larry Hashima CSU Long Beach
Charles Hatfield CSU Northridge
Rosa Castillo CSU Northridge
Gabriela Chavira  CSU Northridge 
Mariela E. Garcia Alvarado CSU-Fullerton
Carlos Pioroda CSU, Chico
Barbara De Rubin CSUF 
Katie Dingeman CSULA
Derrick Logan Cumberland county college 
Lucien Baskin CUNY
Ryan McNeil CUNY
Edward Paulino CUNY
Laura Penaranda CUNY
R. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy CUNY
Brian Prager CUNY
Maura Smale CUNY
Daliah Heller CUNY
Charisa Smith CUNY
Margaret Rauen CUNY 
Philip Chen Cuny 
Rachel Pitkin  CUNY 
Jason Hendrickson CUNY – LaGuardia CC
Terrea Mitchell CUNY – Queens College, NY
Kristina Huang CUNY & SUNY
Rohima Ali Cuny City College
Alyson Bardsley  CUNY College of  Staten Islan
Ira Pollock CUNY GC
Hilarie Ashton CUNY Grad Center
Erik Wallenberg CUNY Graduate Center
Danica Savonick CUNY Graduate Center
H. Roz Woll CUNY Graduate Center
Ujju Aggarwal CUNY Graduate Center
Janet Werther CUNY Graduate Center
Ryan Tracy CUNY Graduate Center
Brian Jones CUNY Graduate Center
Silvana Ramos CUNY Graduate Center
Shoumik Bhattacharya CUNY Graduate Center 
Claire Bishop CUNY Graduate Center 
Michael Cisco CUNY Hostos
Tierra Chelsea Stephenson  CUNY Hostos Community College 
Alex Vigo CUNY Hunter College
Carah Naseem CUNY Hunter College
Sarah Eldiasty CUNY Hunter College
Christine Parascandola CUNY Hunter College
Mercy Walelo CUNY John Jay College
Frank Deale CUNY Law School
Josephine Bagcal CUNY Lehman College
Claudia Calhoon CUNY School of Public Health
Natalie Havlin CUNY- LaGuardia CC
Tim Hardin CUNY-Borough of Manhattan Community College
Vincent DeCesare CUNY-Hunter College
Deen Sharp CUNY, GC
Nichole Marie Shippen CUNY, LAGCC
Julia Friedman Curry College
Amanda Kennedy Curry College
Brandon Absher D’Youville College
Arielle Gordon-Rowe Dartmouth
Ayanda Heita Dartmouth 
Kellen Hoxworth Dartmouth College
Eng-Beng Lim Dartmouth College
Iman AbdoulKarim Dartmouth College
Reena N. Goldthree  Dartmouth College
Brandy Payton Dartmouth College
Treva Ellison Dartmouth College
Vaughn Booker Dartmouth College
Rebecca Novello Dartmouth College
Pamela Voekel  Dartmouth College
Mark Bray Dartmouth College
Emily Golitzin Dartmouth College
Karina López Dartmouth College
Derek Woods Dartmouth College
Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch  Dartmouth College
Jenni Gargano Dartmouth College
Sofia Greimel-Garza Dartmouth College
Brianna Beach Dartmouth College
Susana Kwon  Dartmouth College
Yesenia Barragan Dartmouth College
Julie Solomon Dartmouth College
Margarita Ren Dartmouth College
Derrick E. White Dartmouth College 
David Ramirez  Dartmouth College (having the same BS problems) nothing new too 
SeungJae Hong Dartmouth Comlege
Malaika Simmons Davidson College
Helen Mun Davidson College
Shassata Farhat Fahim Davidson College
Daric McKinney Davidson College
Madison Santos Davidson College
Ellie Barlow Davidson College
Bethany Kirkpatrick Davidson College
Ashley Behnke Davidson College 
Lisa Schuster De Anza College
Karl Schaffer De Anza College
Julie Lewis De Anza College 
Renata Lemos Morais Deakin University
Erica Hill-Yates Delaware County Community College
Paul Bass Denison University
Lauren Araiza  Denison University 
Jeff Treistman Denny International Middle School, Seattle
Joanna Gardner-Huggett DePaul University
Eric Aldieri DePaul University
Christina Rivers DePaul University
Gil Morejon DePaul University
Traci Schlesinger DePaul University
Mary Bowman DePaul University
Kathleen Arnold DePaul University
Ana Martin Sagredo DePaul University
Mohamed Ali  DePaul University
David Maruzzella DePaul University
Maria Faust DePaul University
Anna Anthropy DePaul University
Kylie Allen DePaul University
Enrique Mendoza DePaul University
Muriel Dorsey-Johnson DePaul University 
Sana Bell DePaul University 
Ashley Fleshman DePaul University 
Max Felker-Kantor DePauw University
Derek R. Ford DePauw University
Janellen Farmer DeSales University
Albert Ponce Diablo Valley College
Ashley Morefield Dickinson College
Y. Kafi Moragne-Patterson Dominican University
William Bailey  Dowling college 
Beth Younger Drake University
Eva Smith Drew University
Elias Ortega-Aponte Drew University
Nicolle D. Harris Drew University
Peter Amato Drexel
Carol Bell Drexel
Alden Young Drexel University
Diana Solano-Oropeza Drexel University
Oliver Harris Drexel University
Susan Volz Drexel University
Janelle Junkin Drexel University 
Carole Hoke Drury
Matthew Elia Duke University
Colleen Sharp Duke University
Tsitsi Jaji Duke University
Laura Wagner Duke University
Jaewon Moon Duke University
Eli Meyerhoff  Duke University
Cate Reilly Duke University
Danielle Purifoy Duke University
Bennett Carpenter Duke University
Anastasia Kārkliņa Duke University
Rafiq Majolagbe Duke University
Mark Anthony Neal Duke University
Peter Pihos Duke University
Karla FC Holloway Duke University
Abhishek Bose-Kolanu Duke University
Wahneema Lubiano Duke University
Dieynabou Barry Duke University
William Darity Jr Duke University
Anita Bateman Duke University 
Annie Yang Duke University 
Yuridia Ramirez Duke University 
Christena Cleveland Duke University Divinity School
Karen Shakkour Duke University, Medill, NYU
Erin Johns Speese Duquesne University
Tom Eyers Duquesne University
Alexander Gorman Duquesne University
Martin Krahn Duquesne University
Ashley Marshall Durham College/ UOIT
Anthony Zito Dutchess Community College
Betsy Schlabach Earlham College
Kristina Brunner Earlham College
Jane Tierney  Earlham College
Kharis Murphy Earlham College
Hope Safford  Earlham College 
Khalila Early-Zald Earlham college 
Natalie Reitz Earlham College 
Asha Sanaker Earlham College Alumnus
Kennetta Hammond Perry East Carolina University
Amanda Ann Klein East Carolina University
Kit Kimberly East Carolina University
Clarissa Valentin  Eastern Connecticut State University 
Gary Potter Eastern Kentucky University
Judah Schept Eastern Kentucky University
David Evans  Eastern Mennonite University 
Halle Gold Eastern Michigan University
Steve Wellinski Eastern Michigan University
Robert Carpenter Eastern Michigan University
Kevin Karpiak Eastern Michigan University
Taylor Amari Little  Eastern Michigan University 
Pamela Stewart Eastern Michigan University 
Kimberlee Johnson Eastern University
Erik Phillips Eastern Washington University
Nicholas Piato Eastman School of Music
Geoffrey Adelsnerg Edgewood College
Donna Vukelich-Selva Edgewood College
mary earick Education and Equity
Melissa N. Stuckey Elizabeth City State University 
Jason Burke Murphy Elms College
Jean E Poppei Emerita, The Sage Colleges
Katherine Hildebrandt Emerson College
John Trimbur Emerson College
Michael Leo Owens Emory University
Dawn Peterson Emory University
Donna Troka Emory University
Dilek Huseyinzadegan Emory University
Emily Pope-Obeda Emory University
Abigail Sewell Emory University
Ryan Cook Emory University
Nathan Braswell Emory University
Justin Moore Emory University
Jonathan Peraza Emory University
Kira Jones Emory University
Beth Sherouse Emory University
Carol Anderson Emory University
Katie Howard Emory University
Michael Chiddo  Emory University
Quin Rich  Emory University 
Brady Beard Emory University 
Michelle Y. Gordon  Emory University 
Daniel McNamara Emory University, Hampshire College (F99)
Jess Bier Erasmus University Rotterdam 
Bel Parnell-Berry ERIF
Darryl Scipio Essex County College
Michael Birrer ETH Zürich
Robert Sember Eugene Lang College, The New School
Micah Magee European Film College
Christelle Gomis European University Institute
Sean Williams Evergreen State College
Thomas Johnson Evergreen State College
Maurice Cook  Every black ghetto in the country 
Michelle Bolduc Exeter
Erica Cho Faculty, UC San Diego
Kris Sealey Fairfield University
Colin D. Halloran Fairfield University
Raphael Soifer Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Carolyn Dekker Finlandia University
Megan Normandin Fitchburg State University
Heather Urbanski Fitchburg State University 
María J. Torres-López FIU
Samaya Cullerton Five Branches University 
Jorge Tamames Fletcher School, Tufts
Aisha Moon Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University 
Carl Suddler Florida Atlantic University
Karen Leader Florida Atlantic University
Alexandra Cornelius Florida International Univ.
Danielle Clealand Florida International University
Heather Freeman Florida Polytechnic University
Quiana Bradshaw  Florida State College @ Jacksonville 
Malia Bruker  Florida State University
Michael Carrasco Florida State University
Willie Wright Florida State University
Patrick McKelvey Florida State University
Elizabeth Osborne Florida State University
Sara Gomez Florida State University
Shantel G. Buggs Florida State University 
Mathias Klang Fordham
Glenn Hendler Fordham University
Vicente Rubio-Pueyo Fordham University
Jordan Alexander Stein Fordham University
Amy Evans Fordham University
Aimee Meredith Cox Fordham University
Jessica Denzer Fordham University 
Barat Ellman Fordham University and Bard Prison Initiative
Lindsey Lee Fordham University, Pace University
Frank Leon Roberts Founder,
Coral Bello Franklin and Marshall College
George M. Phillips Franklin College
Elias Koenig Free University Berlin
Falko Mrozek Free University of Berlin
James Illingworth Freedmen and Southern Society Project, Univ. of Maryland, College Park
Daniel Gutiérrez  Freie Universität Berlin
Kathleen Brown Freie Universität, Berlin
Jamelyn C. Tobery-Nystrom  Frostburg State University 
Kristen Norton Fullerton College
Shawna McKellar GA. Public High School Teacher
David Johnson Genesee Community College
Kathalene Razzano George Mason
Yevette Richards George Mason University
Gavin Stabbe George Mason University
Asmaa Beshir George Mason University
Melissa Gouge George Mason University
Amaka Okechukwu  George Mason University 
Lauren Watson George Washington University
Thomas A. Guglielmo George Washington University
Orian Zakai George Washington University
William Contreras George Washington University
Nathan Wuertenberg George Washington University
William Horne George Washington University
Caroline Laguerre-Brown, JD George Washington University 
Theodora Danylevich  George Washington university 
Lauren Jannette George Washington University 
Maria Manning Georgetown 
Soyica Colbert  Georgetown 
Angela Campbell Georgetown Law
Samantha Pinto Georgetown University
Ananya Chakravarti (AB ’05) Georgetown University
April Sizemore-Barber Georgetown University
Amanda Phillips Georgetown University
Carolyn Forche Georgetown University
Daniel Shore Georgetown University
Marcia Chatelain  Georgetown University
Mary Beth Corrigan Georgetown University
Raymond Uymatiao Georgetown University
CJ Ballantyne Georgetown University
Tina Braxton Georgetown University
Marcus Board Georgetown University
Gibson Cima Georgetown University
David Luban Georgetown University
Kayla Williams  Georgetown University 
Heidi Li Feldman Georgetown University Law Center
Michael Diamond Georgetown University Law Center
Abbe Smith Georgetown University Law Center
Susana Morris Georgia Institute of Technology
Nihad M. Farooq Georgia Institute of Technology
Owen Cantrell Georgia Institute of Technology
Peter Fontaine Georgia Institute of Technology
Todd Michney Georgia Institute of Technology
Anita French Georgia State
Melissa Cox Georgia State
Christian Noakes Georgia State University
Sarita Davis Georgia State University
Charlie Michael Georgia State University
Tiffany Lethabo King Georgia State University 
Brandon Bledsoe Georgia State University 
Nassim JafariNaimi Georgia Tech
pinar tuzcu Germany
Audrey Ng Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
Nicholas Miller Gettysburg College
Salma Monani Gettysburg College
McKinley E. Melton Gettysburg College
Elizabeth Duquette Gettysburg College 
sara gondwe Gettysburg College, PA
Jasper Feyaerts Ghent
Vanessa E. Thompson Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Jessica Shepherd Goldsmiths
Svenja Bromberg Goldsmiths, University of London
Janna  Goldsmiths, University of London 
Noralis Rodríguez-Coss Gonzaga University
Jack Pearce Gonzaga University
Katherine Cascamo Gonzaga University
Carol A. Jarvis  Goshen College
Regina Shands Stoltzfus  Goshen College 
Molly McFall Goucher College
Jessye Grieve-Carlson Goucher College
Martin Shuster Goucher College
Martha McLaughlin Goucher College
Justin Clitheroe Goucher college
Mel Lewis  Goucher College 
Kay Herring Graceland University
Logan McBride Graduate Center CUNY
Ola Galal  Graduate Center CUNY 
Tom Regan graduate of Boston College
Bronwen Zwicker Graduate of James Madison University 
Margaret Ayres Smith graduate of Northwestern & Boston University
Erica McCarthy  Graduate of UW Madison 
Terri Johnson Graduate, Northwestern University
Melanie Mayer Graduated
Susannah Grand Canyon University 
Alex Kelley Grand Valley State University
Joel Wendland Grand Valley state University
Lily Joslin Green Mountain College
Kristin Moriah Grinnell College
Shanna G. Benjamin Grinnell College
Christienna Fryar GS ’12, Princeton University
Adam Ferguson Guilford college
Olivia Chalkley Guilford College
Najha Zigbi-Johnson Guilford College 
Lisa Heldke Gustavus Adolphus College
Lydia Shestopalova  Guttman Community College, CUNY 
Kelly O. GWU
Kyle Burnham Hamilton College
Miranda Wiley Hampshire
Rory Madden Hampshire
Joe Aranda Hampshire College
Kim Ripley Hampshire College
Jennie Chenkin Hampshire College
Staci Akselrod Hampshire College
Audrey Carangelo Hampshire College
Susana Loza Hampshire College
CJ Holm Hampshire College
Hannah Davidson Hampshire College
Christoph Cox Hampshire College
Adam Blaustein Rejto Hampshire College
Owen Neuburger Hampshire College
Jonathan Gardner Hampshire College
Tara Bynum Hampshire College
Desta Cantave Hampshire College
Jennifer Hamilton Hampshire College
Linda Bermas Hampshire College
Natalia Moyano Hampshire College
Michelle Sullivan Hampshire College
John Slepian Hampshire College
IP Reid-Eaton Hampshire College
Holly Currier Hampshire College
Sabrina Dengler Hampshire College
Milo E Hampshire College
Mia Kim Sullivan Hampshire College
Jennifer Bajorek Hampshire College
Viveca Greene Hampshire College
Rose Carr Hampshire College
Irissa Baxter Hampshire College
Emma Leff Hampshire College
Daniela Hernandez  Hampshire College
Jacob Speaks Hampshire College
Karolina Ware Hampshire College
Heather Hampshire College
Sophie Abraham Hampshire College
Wilson Valentín-Escobar Hampshire College
Cora Segal Hampshire College
Hannah Bracey Hampshire College
Matt Krefting Hampshire College
Jeffrey Hampshire College
Berit Brown Hampshire College
Emily Poirier Hampshire College
Monique Roelofs Hampshire College
Anne Downes Hampshire College
Forrest Jackson Hampshire College
Noa Shems Hampshire College
Elizabeth Mattison Hampshire College
Myrna Margulies Breitbart Hampshire College
Mei Ann Teo Hampshire College
Janathan Strounk Hampshire College
Sal Migliaccio Hampshire College
Casey Rocheteau Hampshire College
Chris Perry Hampshire College
Sara Rafferty Hampshire College
CJ Humphries Hampshire College
Francesca Colón Hampshire College
Margaret Smith Hampshire College
Rebecca Cleary Hampshire College
Nora Jenny Hampshire College
David Donnella Hampshire College
Reuben Telushkin Hampshire College
Kira deCoudres Hampshire College
Katlyn O’Brien Donohue Hampshire College
Amy Jordan Hampshire College
Andréa Johnson Hampshire College
Emma Binder Hampshire College
Jeff Uehlinger Hampshire College
Ariel Woods Hampshire College
Owen Aptekar-Cassels Hampshire College
Emma John Hampshire College
Lili Kim Hampshire College
Eva Black Hampshire College
Ben Jacobs Hampshire College
Emily DeSellier Hampshire College
Margaret Wright Hampshire College
Matt Kaminsky Hampshire College
Norman Holland Hampshire College
Elan Goldman Hampshire College
Olivia Streisand Hampshire College
Daniel Kojo Schrade Hampshire College
Samuel Edwards Hampshire College
Hannah Perkins Hampshire College
Katherine Popetz Hampshire College
Kristen Luschen Hampshire College
dylan welch Hampshire College
Lisette Medina Hampshire College
Ezekiel Baskin Hampshire College
Nathalie Arnold Koeningd Hampshire College
Gaye Hill Hampshire College
Tim Childs Hampshire College
Chemi Chemi  Hampshire College
Rachael Strickler Hampshire College
Zoe Portman Hampshire College
Heather Madden Hampshire College
Ellen Sturgis Hampshire College
Wm. Josiah Erikson Hampshire College
Margot Hernandez Hampshire College
Suhilah Booker Hampshire College
Meara Geraty  Hampshire College
Beth Ward Hampshire College
John Sinclair Hampshire College
Susan J. Tracy Hampshire College
Brianna Bryse Deane Hampshire College
Alan Barta Hampshire College
Connie Chang Hampshire College
Kay Carambia Hampshire College
Molly Kitchen Hampshire College
Michele Hardesty Hampshire College
Idalia Buddington Hampshire College
Aaron Berman Hampshire College
Charlie Carey Hampshire College
William Temple Hampshire College
Katherine Finley Hampshire College
Pace Knowles-Donnelly Hampshire College
Mel Jordan Hampshire College
Jesse Ditkoff Hampshire College
Sara Webber Hampshire College
Ryan Ellerby Hampshire College
Claire Jones Hampshire College
Drew M Kluck Hampshire College
Morgan Young Hampshire College
Jennifer pena Hampshire college 
Tim kovolenko  Hampshire College 
Joellen Wojcik  Hampshire College 
Fionnbharr Warren  Hampshire College 
Mai Ohana  Hampshire College 
Michael Forrest Hampshire College 
Jane Couperus  Hampshire College 
Sabina Paneva Hampshire College 
Casey Chon Hampshire College 
Karen Kohler Hampshire College | Princeton PhD ’93
Susan Dickson-Smith Hampshire College alum
Scott Miller Hampshire College Alum
Brittany M. Williams Hampshire College Alum
Elana Story  Hampshire college alum
Sydney Hoover Hampshire College alum
Kasha Bornstein Hampshire College Alum, University of Miami Medical Student
Stephan Edel Hampshire College Alumnus
Jennifer Mae Viets Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College
Annie Wood Hampshire Student
Héctor Reyes Harold Washington College
Jennifer Marasa Harper College, Cook County, IL
Brandon Dameshek Harrisburg Area Community College
Tim Barker Harvard
Nikolay Hersey Harvard
Aisha Beliso-De Jesus Harvard Divinity School
Jamie Erdheim Harvard Graduate School of Education
Shana Ashar Harvard Kennedy School
Anneke Dunbar-Gronke Harvard Law School
Umbereen Nehal Harvard Medical School
Claire Berman Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Jordy Rodriguez Harvard University
Paige Glotzer Harvard University
Tommie Shelby Harvard University
Stephen Poland Harvard University
Gregory Kornbluh Harvard University
Whitney Robles Harvard University
Mo Torres Harvard University
Chanel Williams Harvard University
Martha Kebeh Harvard University
Jovonna Jones Harvard University
Luran He Harvard University
Jonathan Karp Harvard University
Caroline Light Harvard University
Alex W Corey Harvard University
Leah Wright Harvard University
Sindhumathi Revuluri (PhD ’07) Harvard University
Carla D. Martin Harvard University
Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham Harvard University
Nicholas Rinehart Harvard University
Jake Stepansky Harvard University
Colin Bossen Harvard University
Olivia Castor Harvard University
Timothy Patrick McCarthy Harvard University
Paul Adler Harvard University
Stuart Schrader Harvard University
Sasha Sagan Harvard University
Vivian Huang Harvard University
Osiris Rankin Harvard University
Genevieve Clutario Harvard University
William Pruitt Harvard University
Betsy Beasley Harvard University
Casey Primel Harvard University
Christofer Rodelo Harvard University 
Mary McNeil  Harvard University 
Elizabeth Hinton  Harvard University 
Marla Frederick  Harvard University 
Lea Parker Harvard University 
Funlayo E. Wood Harvard University alumna 
Bridget Long Harvard University and Princeton alumna
Keith Rosenthal Harvard University Law School
Krystal Klingenberg Harvard University, Princeton Alum
Ali Beheler Hastings College
Aurelia Gómez Unamuno Haverfod College
Lindsay Reckson Haverford College
Sarah Haviland Haverford College
Rebecca Chang Haverford College
Noah Skocilich Haverford College
Angelique Spencer Haverford College
Vaughn Papenhausen Haverford College
Emily Dombrovskaya Haverford College
David King Haverford College
Anya Bernhard  Haverford College 
Gustavus Stadler  Haverford College 
Verena Krebs Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Tazin Islam Hendrix College
Lisa Smith Hillsborough Community College
Heather May Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Mary McGrath Hoffsra
Robert Tolbert Hofstra
Maurya Kerr Hollins University alumni
Kimberley Chandler Houston ISD 
Yasmine Allen Howard University
Cydney Brown Howard University
Alicia Oglesby Howard University
Alhaji Conteh Howard University
Greg Carr Howard University
Yakntoro Udoumoh Howard University
Daryl Scott Howard University 
Shareefah Al’Uqdah  Howard University 
Lisa A. Crooms-Robinson Howard University 
La Tasha Sharif Vanzie Howard University Alumna
Danielle Holley-Walker Howard University School of Law
Maral N. Attallah Humboldt State University
Nicole Möller Humboldt Universität, Berlin
James Cantres Hunter College
Richard Lu Hunter College
Anthony Browne Hunter College
Robert Cuffy Hunter College
Alyssa Hassell Hunter College
Phillip A. Boda Hunter college
Maesha Meto Hunter College
Jessie Daniels Hunter College – City University of New York
Tiffany McFadden Hunter College School of Social Work
Jennifer Gaboury Hunter College, CUNY 
Sanford Schram Hunter College, CUNY and CUNY Graduate Center
Linda Luu Hunter College, CUNY and CUNY Graduate Center
Emily Huang I graduated a long time ago.
Emma Murphy Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 
Jimmy Akrivos  Icahn School of Medicine at Mr Sinai 
Deirdre Caputo-Levine Idaho State University
Name (first and last name) If applicable, what is your university?
Anne Dunlap Iliff School of Theology
Candace Datz Iliff School of Theology
Julie Todd Iliff School of Theology
Elizabeth Rae Coody Iliff School of Theology 
Emily Wheeland  Iliff School of Theology 
Elizabeth Rellinger Zettler Illinois College
Andrew Hartman Illinois State University
Daynalí Flores Rodriguez  Illinois Wesleyan University 
Ednie Kaeh Garrison Independent scholar
Dr. Tracy Ann Essoglou Independent scholar & researcher 
Carolyn Ash Independent school in California
Beth E. McGarry Indian River State College – FL
Keith Byerman Indiana State University
Lillien Chew  Indiana State University
Amanda Hobson Indiana State University
Susan Livingston  Indiana State University 
Sheila Majumdar Indiana University
Sherouk Ahmed Indiana University
Michelle Moyd Indiana University
Susan Seizer  Indiana University
Libby Swanger Indiana University
June Wickboldt Indiana University
Caitlin Jackson Indiana University
Freya Thimsen Indiana University
Ivan Kreilkamp Indiana University
Stanley Njuguna Indiana University 
Benjamin Reed Indiana University – Bloomington
Tom Alter Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne
Meg Galasso Indiana University Kokomo
William Stauffer Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Jeffrey W. Cisneros Indiana University- Bloomington
Daniela Gutiérrez López  Indiana University-Bloomington 
Michael Bowman Iowa State University
Kristin Mason Iowa State University
Maria Van Der Maaten Iowa State University
Diana cobian  Iowa state university 
Beth Caissie Iowa State University (Hampshire College Alumna)
Shaianne Osterreich Ithaca College
Nicholas Muellner Ithaca College
Aurora Rojer Ithaca College
Paula Ioanide  Ithaca College
Harriet Malinowitz Ithaca College
Donald L Coombs IUPUI
Raymond Haberski IUPUI
Grayce Gadson Ivy Tech
Cate Nelson  James Madison University
Matthew Ezzell James Madison University
Kwame Phillips John Cabot University
Peter Sarram John Cabot University, Rome
Amy Wainwright John Carroll University
Kristen Ehrhardt John Carroll University 
Cyrille Phipps John Jay College
Julie Netherland  John Jay College
Colleen E. Mills John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Susan L. Kang John Jay College of Criminal Justice/ CUNY
Kenn Vance John Jay College, CUNY
Dr. Carla Barrett John Jay College, CUNY
David Jacobs Johns Hopkins
Toby Ditz Johns Hopkins 
Eli Bernstein Johns Hopkins 
N. D. B. Connolly Johns Hopkins University
Shani Mott Johns Hopkins University
Jonathan Brown Johns Hopkins University
Morris Speller Johns Hopkins University
Bret McCabe Johns Hopkins University
Quinn Lester Johns Hopkins University
Lauren Feldman Johns Hopkins University
Lester K. Spence Johns Hopkins University
Alec S. Kipnes Johns Hopkins University
Mike Morgan Johns Hopkins University
Shannon McCullough Johns Hopkins University
Nadia Nurhussein Johns Hopkins University
Sauleh Siddiqui Johns Hopkins University
Alexander Smith Johns Hopkins University
Poonam Daryani Johns Hopkins University
Corey Payne Johns Hopkins University 
Stephanie Erev Johns Hopkins University 
Richard Tilley Johns Hopkins University 
Judah Adashi Johns Hopkins University 
Corinne DeSombre Johns Hopkins University 
Janet Isserlis Johnson and Wales University
Stephanie Wawira Njeru Juniata College 
Jessica Kerr Kansas State 
Cameron Leader-Picone Kansas State University
Philip Nel Kansas State University
Carly Kansas State University
A. Abby Knoblauch Kansas State University
Spencer Wood Kansas State University
Anuja Madan Kansas State University
Tushabe wa Tushabe Kansas State University
Geoff Newlan Kansas University
Micaela Wexler  Kansas University School of Medicine 
Abigail Perkiss Kean University
Camille Barbagallo Keele University 
Darrell Hucks Keene State College
Stefanie Snider Kendall College of Art and Design
Sarah Higgins Kennesaw State University
Rebecca Hill Kennesaw State University
Terri Murphy Kent State University
Shannon Christen-Syed Kent State University
Deborah Braford Kent State University
Mary Kate McNally Kent State University
Walter S. Gershon Kent State University 
India Kotis Kenyon College
Tobias Baumann Kenyon College
Anders Schou King’s College London
Alex Callinicos King’s College London
Stathis Kouvelakis King’s College London
Seb Franklin King’s College London 
Eleanor J. Bader Kingsborough Community College-CUNY
Borna Radnik Kingston University (London)
iffet kesimli Kirklareli
James Martin Cole KLRU
Teresa Gonzales Knox College
Natania Rosenfeld Knox College
Jennifer McCarthy Foubert Knox College
Sandra Rudman Konstanz University, Germany
Taejin Kwak Korea University (South Korea)
Irina Ceric Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Paul Arenson Kyushu Sangyo University (Japan)
Jack Downey La Salle University
Rosemary Barbera La Salle University
John Rodriguez Lafayette College
Mary Jo Lodge Lafayette College
Joseph Shieber Lafayette College
Karen Miller LaGuardai Community College, CUNY
Denise Romero LaGuardia Community College
Nairobi Waiters LaGuardia Community College CUNY
Leah Richards LaGuardia Community College,  CUNY
Michael Roy Lake Forest College
PhebeAnn Wolframe Lakehead University
Josh Howard Lamar University
Mauranda Owens Lawrence University
Becquer Seguin Lawrence University
Sarah Wolfe Lehigh University
Natanya Duncan Lehigh University
Anne Marie Marshall Lehman College
Rosa L Rivera-McCutchen Lehman College CUNY
Mary Phillips Lehman College, City University of New York
Russell Dale Lehman College, CUNY
Charmian Wells Lehman College/Temple University
Kristine Shaw Lesley university
Ashley Holmes Lesley University 
Sophia Cox Lewis & Clark College
Natalie Baker Lewis & Clark college
Magalí Rabasa Lewis and Clark College 
Tennille Allen Lewis University
Michele Curley Leyden District 212
Matt Linas Life
Kate Angus LIM College
Cheryl Lincoln Memorial Uni 
Adam Turl Lindenwood University
Marilyn D Lovett Livingstone College
Corinna Mullin London Middle East Institute, SOAS
Pantea Javidan London School of Economics
Sean Dinces Long Beach City College
Vincent Kelley Long Island University
Benj Gerdes Long Island University
Donte’Sha Jones Long Island University
Deborah Mutnick Long Island University Brooklyn
Jeong-eun Rhee Long Island University, Post
Michelle Lockett Los Angeles
Kristine Wright Los Angeles Southwest College
Travis Du Bry Los Angeles Southwest College
Ronald Haynes Los Angeles Southwest College
Jonathan Bremen Los Angeles Southwest College
Sandra Lee Los Angeles Southwest College
Mylo Egipciaco Los Angeles Southwest College
Voiza Greene Los Angeles Southwest College
Sabrena Turner-Odom Los Angeles Southwest College
Daniel Ortega  Los Angeles Southwest College 
Joshua Sperber Los Angeles Valley College
Michael Bibler Louisiana State University
Emily King Louisiana State University
Julia Schwartz Louisiana State University
Deborah Goldgaber Louisiana State University
Francis Thomas Flynn IV  Loyola Chicago 
Sina Kramer Loyola Marymount University
Andrew Dilts Loyola Marymount University
Michelle Amor Gillie Loyola Marymount University 
Anne Figert  Loyola University Chicago
Hugh Miller Loyola University Chicago
Nathan Ellstrand Loyola University Chicago
Mary Wei Loyola University Chicago
OiYan Poon Loyola University Chicago
Jon Bougie Loyola University Chicago
Emily Peters Loyola University Chicago
Brian Damacio Loyola University Chicago 
Eliana Vagalau Loyola University Chicago 
AJ Altheimer Loyola University Institute for Pastoral Studies
Camika Royal Loyola University Maryland
Karsonya (Kaye) Wise Whitehead Loyola University Maryland
Brian Norman Loyola University Maryland
Adanna J. Johnson Loyola University Maryland
Melissa Girard Loyola University Maryland
Emalee Quickel Loyola University Maryland
Robert J Helfenbein Loyola University Maryland
Jamelia Triola Loyola University New Orleans
Dean Vesperman Luther College
Jennifer Fox M.Div. Princeton Theological Seminary
D Pei Wu MA, Princeton, ’01, PhD, Berkeley, ’06
Michelle Proksell Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Crystal Moten Macalester College
Alexis Logsdon Macalester College
Emma Heth Macalester College
Tara King Madonna University
Marie Shurkus Maine College of Art
Leonie Smith  Manchester (UK)
Nefertiti Takla Manhattan College
Tracey Hughes Maret School Washington D.C
Hannah Cummins Marlboro College Graduate School
Sameena Mulla Marquette University
Jessica Van Cleave Mars Hill University
Laura Wise Mary Baldwin University
Lallon Pond Mary Baldwin University
Karen F. Dimanche Davis Marygrove College
Adam Culver Maryland Institute College of Art
Taylor Mulitz Maryland Institute College of Art
Gayle DeBay Mass College of Pharmacy Health Sciences University
Joanna Tam Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Michael VanElzakker Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Med School & Tufts University 
Adam Haber Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gerry Kearns Maynooth University
Rosemary Rivera MCC
Reginald White MCC 
Antonia Coleman McCormick Theological Seminary
Bryn Upton McDaniel College
Benji Nothwehr McGill University
Fiona Ritchie McGill University
Katherine Zien McGill University
Will Straw McGill University
Venusian  McGill University
Jonathan Sterne McGill University
Jeannette Greven McGill University 
Shanon Fitzpatrick McGill University 
Jessica Ruglis McGill University 
Derek Nystrom McGill University, Department of English
Jennifer Guillén McKendree University
Tracy McDonald McMaster
Brett Cox McMaster University
Eugenia Zuroski McMaster University
Lorraine York McMaster University
Sarah Brophy McMaster University
Kasim Husain McMaster University
Michael Ross McMaster University
Mimi Wallace McNeese State University 
Alexis McLean Medgar Evers College- CUNY
Markus Balkenhol Meertens Institute, Amsterdam
Peter Gathje  Memphis Theological Seminary 
Valerie Bridgeman Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Kelly Baum Metropolitan Museum of Art
Anne Winkler-Morey  Metropolitan State University 
Shelby Balik Metropolitan State University of Denver
Adriana Nieto Metropolitan state university of Denver 
Eric Covey Miami University
Elaine Miller Miami University
Durell M. Callier Miami University
Thomas J. Marzella Miami University
Matthew R. Hodler Miami University
Nishani Frazier  Miami University 
Alexandra Fair Miami University 
Charles S. Campbell Miami University of Ohio
Lisa Weems Miami University of Ohio
Sarah Page Michigan State alum
Ann Biersteker Michigan State University
Jasmin C. Howard Michigan State University
Erin Alvarez Michigan State University
LaShawn Harris Michigan State University
Alexandra P. Gelbard Michigan State University
Rashida L. Harrison Michigan State University
Rae Paris Michigan State University
Austin Jackson Michigan State University
Leslie D. Gonzales Michigan State University
Kenlea Pebbles Michigan State University
Kristie Dotson Michigan State University
Emily Conroy-Krutz Michigan State University
Mark Schenfisch Michigan State University
Kathleen Milloy Michigan State University
Terah Venzant Chambers Michigan State University
Chris Torres Michigan State University
Lynette Guzman Michigan State University
Lisa Biggs Michigan State University
Aleia Brown Michigan State University 
Yomaira C. Figueroa Michigan State University 
Shreena Niketa Gandhi Michigan State University 
Vanessa M. Holden Michigan State University 
Django Paris Michigan State University 
Naoko Wake Michigan State University 
Ayanna Spencer Michigan State University 
Syd Johnson Michigan Tech
Angie Carter Michigan Tech University
Kelly Richardson Middle Tennessee State University
David Terrell Middle Tennessee State University
DeRon S. Williams Middle Tennessee State University
Sam Schaefer Middle Tennessee State University
Patrick McElravey Middlebury Colleg
Maggie Clinton Middlebury College
Rachael Joo Middlebury College
Juliette Gobin Middlebury College
Dylan Otterbein Middlebury College
Timothy Hansen Middlebury College
Austin Kahn Middlebury College
sophie goldman middlebury college
Jeremy Alben Middlebury College
Klaudia Wojciechowska Middlebury College
Sarah Koch  Middlebury College
linus owens Middlebury College
Lucy Grinnan Middlebury College
Aliza Cohen Middlebury College
Anna Iglitzin Middlebury College
Samantha Lamont Middlebury College
Erica Morrell  Middlebury college 
Krista Miranda Middlebury College 
Isabella Carey Middlebury College ’17
Signe Harriday Million Artist Movement
Pedro E Nava Mills College
Talia Winningham Mills College
Natalie Stone Mills College 
Jessi Mills College 
Molly West Millsaps College 
Kirsti Cole Minnesota State University
Dana Bisignani Minnesota State University Moorhead
Brynn Herndon Minnesota State University, Mankato
Margaret Hagerman Mississippi State University
Thuy-Lan Lite P’12 MIT
M. Amah Edoh MIT
Daniel Harlow MIT
Sasha Costanza-Chock MIT
Brenna Levitin MIT
Katarzyna Bartoszyńska Monmouth College
Walter Greason Monmouth University
Kristofer Petersen-Overton Montana Tech
Patricia Matthew Montclair State University
Monica Taylor Montclair State University
Cyrene Crooms Montclair State University
Elspeth Martini Montclair State University
Janice Marsili Montclair State University
Emily Klein Montclair State University
Stephen Ruszczyk Montclair State University
Rachel Sullivan Montgomery College
Kin Cheung Moravian College
Jonathan Luftig Morgan State University
Daniel Jones Morgan State University
Joanna Crosby Morgan State University
Jennifer D. Williams Morgan State University
Jared Ball Morgan State University 
Elizabeth Markovits Mount Holyoke College
Mara Breen Mount Holyoke College
Emily Van Ness Mount Holyoke College
Megan A. Brooks Mount Holyoke College
Charlie Ruffin Mount Holyoke College
Adeline Mueller Mount Holyoke College
Hunter Boelow Mount Hood Community College
Kimberly Williams Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB, Canada
Ugo Udogwu Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Jessica Henry MS: Albright College
Matthew Jenkins MSU Denver
Kris LoFrumento MTSO
Inneshia Murphy institute 
Cynthia Gayman Murray State university
Shatasha  Mvcc 
A Prince N/a
Simon Hathaway N/A
Jonathan Forney N/A
Josie Smith N/A
Salvador Garcia NA
Tracy Hart Naropa University and Guilford College
Deveda Francois National Louis University
Gloria Gonzalez Campise National Midwifery Institute
Raphi Rechitsky National University
Asraf Ramli National University of Singapore 
Fahad Al-Hussain  NCBA&E, Pakistan 
Linda Crow NEA Board of Directors
Beth Tanner New Brunswick Theological Seminary
Sonya Donaldson New Jersey City University
Jennifer Musial New Jersey City University
Jacqueline Ellis New Jersey City University
Alex Garcia New Jersey City University
Ellen Garvey New Jersey City University
Alisa C Gonzalez  New Mexico State University
Sue Shon New Mexico State University
Julia Ott New School
Franco Palazzi New School for Social Research
Aaron Berman New School for Social Research
Mitchell Verter New School for Social Research
Salomé Lopes Coelho New University of Lisbon
Andrew Weiner New York University
Briana Royster New York University
Cecilia Márquez New York University
Khemani Gibson New York University
Emanuela Bianchi New York University
Jessica Turner New York University
Amita Manghnani New York University
Nantina Vgontzas New York University
Lauren Gurland New York University
Larnies Bowen New York University
Patricia Satterstrom New York University
Patrick Vitale New York University
Jeff Goodwin New York University
Kaitlin Noss New York University
Sean Larson New York University
Rebecca Karl New York University
Angela Zito New York University
Brigid Cohen New York University
Tony Wood New York University
Zach Rivers New York University
Gabriel Giorgi New York University
Dacia Mitchell New York University
Itay Barylka New York University
Jeremy R Smith New York University
Steven Thrasher New York University
Shannon Ward New York University
Alaina M. Morgan New York University
Ana Dopico New York University
Sonya Posmentier New York University
Zavier Wingham New York University
Brandon Seward New York University
Madhavi Challa New York University
Caroline Bowman New York University
Jacob Remes New York University
Saudi Garcia New York University
Flora de Tournay New York University
Rebecca Falkoff New York University
Kristin Horton New York University
Katherine Grube New York University
Cos Tollerson New York University
Hentyle Yapp New York University
Spring Dawson-McClure  New York University
Dara Rossman Regaignon New York University
Smaran Dayal New York University
Daniel Cumming New York University
Sabrina Illiano  New York University 
Nikki Camera New York University 
Mitra Rastegar  New York University 
A. Banks New York University 
Dale Hudson New York University Abu Dhabi
Marc Pietrzykowski Niagara County Community College
Wayne Jones None
Jason Grote None
yeminaliz arce None
Herold Dasque None
Tom Schirtz none
Stanley Fritz None 
Stefen Robinson Normal Community High School
Anderson Bean North Carolina A&T
James D. Steele North Carolina A&T State Univ
Joseph L. Graves Jr North Carolina A&T State University
Kian Furnace North Carolina Central
Alexis Perry North Carolina State University 
Cat Flynn  North Carolina State University 
Steve Macek North Central College
Jennifer Johnson Northeastern Illinois University
Nik Maciejewski Northeastern Illinois University
Criage Lynnette Althage Northeastern Illinois University
Meredith Weber Northeastern Illinois University
Uli Pele Northeastern Illinois University
Robin Bridges Northeastern Illinois University
Elizabeth Cook Northeastern University
Moya Bailey Northeastern University
Somy Kim Northeastern University
Sara O’Brien  Northeastern University
Valerie Brooks Northeastern University
Demita Frazier, J.D. Northeastern University School of Law
Anna Rodriguez Northeastern University School of Law 
Michael J Rulon Northern Arizona University
Jessi Quizar Northern Arizona University
Sarah Evans Northern Illinois University
Dina Sipiora Northern Illinois University
J. Indigo Eriksen Northern Virginia Community College
Greg LaMotta Northern Virginia Community College
Jennifer Nash Northwestern
Allison Rittmayer Northwestern State University of Louisiana
Gianna F. Mosser Northwestern University
Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz Northwestern University
Martha Biondi Northwestern University
Nitasha Sharma Northwestern University
Kaneesha Parsard Northwestern University
Mitali Thakor Northwestern University
Hayley Glaholt Northwestern University
Peter Locke Northwestern University
Rebecca Zorach Northwestern University
Olive Minor Northwestern University
Mary Pattillo Northwestern University
Celeste Watkins-Hayes Northwestern University
Douglas Ishii Northwestern University
Rhiannon Love Auriemma Northwestern University
Debra Thompson Northwestern University
Gustavo Berrizbeitia Northwestern University
Elizabeth Benjamin Northwestern University
Joyce Wang Northwestern University
Emily Wood Northwestern University
Tim Lacy Northwestern University
Claudia Garcia-Rojas Northwestern University
Ava Polzin Northwestern University
Courtney Gray Northwestern University
Dominique Adams-Romena Northwestern University
Anna Parkinson Northwestern University
Stephen F. Eisenman Northwestern University
Benjamin Aspray Northwestern University
Scott Badenoch Northwestern University
Stephanie Young Northwestern University
Alexander G. Weheliye Northwestern University
Mary Leighton Northwestern University
Natalie Vega Northwestern University
Joanna Grisinger Northwestern University
Jesi Rojo Northwestern University
Aldo Gallardo Northwestern University
Matilda Stubbs Northwestern University
Arbeena Thapa Northwestern University
Carrie Hsieh Northwestern University
Kira Neary Northwestern University
Pamela Woldow Northwestern University
Terry O’Neill Northwestern University
Chloe Thurston Northwestern University
Hollian Wint Northwestern University
Matt Smith Northwestern University 
Axel Mueller Northwestern University 
Ben Schacht Northwestern University 
Lateesha Thomas  Northwestern University 
Katia Chernyshov  Northwestern University 
Shirin Vossoughi  Northwestern University 
Heather Schoenfeld  Northwestern University 
Charlotte Rosen  Northwestern University 
Kyle Craig  Northwestern University 
Helen Harnett Northwestern University 
Mbongeni N. Mtshali Northwestern University (Graduate Student), and the University of Cape Town (faculty)
Monica Russel y Rodriguez Northwestern Unniversity
L Maria Walton, PhD Not allowed by my university to disclose
Joel Solow Not in college
Philip Gasper Notre Dame de Namur University
Maria Pinkston Bazile Nova Southeastern
Veronica Wade Nova Southeastern University
Gil Spears NY
Jonathan Goldman NYIT
Melissa Phruksachart NYU
Dominique Jean-Louis NYU
Samuel NYU
Sarah Sklaw NYU
Kavita Kulkarni NYU
Kyle Wanberg NYU
Thomas Sugrue NYU
Isabella León-Chambers NYU
Lily Defriend NYU
Mike Lala NYU
Suzy Lee NYU
Tao Leigh Goffe NYU
Matthew Morrison NYU
Alexander Landfair  NYU
Omar Etman NYU
Daniel Howell NYU
Nia Holston NYU
Emma Lumeij NYU Shanghai 
ماجدعبدالرحيم محمد المعهد التقني الصناعي تعز
T.J. Jourian Oakland University
Elizabeth Shesko Oakland University
Clara Lincoln Oberlin College
RaShelle Peck Oberlin College
Gillian Johns Oberlin College
Vange Heiliger Oberlin College
Rebecca Newman Oberlin College
Alison Cameron Oberlin College
Lu Zucker Oberlin College
Leila Benedyk Oberlin College
Emma Nash Oberlin College
Jeremy Poe  Oberlin College
Charlotte Brewer Oberlin College
Kameron Dunbar Oberlin College
Léo Anderson Oberlin College
Annie Goodridge Oberlin College
Marc Blecher Oberlin College
Randy Simon Oberlin College
David Forrest Oberlin College
Christopher Kennedy Oberlin College
Gabi B Oberlin College 
Noelle Marty Oberlin College 
Ellie Lindberg Oberlin College 
Erika Zarowin Oberlin College ’11, University of Maryland, Baltimore ’18
Ko Takasugi-Czernowin Oberlin Conservatory
Neah Bois Occidental 
Alexander F. Day Occidental College
Amy Tahani-Bidmeshki Occidental College
Jane Hong Occidental College
Julie Prebel Occidental College
Carmel Levitan Occidental College
Movindri Reddy Occidental College
Patty Micciche Occidental College
James Ford Occidental College
Cynthia Magallanes-Gonzalez Occidental College
Jad Eways Occidental College
Olivia Smith Occidental College
Heather N. Lukes Occidental College
Erica L. Ball Occidental College
Ross Lerner Occidental College
Autumn Johnson Occidental College
Mijin Cha Occidental College
Courtney R. Baker Occidental College 
Anna Palmer  Occidental College 
Linda Besemer Occidental College, Los Angeles
Allison de Fren Occidental Collge
Raymond Person Ohio Northern University
Koritha Mitchell Ohio State University
Franco Barchiesi Ohio State University
Tyiesha Radford Shorts Ohio State University
Ryan Skinner Ohio State University
Krista Benson Ohio State University
Benjamin McKean Ohio State University
Mytheli Sreenivas Ohio State University 
Shannon Winnubst Ohio State University 
Maurice Stevens Ohio State University (PU ’92 UG)
Sarah Mamo Ohio State University graduate
Hannah Vidmar Ohio State University, Dept. of African American & African Studies
Daniel Skinner Ohio University
Ilya Kogan Ohio University
Kirstine Taylor Ohio University
Garrett Field Ohio University 
Louis-Georges Schwartz  Ohio University 
Rebecca Steinitz Ohio Wesleyan University
Dawn Chisebe Ohio Wesleyan University 
Jess Clausen OISE University of Toronto
Sabrina morey Ok
Irene Backus Oklahoma State University
Erin Dyke Oklahoma State University 
Jennifer Hitchcock Old Dominion University
Pamela VanHaitsma Old Dominion University
Lindsay Plott Old Dominion University
Floyd Aranyosi Olympic College
Bill Cross Onondaga Community College
Jessica Ayo Alabi Orange Coast College 
Olivia Diaz Oregon State University
Stephanie Jenkins Oregon State University
Mila Zuo Oregon State University
M. Brooke Robertshaw Oregon State University 
Jon Omuro Oregon University
Namiko Kunimoto OSU
Andrew Tait Otago
Kirsten Peninger Otterbein University
Brett Diehl Oxford University
Affnafee Rahman Oxford University 
Tanya Wiggins Pace University
Jenny M. James Pacific Lutheran University
Sean Horner Pacific Lutheran University
Samuel Torvend Pacific Lutheran University
Meghan Drury Pacific Northwest College of Art 
Keyona Lazenby Pacific School of Religion
Katherine W Smith Pacifica Graduate Institute
Genoa Brown  Palo Alto University, CSU Long Beach
Joe Limer Palomar College
Clément Petitjean  Paris Sorbonne
Jen Liu Parsons New School
Carlos Motta Parsons The New School 
Sreshta Rit Premnath Parsons, The New School
Shawntae Clark Peace College
Carson Ramsdell Peking University (北京大学)
Robert Fairbanks  Penn
Derek Gideon Penn State University
Zachary Morgan Penn State University
Dan Letwin Penn State University
Shih-Jung Hsu Penn State University
Kelsey Quigley Penn State University
John Craig Hammond Penn State University 
Jasmine Jackson Penn State University 
Amira Rose Davis Penn State University 
Kristen Goessling Penn State University, Brandywine
Hester Blum Penn State University, Princeton ’95
Sharon Ann Holt Penn State University/Abington campus
Ebony Coletu Pennsylvania State University
Jerome Clarke Pennsylvania State University
Crystal R. Sanders Pennsylvania State University
Judith Sierra-Rivera Pennsylvania State University
Sarah J. Townsend Pennsylvania State University
Roberta A. Santa Croce Pennsylvania State University 
Tracy Rutler Pennsylvania State University 
Janna LaPatka Pepperdine University
Stacey Van Dahm Philadelphia University
Nannette Hancock Phoenix
Maggie Golston Pima Community College
Kimberly Gonxhe Pittsburgh Theological Seminary 
Gladys Nubla Pitzer College
Victor Bene Pitzer College
Melissa Rectenwald Point Park University
Suzana Milevska Politecnico di Milano
Kyla Wazana Tompkins pomona college
Timothy Reynolds Pomona College
Paul Kim Pomona College
Peter Mason Pomona College
Dray Denson Pomona College
Semassa Boko Pomona College
Gilda L. Ochoa  Pomona College 
Jill Nicholson Portland Community College
Laura A. Horani Portland Community College
Daniel  Mazuz Portland State University
Aaron Roussell Portland State University
Leighta Lehto Portland State University
Mackenzie Eiden Portland State University
Kaylee Babb Portland State University
Hannah Penfield Portland State University
Ethan Johnson Portland State University
Brooke Cassell Portland State University
Kristin Teigen Portland State University
JoAnna House Portland State University
Jodi Schoenen Portland State University
Owen Christofferson  Portland State University 
Lisa K. Bates Portland State University 
Tins Burdsall Portland State University 
William Lawrence Portland State University 
Ezra Weiss Portland State University 
Austin Cummings  Portland State University 
Loretta Kucharczyk Prairie State College
Minh-Ha T. Pham Pratt Institute
Harley Spiller Pratt Institute
Anna Moschovakis Pratt Institute
Sarah Sullivan Pratt Institute 
Jim Costanzo Pratt Institute 
Emily Taylor  Presbyterian College
Fia Backström Princeton
Hal Foster Princeton 
Winona Guo Princeton High School
Jacqueline Glass-Campbell Princeton Seminary
Margaret Elwell Princeton Theological Seminary
Kaitlyn Dugan Princeton Theological Seminary
Jacqueline Lapsley Princeton Theological Seminary
Emmie Arnold Princeton Theological Seminary
Yolanda Pierce Princeton Theological Seminary
Rashad D. Hrove Princeton Theological Seminary 
Darek McCullers  Princeton Theological Seminary 
Kathryn Beilke  Princeton Theological Seminary 
Benjamin S. Yost Providence College
Javier Mocarquer Providence College
Wesley Bishop Purdue University
Mitch Hannan Purdue University
Jean Beaman Purdue University
Tithi Bhattacharya Purdue University
Caleb Milne Purdue University
Samantha Blackmon Purdue University
Guillermo Caballero Purdue University 
Elaine Francis Purdue University 
Kathryn A. Sweeney Purdue University Northwest
M Shelly Conner  Quare Square Collective, Inc 
Mariela Libedinsky Queen’s University
Christine Overall Queen’s University at Kingston
Brian Kelly Queen’s University Belfast
Alexandra Pedersen Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Aysa Gray Queens College
Gloria Fisk Queens College, CUNY
Alice Keane Queens College, CUNY
Tarry Hum Queens College, CUNY
Judy Yu Queens College, CUNY
Natalie M. Léger Queens College, CUNY
Agnieszka Tuszynska Queensborough–CUNY
Carrie Bulger  Quinnipiac University 
Pamela Mullins Radford University
Erick Castellanos Ramapo College of New Jersey
Alexander Drivanos Ramapo College of New Jersey
Sarah E. Cribbs Randolph-Macon College
Karen Gaffney Raritan Valley Community College, NJ
Special Parents Special Kids  RCU
Alan Richard Realistic Living
Sofia Campos recived Master’s in City Planning from MIT
Tanya Torres Red Rocks Community College
Lilia Raquel Rosas Red Salmon Arts
Radhika Natarajan Reed College
Betsey Behr Brada Reed College
Craig Fortier Renison University College
Ezra Teboul Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Kathryn Kendall Retired
Anna Wilson Retired Chapman University 
Katelin Grande Rhinebeck High School
Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur Rhode Island College
Gloria-Jean Masciarotte  Rhode Island school of Art / providence college 
Roger White Rhode Island School of Design
Katrina Ellis Rhode Island School of Design
Michael Siegel Rhode Island School of Design 
Alberto del Pozo Rhodes College
Charles McKinney Rhodes College
David Mason Rhodes College
Joy Brooke Fairfield Rhodes College
Evelyn Perry Rhodes College
Sandeep Ray Rice University
Nathaniel Tran Rice University
A.Kadir Yildirim Rice University
Laura Hayden Rice University 
Mordecai-Mark Mac Low Richard Gilder Graduate School, American Museum of Natural History
Erica Ryan Rider University
Princess Hoagland  Rider University
Kenny Dillon Rider University 
Nigel Blair RIT
Liam B Ward RMIT University, Australia
Mary Adams Rochester City School District (NY)
Unique Fair Rochester Institute of Technology
W. Michelle Harris Rochester Institute of Technology
Jean A. Douthwright Rochester Institute of Technology
Elisabetta DAmanda Rochester Institute of Technology
shawne holcomb Rollins College
Matthew Nichter Rollins College
Jonathan Harwell Rollins College
Amy McClure Rollins College
Amy Armenia Rollins College
Julian Chambliss Rollins College
Gloria Van Ditmar Mazza Rollins College
Julie Hilvers Roosevelt University
Leon Bailey Roosevelt University
J. Edgar Mihelic  Roosevelt University
K. Kim Holder Rowan University
Christy Thornton Rowan University
Rachael Shapiro Rowan University
Timo Uotinen Royal Holloway, University of London
Brigitte Arduini RPI
Gwen Hoffman Russell Sage
Sherry Wolf Rutgers
janet Rutgers
Zakia Salime Rutgers
Monica Torres Rutgers
catherine allende rutgers
Rebecca Blankstein Rutgers
Jagpreet Khakh Rutgers
Gabriela Guzman Rutgers
Patrice Williams Rutgers  University
Marta Santos Rutgers Alumni
Maya Cook  Rutgers Camden 
Joanne Wiedman, LSW Rutgers Iniversity
Beryl Satter Rutgers University
Hannah Walker Rutgers University
Cassandra King Rutgers University
Meredith McGill Rutgers University
Brittney Cooper Rutgers University
Genevieve Campisano Rutgers University
Dara Walker Rutgers University
Jeffrey Lawrence Rutgers University
Bernadette M. Gailliard Rutgers University
Harold Mesa Rutgers University
Tasia Milton Rutgers University
David Letwin Rutgers University
Roger D. Sheng Rutgers University
Rosemary Ndubuizu Rutgers University
Morgan Campbell Rutgers University
Haley Norris Rutgers University
Christina Diaz Rutgers University
Sheela Sekhar Rutgers University
Arlene Stein Rutgers University
Adam Fitzgerald  Rutgers University
Caolan Madden Rutgers University
Jasmin A. Young Rutgers University
Sarah Ferreira Rutgers University
Ella Wallace Rutgers University
Vanessa Garcia Rutgers University
Todd Wolfson Rutgers University
Mel J. Aliya Rutgers University
Jose Camacho Rutgers University
Linda Bosniak Rutgers University
Meredith McConnochie Rutgers University 
Nelson Maldonado-Torres Rutgers University 
James Jones Rutgers University 
Chenjerai Kumanyika  Rutgers University 
Thalya Reyes Rutgers University 
Shatema Threadcraft Rutgers university 
Lindsay Jeffers Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Pamela Hernandez Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Matthew Friedman Rutgers University Newark
Oscar Holmes IV  Rutgers University School of Business
Aaron Hostetter Rutgers University-Camden
Whitney Strub Rutgers University-Newark
Karen Sanderson Rutgers University-Newark
Timothy Stewart-Winter Rutgers University-Newark 
Andrew Goldstone Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Asena Terry Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Karen Elizabeth Bishop Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Karen Caplan Rutgers University, Newark
Rosemarie Pena Rutgers-Camden
Sylvia Chan-Malik Rutgers-New Brunswick
Alan Sears Ryerson University 
B y  S
Evelina Kahn, M.D. S.U.N.Y at Stony Brook
Janine Schwedt Saarland University
Claire M Massey Saarland University, Germany
Bill Yousman Sacred Heart University
Treven Santicola Sage College of Albany
Brendan Prunty Saint Joseph’s University
Melissane Parm Schrems Saint Lawrence University 
Kate Moran Saint Louis University
Sonalini Sapra Saint Martin’s University 
Angela Sims Saint Paul School of Theology 
Anna Brown Saint Peter’s University
Tim Kelly Saint Vincent College
Amanda Joy Calobrisi Saint Xavier University 
Kathleen McInerney Saint Xavier University Chicago 
Margo Shea Salem State University
Erik Jensen Salem State University
Sandra Yudilevich Espinoza Salem State University
Tiffany Gayle Chenault Salem State University 
James Hatley Salisbury University
April Logan Salisbury University 
Ervin Malakaj Sam Houston State University
Bruce Norton San Antonio College
Shinichi Evans San Diego City College 
Jacob Maguire San Diego State University
Lydia wood San Diego State University
Sandra Kahn San Diego State University
Daisy Mason San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Corinne Rydman San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Westminster College
Joanne Barker San Francisco State University
Robin Bates San Francisco State University
Veronica Coates San Francisco State University
Rochelle Towers San Francisco State University
Martha Lincoln San Francisco State University
Andreana Clay San Francisco State University
Joseph Barranco San Francisco State University
Edward J. McCaughan San Francisco State University
Jocelyn Hermoso San Francisco State University
Revae Hitt San Francisco State University
Emily Crawford San Francisco State University 
Susana L. Gallardo San Jose State University
Alessandro De Giorgi San Jose State University
Mary Juno San Jose State University
Rebecca Kohn San Jose State University
Alyssa Rodriguez  San Jose State University 
Natalie Boero San Jose State University 
Michelle Kern San Mateo Community College District
Danielle Fuentes Morgan Santa Clara University
Juliana Chang Santa Clara University
Sandy Piderit Santa Clara University
Maggie Levantovskaya Santa Clara University
Rebecca Romo Santa Monica College
Chantè DeLoach Santa Monica College
Dyana Valentine Santa Monica College
Kenya Mitchell  Santa Monica College 
Maika Pollack  Sarah Lawrence College 
Jason Galloway Sarah Lawrence College; Warren Wilson College
Jil lDimond Sassafras Tech Collective
Antonio Tyson Savannah State University 
Christina L. Davis Savannah State University 
Charlie McGeehan School District of Philadelphia
Maria Arceo Gardner School of Hard Knox
Daryan Omar School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Salome Chasnoff  School of the Art Institute 
Seth Kim-Cohen School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Lisa Wainwright School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Magdalena Moskalewicz School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Brit Schulte  School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Lisa Jackson Schoolcraft College
Vanessa Tyson Scripps College
Piya Chatterjee Scripps College
Isabel Lippincott Scripps College
Jih-Fei Cheng Scripps College
Mark Golub Scripps College
Claudia A. Arteaga Scripps College
Jennifer Orff Scripps College
Alicia Goode-Allen Scripps College
Helena Ribeiro Seattle Central College
Jean Fallow Seattle Central College
Theryn Kigvamasudvashti Seattle Central Community College
Brenda McNeil  Seattle Pacific University 
Nalini Iyer Seattle University
Grace Goodwin  Seattle University
Michelle Farber Seattle University 
Byron Schenkman Seattle University 
Melissa Sohayda Seton Hall University
Christopher Thompson Seton Hall University, New Jersey
M Roberts Sewanee University
Maha Jafri Sewanee: The University of the South
Eric Thurman  Sewanee: The University of the South 
Holly J. Grieco Siena College, Ph.D. from Princeton, 2004
Samantha Bankston Sierra Nevada College
Shari Robinson-Lynk Simmons College
Saher Selod Simmons College
Julia Huron Simmons College
Jeanne Lowrey Simmons College
Ellis Ouellet Simmons College
Briana Martino Simmons College
Nora Rushford Simmons College
Alessandra Seiter Simmons School of Library and Information Science
Coleman Nye Simon Fraser University
Haani Kamran SIUC
Jessica Sullivan Skidmore College
Mara Suttmann-Lea Skidmore College
Karen Alstadt Smith College
Dana Stuehling Smith College
Jennie Kratz Smith College
Hannah Rousselot Smith College
Emily Bellanca Smith College
Amarachi Okorom Smith College
Cornelia E Fabian Smith College
Katherine Lebron, M.S.Ed. Smith College
Kathryn Lipp Smith College
Becky Braverman Smith College
Maria Perez Smith College
Rebecca Webber Smith College
Colby Singleton Smith College
Jennifer Guglielmo  Smith College
Marylynn Salmon Smith College
Sarah Hines Smith College
Anna George  Smith College 
Garrett Garbo Smith College 
Hanna Pennington  Smith College 
Lisa Rosenbloom Smith College 1969
Brianna Suslovic Smith College School for Social Work
J. McCarthy Smith Collrge
Noah Simblist SMU, Meadows School of the Arts
Carlo Ceglia SOAS, University of London
Laleh Khalili SOAS, University of London
Isaac castillo Soka University of America
Aneil Rallin Soka University of America
Wendy Brown Sonoma State
Suzel Bozada-Deas Sonoma State University
Don Romesburg Sonoma State University
Charlene Tung Sonoma State University
Alexis Boutin Sonoma State University
Ben Ford Sonoma State University
Emilie King Sonoma State University
Daniel Lanza Rivers Sonoma State University
Lauren Morimoto Sonoma State University
Cynthia Boaz Sonoma State University 
Tumua Fa’asua Sonoma State University 
Fabiola Razo  Sonoma State University 
Alex Roan Southern Maine Community College
D. Stephen Long Southern Methodist University
Angela Ards Southern Methodist University
Dave McCaul Southern Methodist University 
Annette D’Armata Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
Erica Lorraine Williams Spelman College
Julie B. Johnson Spelman College
Charity Simmons Spelman College
Oliver Rick Springfield College
John Kevin Shane St Bonaventure University 
Brer Darby St Francis College
David Farley St John’s University
Moise St Louis St Michael’s College
Jennifer Smith St. Ambrose University
Rita Karlo St. Augustine College
Andrew Kishel St. Catherine University
Semya Hakim St. Cloud State University (MN)
Don Unger St. Edward’s University
Robert D. Bland St. John’s University
Anne Galvin St. John’s University
Dohra Ahmad St. John’s University
Raj Chetty St. John’s University
Jeremy V. Cruz St. John’s University
Shanté Paradigm Smalls St. John’s University 
Robert Rivera St. John’s University 
Scott Koski St. John’s University 
Oscar Diaz-Jacuinde St. John’s University (NYC)
Christian Exoo St. Lawrence University
Margaret Bass St. Lawrence University 
Barry Muchnick St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Susan Goldstine St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Sybol Anderson St. Mary’s College of Maryland
John Munro St. Mary’s University (Halifax, Canada)
Ron Jacobs St. Michael’s College, Vermont
Lisa Moore St. Olaf College
Karla Lorena Huaman Ruiz St. Olaf College
Greta Johnson St. Olaf College
Tracy Glynn St. Thomas University
Gul Caliskan St. Thomas University
Jacqueline McKnight  St. Thomas University 
Rebecca Chaleff Stanford University
Max Moss Stanford University
Linda Hess Stanford University
Michelle Wilson Stanford University
Kari Barclay Stanford University
Kathryn Gin Lum Stanford University
Kelly Shaver Stanford University
Maron Greenleaf Stanford University
Heather Rastovac Akbarzadeh Stanford University
Caitlin Handron Stanford University
Susan Klimczak Stanford University
Michelle Cornman Stanford University
Stephanie Sorenson Stanford University
Sarah Hillenbrand Stanford University
David Gonzalez Stanford University
Samata Katta Stanford University
Allyson Hobbs Stanford University
Jean Yi Stanford University
Marci Kwon  Stanford University 
Lauren Hirshberg Stanford University 
Jonathan Rosa Stanford University 
Emma Gargroetzi  Stanford University 
Mikael Wolfe Stanford University 
Theodore J. Fetter Starr King School for the Ministry
Chris Long  Starr King School for the Ministry  (Berkeley, CA)
Jeffrey Littlejohn State university
Christine Colascione Sterling College
Romel Espinel Stevens Institute of Technology
Robin Crownover  Stevens Institute of Technology 
Theresa MacPhail Stevens Institute of Technology 
Yousef Lebbad  Stockholm University
Barry Stockton
Betsy Erbaugh Stockton University
Emily August Stockton University
Anne F. Pomeroy Stockton University
David haynie  Stockton university
Adam Miyashiro Stockton University
Christina Jackson Stockton University
Elisa von Joeden-Forgey Stockton University
Elizabeth Chase Stonehill College
Michelle Louijean Stony Brook University
Eva Boodman Stony Brook University
Karen Wishnia Stony Brook University
Jo Seck Stony Brook University
Ian Alan Paul Stony Brook University
Sofia Varino Stony Brook University
Allyson Burke Stony Brook University
Felicia Jackson Stony Brook University
Zebulon Miletsky Stony Brook University 
Crystal Fleming Stony Brook University 
Angela Bucalo Stony Brook University 
Irene Martinez  Strayer University 
fari nzinga SUNO
Robert H. Faivre SUNY Adirondack
James H Searle SUNY Albany
Ellen Egger-Aimone SUNY Albany
Marina Sitrin SUNY Binghamton
Victoria Delaney SUNY Binghamton University
James Ponzo SUNY Buffalo
Morgan P. Morningstar SUNY Buffalo
Laura Fair-Schulz SUNY College at Potsdam
Mechthild Nagel SUNY Cortland
LeConte Dill SUNY Downstate
Megan Ferreira SUNY ESF
Emilye Crosby SUNY Geneseo
Molly Reilly SUNY Jefferson Community College
Jessica Pabón SUNY New Paltz
Serena Hale SUNY New Paltz
Kate McCoy SUNY New Paltz
Melissa Y. Rock SUNY New Paltz
Kiersten Greene SUNY New Paltz (and Princeton undergrad alum)
Peter Ikeler SUNY Old Westbury
David Fieni SUNY Oneonta
Vanessa Cid Suny Orange 
Axel Fair-Schulz SUNY Potsdam
Isaac Preiss SUNY Purchase
Sophia Skiles SUNY Purchase
Kristen Doty SUNY University at Buffalo
Zevidah Vickery,MD, MSCI SUNY Upstate Med Univ
Ruth Goldman SUNY-Buffalo State
Maureen Curtin SUNY-Oswego
Martine Green-Rogers SUNY: New Paltz
Katherine Furlong Susquehanna University
Themis Chronopoulos Swansea University
AynNichelle Slappy Swarthmore College
Lara Langer Cohen Swarthmore College
Vinita Davey Swarthmore College
Layla Swarthmore College
Elliot Ratzman Swarthmore College
Daniel Laurison Swarthmore College
Will Marchese Swarthmore College
Edwin Mayorga Swarthmore College
Brian Acosta Swarthmore College
Abby Saul Swarthmore College
Jennifer Bradley Swarthmore College 
Milo Giovanniello Swarthmore College’14
Alexandra D’Urso Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Elizabeth F Cohen Syracuse University
Samuel Norton Syracuse University
Chandra Talpade Mohanty Syracuse University
Farhana Sultana Syracuse University
Himika Bhattacharya Syracuse University
Mark Rupert Syracuse University
Karrieann Soto Vega Syracuse University
Kiah Bennett Syracuse University
Pauline Mabie Syracuse University
Heather Brubaker Syracuse University
Yanira Rodriguez Syracuse University
Diane R. Swords Syracuse university
Megan Goodwin Syracuse University 
Kathleen E. Feyh Syracuse University 
Ionah Scully Syracuse University 
Rachel Reed Tacoma Community College
Jason M Helms TCU 
Tara L. Conley Teachers College, Columbia University
Jonathan Acampora Teachers College, Columbia University
Jennie Shanker Temple
Sara Goldrick-Rab Temple University
Joseph M. Schwartz Temple University
Donald Deeley Temple University
Marc Lamont Hill Temple University
David Harrington Watt Temple University
Minju Bae Temple University
Linda Chavers Temple University
Steve Newman Temple University
John Hess Temple University
Jaclyn Partyka Temple University
Daniel Henkin Temple University
Daniel T. O’Hara Temple University
Arthur Krieger Temple University
Susan Alunan Temple University
Laura Levitt Temple University
Larisa Kingston Mann Temple University
Matthew Stein Temple University
Ellen Davis  Temple University 
Eric Perinovic Temple University 
Reginald L Streater Temple University Beasley School of Law
Learotha Williams Jr.  Tennessee State University
Kirsten Pullen Texas A&M University
Giovanni Ong Texas A&M University
Carmela Garritano Texas A&M University
Katherine Gillen Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Bradley Bell Texas State
Erina Duganne Texas State University
Gina Texas State University
Sterling Allen Texas State University
Margaret Eleanor Menninger Texas State University
Jeff Helgeson  Texas State University 
Gary Thornsberry  Texas State University 
Jaime Armin Mejía Texas State University 
Hannah Thornton Texas State University 
Keira Williams Texas Tech University
Shayla Corprew Texas Tech University
Adnan Shibib  Texas Tech University 
Marta Kvande Texas Tech University 
Agatha Beins Texas Woman’s University
William Benner Texas Woman’s University
Arvina Stallmann Texas Woman’s University
Adam Broinowski, Postdoctoral Fellow  The Australian National University
Abrar Rahman  The Brooklyn Latin High School 
Rhema Matcha The Brooklyn Latin School
Drew Giddings The Carver Project 
Kristen M. Smith The Catholic University of America
Evita Bynum The Catholic University of America 
Rhonda J. greenhaw The Chicago School & Towson University 
Joyce Amen The City College of New York
Asale Angel-Ajani The City College of New York
Vanessa K. Valdés The City College of New York 
Winnifred Brown-Glaude The College of New Jersey
Thelma Carrera The College of New Jersey
Keller Gordon The College of New Jersey
Cassandra Jackson The College of New Jersey
Jahnvi Upreti The College of New Jersey
Michael Nordquist The College of New Jersey
Shana Langley The College of New Jersey
Tim Osborn The College of New Jersey
Brian Peng The College of New Jersey
Christopher Loos The College of New Jersey
Stephanie Tarr The College of New Jersey
Maddie Anthes The College of New Jersey
Kelly Lukens The College of New Jersey 
Kelsey Vita The College of William and Mary
Ari Weinberg  The College of William and Mary 
Shannon King The College of Wooster
Amy Rice The College of Wooster
Marcus H. Allen The Colllege of New Jersey
Troy Kreiner The Cooper Union
Simone Kolysh The CUNY Graduate Center
Karsten Syversen The Evans School, University of Washington
Lawrence Mosqueda The Evergreen State College
Aurielle Marie Lucier The evergreen state college
Angela Haban The Evergreen State College
Imari Romeo The Evergreen State College
Peter Bohmer The Evergreen State College 
Shawnika Hull The George Washington University
Sebastian Hoyos-Torres The Graduate Center CUNY
Jack Norton The Graduate Center, CUNY
Nicholas Levis The Graduate Center, CUNY
Lisa Figueroa-Jahn The Graduate Center, CUNY
Jakob Schneider The Graduate Center, CUNY
Joseph van der Naald The Graduate Center, CUNY
Lydia Pelot-Hobbs The Graduate Center, CUNY 
Johanna Barnhart  The Graduate Center, CUNY 
Sarika Talve-Goodman The Hebrew University in Jerusalem 
judy mcgann The Johns Hopkins University
Aaron Jaffe The Juilliard School
Deva Woodly The New School
Matthew Kosinski The New School
Mia Charlene White The New School
Hugh Raffles The New School
Margot Bouman The New School
James Wheeler The New School
John Steele The New School
Marte Samuelstuen The New School
Rhea Rahman The New School for Social Research
Joshua PIneda The New School for Social Research
Jessica A. Joseph The New School for Social Research 
Forrest Deacon The New School for Social Research 
Juno Parrenas  The Ohio State U
Noah Tamarkin The Ohio State University
Timothy Singratsomboune The Ohio State University
Andrea Gutmann Fuentes The Ohio State University
Brad McKinniss The Ohio State University
Indya Jackson The Ohio State University
Leila Ben-Nasr The Ohio State University
Pranav Jani The Ohio State University 
Rashida Davison The Ohio State University 
Rachel Kleit The Ohio State University 
Sarah Little The Ohio State University 
Courtney Desiree Morris The Pennsylvania State University
David Green  The Sage Colleges 
Ryan Kaveh Sheldon The State University of New York at Buffalo
Vanessa Facemire The University of Akron
Nirmala Erevelles The University of Alabama
Kyle Loewen The University of British Columbia
Ryan Jobson The University of Chicago
Danielle Roper The University of Chicago
Gloria Morelos The University of Chicago
Brett Stachler The University of Chicago
Terry Hines Jr. The University of Chicago
Matthew Vega The University of Chicago 
Jorell Meléndez-Badillo The University of Connecticut
Hannah Fenster The University of Georgia
Katlyn Williams The University of Iowa
Alice Reid The University of Memphis 
Raivynn Smith The University of Michigan
Karlene Anderson The University of New Mexico
Spencer Jackson The University of Queensland, Australia
Sara Buckley The University of Rhode Island
William Cavert The University of St. Thomas.
Ruby Choudhury The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 
Robert Caldwell  The University of Texas at Arlington 
Ashley Deno The University of Texas at Austin
Shirley Thompson The University of Texas at Austin
Brian A. Bremen The University of Texas at Austin
Chloe Sikes The University of Texas at Austin
Yasmiyn Irizarry The University of Texas at Austin
Adelina Hernandez The university of Texas at Austin
Yared Haile The university of Texas at Dallas
Aurelia Lorena Murga The University of Texas at El Paso
Jossianna Arroyo The University of Texas, Austin
Lisa Woolfork The University of Virginia
Emily Keijzer The University of Winnipeg
Shana Haines Tidewater Community College
Shaima A Towson University
Charles Cabell Toyo University, Japan
Shiri Pasternak Trent University
Antonia Lawrence  Trent University
Kim Hartley Tri-County Technical College
Johnny E. Williams Trinity College
Lida Maxwell Trinity College
Lori Puopolo Trinity College
Michael Soto Trinity University
Denisha Jones Trinity Washington University 
Gail Arthurs Krahenbuhl Triton College
Bethany cordova Truman
Mary Snyder Tufts 
Noe Montez Tufts University
Lisa Lowe Tufts University
Jonathan Jacob Moore Tufts University
Matt Hooley Tufts University
Tiffany Pounds-Williams Tufts University
Anna C. Cruz Tufts University
Joel Wool Tufts University
Monica Ndounou Tufts University
Elise Sommers Tufts university
Jenna Sherman Tufts University
Miriam Priven  Tufts University
David Ferrándiz Tufts University
Emma Youcha Tufts University
Katie Saviano Tufts University
Shameka Powell Tufts University
Andrea Gordon Tufts University
Amanda Ng Yann Chwen Tufts University
Kristen Wendell Tufts University
Jennifer Herron Tufts University
Reza Mirsajadi Tufts University
Heather Curtis Tufts University
Breann Jeffries Tufts University
Maria Ester Rincon Calero Tufts University
Elisa Aigamaua Tufts University
Khury Petersen-Smith Tufts University
Rachel Nagin Tufts University
Nate Harrison Tufts University 
Gabriel ukegbu  Tufts university 
Kate Hirsch  Tufts University 
Peter Travers Tufts University alum (Princeton resident)
Ray Jackendoff Tufts University and MIT
Mimi Schippers Tulane University
Stephen Ostertag Tulane University
Manali Souda Tulane University
Marjie Erickson Tulane University
Courtney Bryan Tulane University 
Randy Sparks Tulane University 
David J Thomas U C, Santa Cruz
Casey Grady U of Kentucky 
Psyche Williams-Forson  U of Maryland College Park
Toni Bowers U of Pennsylvania
Helen Kinsella U of WI-Madison
Josslyn Luckett  U Penn
Ivonne del Valle U.C. Berkeley
Kena Hazelwood-Carter U.C. Berkeley
Tianna Paschel UC – Berkeley
Camilla Hawthorne UC Berkeley
Sydney Ji UC Berkeley
Joni Spigler UC Berkeley
Christian Nagler UC Berkeley
Rosa Norton UC Berkeley
Brian DeLay UC Berkeley
Barbara A. Barnes UC Berkeley
Larissa Pitts UC Berkeley
Zachary Levenson  UC Berkeley
Caroline Lemak Brickman UC Berkeley
Lark Omura UC Berkeley
Hallie Wells UC Berkeley
Jake Kosek UC Berkeley
Ianna Hawkins Owen UC Berkeley
Elaine Yau UC Berkeley
Dan Husman UC Berkeley
Dora Zhang UC Berkeley
Laura Redmond UC Berkeley
Elissa Roy UC Berkeley
Riley Hellinger UC Berkeley
Amanda Williamson UC Berkeley
Nora  UC Berkeley
Alicia Flores UC Berkeley
Caroline Tracey UC Berkeley
Bobby Ewing UC Berkeley
Claudia Greene UC Berkeley
Melissa Batchelor Warnke UC Berkeley
Chris Lesser UC Berkeley
Lisa Jacobson UC Berkeley
Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda UC Berkeley 
Charis Thompson UC Berkeley / London School of Economics
Kimberly Thomas McNair UC Berkeley Alumna
Don UC Berkeley alumnus
Dylan Saba UC Berkeley School of Law
fiamma montezemolo uc davis
Maurice Stierl UC Davis
Kathleen Frederickson UC Davis
Seth Sanders UC Davis
Darrin Martin UC Davis
Simon Abramowitsch UC Davis
Stephanie Boluk UC Davis
Jessica Millward UC Irvine
Rei Terada UC Irvine
Kristina Shull UC Irvine
Christina Acosta UC Merced
Iris Blake UC Riverside
Tomas Ocampo UC Riverside
Alessandro Morosin  UC Riverside
Juanita García UC Riverside 
Patricia Morton UC Riverside (PhD Princeton)
Cristina Visperas  UC San Diego
Kirstie Dorr UC San Diego
Grant Leuning UC San Diego
Miguel Castañeda UC San Diego
Norell Martinez UC San Diego
Jessica Graham UC San Diego
Luis Alvarez UC San Diego
Sophia Armen UC San Diego
Deborah Stein UC San Diego
Gina di Grazia UC San Diego
Jennifer Kelly UC San Diego 
Hyejin Shim UC San Diego (alumni)
James Deavenport  UC San Diego,  Department of History
Patty Ahn UC Sand Diego
Kelly M. Whaling UC Santa Barbara
Kendra Calhoun UC Santa Barbara
Hector UC Santa Barbara
Matthew Harris UC Santa Barbara
Tyler Morgenstern UC Santa Barbara
Kira Dralle  UC Santa Cruz
Michael Wilson Becerril UC Santa Cruz
Aaron wistar  UC Santa Cruz
Mandie Caroll UC Santa Cruz
Billy Ong UC Santa Cruz
Lindsey Dillon UC Santa Cruz
Ruben Fitch UC Santa Cruz
Patrick King UC Santa Cruz 
Spencer Adams UC-Berkeley
Scott Saul UC-Berkeley
Rudy V. Busto UC-Santa Barbara
Neel Ahuja UC-Santa Cruz
Maram Aldada UCF
Tamara Levitz UCLA
Shondrea Thornton UCLA
Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò UCLA
Thabisile Griffin UCLA
Rahim Kurwa UCLA
Kelly Lytle Hernandez UCLA
Melvin Rogers UCLA
Anuja Bose UCLA
Sharila Stewart  UCLA
Caroline Luce UCLA
Benjamin Sampson UCLA
Danny Foster UCLA
Noah Zatz UCLA
Kayla Click UCLA
Raul Hinojosa UCLA
Samantha Chappell UCLA
Minayo Nasiali UCLA
Yunyi Li UCLA
Leisy Abrego UCLA
Sa Whitley  UCLA
Zeynep Korkman Ucla
Christine Slaughter UCLA
Alana de Hinojosa UCLA
Gary Orfield UCLA
Morgan Woolsey UCLA
Alyssa Mathias UCLA
Michael Stenovec UCLA
Susan Bauckus UCLA
Kwanda Ford UCLA
Vanessa Díaz UCLA
Saron Selassie UCLA
Safia Farole UCLA
Michael Cooperson UCLA
Shana L. Redmond UCLA
Aman Williams UCLA
Reed Wilson UCLA
Sarah T. Roberts UCLA
Rachel Vaughn UCLA
Otto Santa Ana UCLA
Oscar Echeverria UCLA
Danny Kim UCLA
Pamela Hieronymi UCLA
Sharlene McKenzie UCLA
Amber West  UCLA
Rebecca Jean Emigh UCLA
Jacob Woocher UCLA
Omar Zahzah UCLA 
Uyen Hoang  UCLA 
Silvia Rodriguez Vega UCLA 
Katherine Hemion Ucla, St Lawrence 
Alyssa Hughes UConn Alum
Brian Liang UConn School of Medicine
Colin Loustalot UCSB
Ryan Minor UCSB
Jasmine Kelekay UCSB
Derek Haddad UCSB
Rhiannon Kennard UCSB
Kali Rubaii UCSC
Danielle Strand UCSC & Stanford
Sidney Merritt UCSD
Amy Cimini UCSD
Wendy Matsumura UCSD
Hanna Garth UCSD
Bobby Edwards  UCSD
Meg Wesling UCSD
Lee Worden UCSF
Vanessa Macêdo UFMG
Christopher Grimes UI-Chicago
Anna Kornbluh UIC
Melanie Brooks UIC
Paul Rapoport ’15 UIC
Megan Carney UIC
Jeannie Judge UMas Lowell
Ollie Schwartz  Umass
Julia Bernier UMass Amherst
Jennifer Fronc UMASS Amherst
Zachary Bartolomei UMass Amherst
Anya Klepikov Umass Amherst
Frances Boyes Umass Amherst
Millie Thayer UMass Amherst
Casey Hayman UMass Amherst 
Rosalyn Negrón UMass Boston
Sofya Aptekar UMass Boston, Princeton graduate class 2011
Matthew Barlow UMass-Amherst
Kate Drabinski UMBC
george derek musgrove umbc
Jenn Montooth UMBC
Kimberly Moffitt UMBC
Lucía Stavig UNC Chapel Hill
Tamontae Stanton-Jones UNC Chapel Hill
Andrea Pitts UNC Charlotte
Elizabeth Tate UNC Charlotte
Takiyah Nur Amin UNC Charlotte
Robin James UNC Charlotte
John Cox UNC Charlotte, Center for Holocaust, Genocide & Human Rights Studies
Donte Bernard UNC-CH
Stacey Sewall UNC-Chapel Hill
Meredith McCoy UNC-Chapel Hill
Richard Cante UNC-Chapel Hill
Lynn Faulkner  UNC-Chapel Hill 
Kassandra Miller Union College
Deidre Hill Butler Union College
Vincent Wrice Union County College (NJ)
Lester Union Institute and University 
Stanley Talbert Union Theological Seminary
Brandon Harrington Union Theological Seminary
Yvette Wilson-Barnes Union Theological Seminary
Michelle Alexander Union Theological Seminary 
Megan Ewing Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Samantha Segal  Univ. Of British Columbia, Brown `93
Alyiah Al-Bonijim Univeristy of Michigan 
Marcela Olivera  Universidad Católica
Stephanie Sherman Universidad de las Americas Puebla
Juan R. Hernández García Universidad de Puerto Rico
kathia castillo Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Río Piedras
Claudia Salamanca Universidad Javeriana 
Silvina Berti Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto – Argentina
Eduardo Barros-Grela Universidade da Coruña
Meg Young Universidade federal do reconcavo da Bahia – brazil
Romney Copeman Université de Montréal
Nicolle Herzog Université François-Rabelais de Tours, France
Juliane Okot Bitek University  of British Columbia 
Janell Hobson University at Albany
Rajani Bhatia University at Albany
Johana Londono University at Albany
Kate Averett University at Albany – SUNY
Tamika L. Carey University at Albany, SUNY
Gabriel Hetland University at Albany, SUNY
Anne Marie Butler University at Buffalo
Elizabeth Bowen University at Buffalo
Xander Percy University at Buffalo
Colin Tucker University at Buffalo
Lindsay Brandon Hunter University at Buffalo
Danielle Johnson University at Buffalo
Alexandra Judelsohn University at Buffalo
Ariel Nereson University at Buffalo – SUNY
Alyssa Mt. Pleasant University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Paige Sarlin University at Buffalo / SUNY
Peter Clavin University at Buffalo-SUNY
Tanja Aho University at Buffalo, SUNY
Marion Werner University at Buffalo, SUNY
Joseph Hall University at Buffalo, SUNY
Mark Chu University College Cork
Katherine Fama University College Dublin
Lauren Bonilla University College London
Lauren Vasil University College London
Sonya Allin University Health Network
Yesenia Moya University Nevada Las Vegas
Andrew Baer University of Alabama at Birmingham
Marika Austad University of Alabama at Birmingham
Jervette R. Ward University of Alaska Anchorage
Megan Watson University of Alaska Southeast
Kyra Gaunt University of Albany, SUNY
Nat Hurley University of Alberta
Julie Rak University of Alberta
James Muir University of Alberta
Janice Williamson University of Alberta
Reza Kartosen-Wong University of Amsterdam
Sandra Soto University of Arizona
Arum Park University of Arizona
Monica J. Casper University of Arizona
Daniel Kasper University of Arizona
Sibel Duzenli University of Arizona
Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan  University of Arizona
Sarah Renkert University of Arizona
Carie Schneider University of Arizona
Dereka Rushbrook University of Arizona
Kevin Paulson University of Arizona
Ariana Stickel University of Arizona
Shawn Protz University of Arizona/Auburn University
Robert Webb-Bey University of Ark. Little Rock; Syracuse University
Pearl Dowe University of Arkansas
Jo Hsu University of Arkansas
Christopher McDonald University of Arkansas at Fort Smith
Michael Norton University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Arlin Benjamin University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
Hito Steyerl University of Arts Berlin
Gowan J. Ditchburn University of Auckland
Samuel Snell University of Auckland
Rachael Edwards  University of Baltimore
Mareike Spychala University of Bamberg
Anja Ilić University of Belgrade
E. James West University of Birmingham
Cathy Bergin University of Brighton 
Rebecca Gould University of Bristol
Rachel May University of Bristol
Christine “Xine” Yao University of British Columbia
Kristi Carey University of British Columbia
M. V. Ramana University of British Columbia
Leah J Grantham  University of British Columbia
Mahtab Laghaei University of British Columbia
Cameron Rogers University of British Columbia
Darra Hofman University of British Columbia 
Jenny Mannion-Krase University of British Columbia and Bangor University 
Jane Shi University of British Columbua 
Mario Pecheny University of Buenos Aires
Jan M. Frodesen University of CA Santa Barbara
Jennifer Adams  University of Calgary 
David Theo Goldberg University of California
Judith Wilson-Pates University of California 
Linda Phipps University of California – Davis
Isaac William Martin University of California – San Diego
Adam Jadhav University of California at Berkeley
Adrian Wilson University of California at Berkeley 
Tommi D. Hayes University of California at Santa Cruz
Tony Platt University of California Berkeley
Margy Wilkinson University of California Berkeley
Evangeline McGlynn University of California Berkeley
Nina Farnia University of California Davis
Mercy Albaran University of California Davis
Jocelyn Flores University of California Irvine
Whitney Pirtle University of California Merced
Niels Hooper University of California Press
Erika Perez University of California Riverside
Carolyn Allard University of California San Diego
Cara Carter  University of California San Diego 
Rekha Chandrabose  University of California San Diego 
Ashlee Kalauli University of California Santa Barbara
Marjorie University of California Santa Cruz 
Grace D. Gipson University of California-Berkeley, Georgia State University 
Marcela Mendoza University of California-San Diego
Frank Biess University of California-San Diego
Natalia Brizuela University of California, Berkeley
Kara Young University of California, Berkeley
Alessandro Tiberio University of California, Berkeley
Kaily Heitz University of California, Berkeley
Ernie Artiz University of California, Berkeley
Leigh Raiford University of California, Berkeley
Ivy Mills University of California, Berkeley
Maria Faini University of California, Berkeley
Kenly Brown University of California, Berkeley
Stephanie Jones-Rogers University of California, Berkeley
 Donna Jones University of California, Berkeley
Leslie Salzinger University of California, Berkeley
Richard Grijalva University of California, Berkeley
Laurel Riley University of California, Berkeley
Raúl Coronado University of California, Berkeley
Jamal Batts University of California, Berkeley
Dominique Lewis University of California, Berkeley
Margaret Cychosz University of California, Berkeley
Martha Saavedra University of California, Berkeley
Janel Weatherly  University of California, Berkeley
Jenna Coughlin University of California, Berkeley
Brittany Meche University of California, Berkeley
Jeff Martin University of California, Berkeley
Alex Bush University of California, Berkeley
Joseph Albernaz University of California, Berkeley
Gustavo Oliveira University of California, Berkeley
Juana Maria Rodriguez University of California, Berkeley 
Naima shea University of California, Berkeley, Alumna
Javier Arbona University of California, Davis
Justin Leroy University of California, Davis
Elizabeth Freeman University of California, Davis
Andrea Miller University of California, Davis
Roberto C. Delgadillo  University of California, Davis
C. Tsai University of California, Davis
Joaquin Chavez University of California, Davis
Danny C. Martinez University of California, Davis
Jon-David Settell University of California, Irvine
Nicholas Brady university of california, irvine
Chae Yoo University of California, Irvine
Allison Perlman University of California, Irvine
Keith Danner University of California, Irvine
Lilith Mahmud University of California, Irvine
Nalya Rodriguez University of California, Irvine
Antwann Michael University of California, Irvine
Anastasia Baginski University of California, Irvine
Emily Thuma University of California, Irvine
Laura Kang University of California, Irvine 
Kat Cosby University of California, Irvine 
Michael Berlin University of California, Irvine  
David Reyes University of California, Los Angeles
Drew Fleshman University of California, Los Angeles
Louis Lin University of California, Los Angeles
Steven Nelson University of California, Los Angeles
Angela  Ocampo University of California, Los Angeles
Ariel Stevenson University of California, Los Angeles 
Nicollette Brant University of California, Los Angeles 
Rodolfo Rodriguez University of California, Merced
Ma Vang University of California, Merced
Kit Myers University of California, Merced
Anneeth Kaur Hundle  University of California, Merced 
Donatella Galella University of California, Riverside
Devra Anne Weber University of California, Riverside
David Chávez University of California, Riverside
Jennifer Doyle University of California, Riverside
Bronwyn Leebaw University of California, Riverside
Judith Rodenbeck University of California, Riverside
Jane Ward University of California, Riverside 
Kevan Aguilar University of California, San Diego
Megan Strom University of California, San Diego
Vineeta Singh University of California, San Diego
Jennifer Huerta University of California, San Diego
Julia Fernandez University of California, San Diego
Alina Mendez University of California, San Diego
Amanda Jiao University of California, San Diego
Simeon Man University of California, San Diego
Sarah Hankins University of California, San Diego
Joshua Francois University of California, San Diego
Dayo F. Gore University of California, San Diego
Jessica Hatrick University of California, San Diego
Natalia Molina University of California, San Diego
Bayan Abusneineh University of California, San Diego 
Hannah Green University of California, San Diego 
Akua Gyamerah University of California, San Francisco
Gina Pfeifle University of California, San Francisco
SA Smythe University of California, Santa Barbara
Jasmine Noelle Yarish University of California, Santa Barbara
Valentina Cabrera University of California, Santa Barbara
Idalia Robles De León University of California, Santa Barbara
Joyce King University of California, Santa Barbara
Andrew Johnson University of California, Santa Barbara
Joshua Hudson University of California, Santa Barbara
Joseph Blankholm University of California, Santa Barbara
Kareem Hamdy University of California, Santa Barbara
Joseph Loe-Sterphone University of California, Santa Barbara
Kirsten Silva Gruesz University of California, Santa Cruz
Erin Rose Ellison University of California, Santa Cruz
Kenan Sharpe University of California, Santa Cruz
Stephanie M. Montgomery University of California, Santa Cruz
Uriel Serrano University of California, Santa Cruz
TJ Demos University of California, Santa Cruz
Taylor Wondergem University of California, Santa Cruz
Ann Altstatt University of California, Santa Cruz
Nick Mitchell  University of California, Santa Cruz 
Joshua Loftus University of Cambridge
Lindsey Walters University of Cambridge
Sarah Caulfield University of Cambridge 
Chelsie Riche  University of Cambridge, U.K.
Sean Dolan University of Central Florida
Robyne Stevenson University of Central Florida
Joyce Downing University of Central Missouri
Patrick Salkeld University of Central Oklahoma
Seth Brodsky University of Chicago
Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky University of Chicago
Adom Getachew University of Chicago
E Hooper University of Chicago
Matt Epperson University of Chicago
Tanima Sharma  University of Chicago
Kirsten Collins University of Chicago
Tamara L. Smith University of Chicago
Emily Katzenstein University of Chicago
Caroline Sequin University of Chicago
Jordie Davies University of Chicago
Will Kong University of Chicago
Claire Moore University of Chicago
Daniela Licandro University of Chicago
Anton Ford University of Chicago
Travis A. Jackson University of Chicago
Jack Dragu University of Chicago
Ashley Casiello University of Chicago
Kamil Ahsan University of Chicago
Audrey Williams University of Chicago
Aram Ghoogasian University of Chicago
Kimberly Kay Hoang University of Chicago
Eunice Larbi University of Chicago
Kelvin Kien Le University of Chicago
Zachery Taylor University of Chicago
Daniel Morgan University of Chicago
Adrienne Brown University of Chicago
Gina M. Olson  University of Chicago
Anne Knafl University of Chicago
Alejandra Azuero Quijano University of Chicago
Jaclyn Wong University of Chicago
Emma LaBounty University of Chicago
Bea Malsky University of Chicago
Emma Preston University of Chicago
Shane DuBay University of Chicago
Allyson Nadia Field University of Chicago
Solveig Nelson University of Chicago
Pratiti Deb University of Chicago
François G. Richard University of Chicago
Trish Kahle University of Chicago 
Rahmel University of Chicago 
Tracye Matthews University of Chicago 
Maria Svart University of Chicago alumna
Foster Pinkney  University of Chicago Divinity School
Charlotte Heltai University of Chicago Divinity School
Daniel Waclaw University of Chicago Women’s Board
Littisha Bates University of Cincinnati
Chris Athanasiadis University of Cincinnati
Franklin Ridgway  University of Cincinnati 
Kristin Carlson  University of Cincinnati 
Jakob Ohlhorst University of Cologne
Melissa Bishop University of Colorado
Yang Yang University of Colorado
Jim Miranda University of Colorado at Boulder
Christopher Golden University of Colorado Boulder
Bianca C. Williams University of Colorado Boulder
Logan Rae University of Colorado Boulder
Elyse Janish University of Colorado Boulder
Richard Folsom University of Colorado Boulder
David Shneer University of Colorado Boulder
Betsy Noecker University of Colorado Boulder
Amy Boelé University of Colorado Denver
Shawn M. Jewett University of Colorado Denver
Sheila Shannon University of Colorado Denver
Kwame Holmes University of Colorado-Boulder
Ron Squibbs University of Connecticut
Evan Fritz University of Connecticut
Kathleen Ragon University of Connecticut
Kimberly LeChasseur University of Connecticut
Gaye Tuchman University of Connecticut
Michael Rosino University of Connecticut 
David Watkins University of Dayton
Irene Vogel University of Delaware
Stephanie Kerschbaum University of Delaware
Tanisha C. Ford University of Delaware
Gabrielle Foreman  University of Delaware
Ethan Barnett University of Delaware
La Tanya S. Autry University of Delaware
Rebecca Davis University of Delaware 
Bernadette Marie Calafell University of Denver
Nancy D Wadsworth  University of Denver
Apryl Alexander University of Denver
Janice Jones University of Denver
Dheepa Sundaram University of Denver
Anna Sveinsdottir University of Denver
William Philpott University of Denver
Robin Walker Sterling University of Denver Sturm College of Law
Beto Juárez University of Denver Sturm College of Law
Jessica Trumbull University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work
Nicholas Grant University of East Anglia
Jamie Allinson University of Edinburgh
Kyle Jerro University of Essex
Joao Florencio  University of Exeter, UK
Karina Vado University of Florida
Sharon Burney University of Florida
Gia Del Pino University of Florida
Shari Berga University of Florida
Alex Smock University of Florida
Susan Hegeman University of Florida
Sebastián Sclofsky  University of Florida 
Rupa Viswanath University of Göttingen
Katherine Ekstrand University of Georgia
Allan Kulikoff University of Georgia
Michele Johnson University of Georgia
Kate Dahlstrand  University of Georgia 
John Hacker-Wright University of Guelph
Brian Lefresne University of Guelph
David James Hudson University of Guelph
Markeysha D. Davis University of Hartford
Bilal Dabir Sekou University of Hartford
Amanda Carlson University of Hartford
Cynthia Franklin University of Hawai’i
Ty Tengan University of Hawai’i at Manoa
Michelle Brown University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
Christina Ayson University of Hawai’i, Manoa
Ibrahim Aoudé University of Hawai‘i
Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua University of HawaiÊ»i 
Kyle Kajihiro University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Brandy Nālani McDougall University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Stephen Hart University of Hawaii
Brian Dawson University of Hawaii
Francois-Xavier Plasse-Couture University of Hawaii 
Nicole S. Grove University of Hawaii at Manoa
Robert Harron University of Hawaii at Manoa
Noenoe K Silva University of Hawaii at Manoa
Tuti Baker University of Hawaii at Mānoa
Marcus Daniel University of Hawaii Manoa
Christine Walters University of Hawaii: Leeward Community College
Ijeoma Madubata University of Houston
M. Nicole Coleman University of Houston
Elizabeth Farfan-Santos  University of Houston
Sarah Ehlers University of Houston
Khalid S Barghouti University of Houston
Naomi Ellis University of Houston
Rachel Stonebrook University of Houston 
Leontina Hormel University of Idaho
Rick Fletcher University of Idaho
Bruce Levine University of Illinois
Nima Rasekh University of Illinois
Roderick A. Ferguson University of Illinois
Sara Feldman University of Illinois 
Laurie Johnson  University of Illinois 
Helen Neville University of Illinois 
Ronak Kapadia University of Illinois at Chicago
Amanda Lewis University of Illinois at Chicago
Meghan Daniel University of Illinois at Chicago
Gregory Larnell University of Illinois at Chicago
Deana G. Lewis University of Illinois at Chicago
Andy Clarno University of Illinois at Chicago
Adam Goodman University of Illinois at Chicago
Elizabeth Dunne University of Illinois at Chicago
Margarita Saona University of Illinois at Chicago
Adrienne Massanari University of Illinois at Chicago
Stacey Sutton University of Illinois at Chicago
Elizabeth Todd-Breland  University of Illinois at Chicago
Jeffrey Gore University of Illinois at Chicago
Amalia Pallares University of Illinois at Chicago
Ellen McClure University of Illinois at Chicago
Amanda Wessell University of Illinois at Chicago
Leslie Carnahan University of Illinois at Chicago
Lisa Yun Lee University of Illinois at Chicago
Danny Bernard Martin University of Illinois at Chicago
Joshua Henkin University of Illinois at Chicago
Steven Marsh University of Illinois at Chicago 
Judith S. Rocha University of Illinois at Chicago, Jane Addams College of Social Work
Eric Darnell Pritchard University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Maryam Kashani University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kevin Cheng University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sara Schmidt University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Helen Presley University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Adeline Griffin  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Christopher Findiesen University of Illinois Chicago
Tara Betts University of Illinois Chicago
Kirisitina G. Sailiata University of Illinois Chicago 
Jennifer Monson University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Robert Ryan University of Illinois-Chicago
Peter Coviello University of Illinois-Chicago 
Helen Jun University of Illinois, Chicago
Jennifer Ash University of Illinois, Chicago 
Mark Sanchez University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
A. Naomi Paik University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Terri Weissman University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Marc Hertzman University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Kathryn Clancy University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Steven Del Corso University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Bryce Henson University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Candice M. Jenkins University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
Jennifer Solheim University of Illinois—Chicago
Jerome Cusson University of Indianapolis 
Alexander Alexakis University of Ioannina
Kate McDonald University of Iowa
Jason Livingston University of Iowa
Corey Creekmur University of Iowa
Tom Lewis University of Iowa
Kelso Osier University of Iowa
Rachel Zuckerman  University of Iowa
Rachel Gatewood University of Iowa
Tarin Bickford University of Iowa
Shawn Alexander University of Kansas
Saida Bonifield University of Kansas
Imani Wadud University of Kansas
Ayesha Hardison University of Kansas
Joo Ok Kim University of Kansas 
Candice Hargons University of Kentucky
Anastasia Curwood University of Kentucky
Silvia Mergenthal University of Konstanz, Germany
Clint Le Bruyns University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Jeffrey Kahan University of La Verne
Lukas Makovicky University of Lapland, Finland
Say Burgin University of Leeds (UK)
Enea Zaramella University of Leicester
Zoe Lawlor University of Limerick 
Manuel Ramos University of London
Joshua Abrams University of London, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Emily Fontenot  University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Danielle Edwards University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Anna M Hill University of Louisiana at Monroe
Joanna Davis-McElligatt University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Amy Clukey University of Louisville
Heather Fox University of Louisville
Madeline McCubbins University of Louisville
Tyler Fleming University of Louisville
W. Carson Byrd University of Louisville
Avery Kolers University of Louisville
Karl Swinehart University of Louisville
Kaila Story University of Louisville 
Antron Mahoney  University of Louisville 
Latrica Best University of Louisville 
David Meyer University of Louisville, KY
Nina Shengold University of Maine
Kristen Case  University of Maine at Farmington 
Melissa C. Thompson University of Maine-Farmington
Ann Kennedy University of Maine-Farmington
Leah Kravette  University of Maine, Orono
Victoria Serrano  University of Malaga
Steven Pierce University of Manchester
RJ Leland University of Manitoba
John P. Broome  University of Mary Washington
Davis Oldham University of Mary Washington
Liz Mason-Deese University of Mary Washington
Will Thomas University of Maryland
Kyle Patrick Reese University of Maryland
Louiqa Raschid University of Maryland
naomi bloom University of Maryland
Rashawn Ray University of Maryland
Jazmin Pichardo University of Maryland
Kevin Silverman University of Maryland
Marisa Franco  University of Maryland 
Alexis Lothian University of Maryland 
Samiyah Mustafa University of Maryland 
Ellen Dupont University of Maryland (Medical Center)
Kelly Quinn University of Maryland Baltimore
Joe Neumann University of Maryland School of Law
Hyoyoung Kim University of Maryland School of Social Work 
Donna Guy University of Maryland University College 
Heather Randell University of Maryland-College Park
Andrew Holter University of Maryland, Baltimore County
La Marr Jurelle Bruce University of Maryland, College Park
Khalid Long University of Maryland, College Park
Natalie Slopen University of Maryland, College Park
Ilyas Abukar University of Maryland, College Park
Jessica Alves de Sa University of Maryland, College Park
Jesse Zarley University of Maryland, College Park
Luka Arsenjuk University of Maryland, College Park
Jordy Rosenberg University of Massachusetts
Louise Dunphy University of Massachusetts
Clare Hammonds University of Massachusetts
Julius Lester University of Massachusetts
Samantha I Calero University of Massachusetts Amherst
Britt Rusert University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dani O’Brien University of Massachusetts Amherst
James Smethurst University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jennifer Cavanaugh University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amberly Lerner University of Massachusetts Amherst
Patrick Kelley University of Massachusetts Amherst
Anna-Claire Simpson University of Massachusetts Amherst
Danny McSweeney University of Massachusetts Amherst
Kevin A. Young University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dania Francis University of Massachusetts Amherst 
Isabel Espinal University of Massachusetts Amherst 
Toussaint Losier University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Christine Thurlow Brenner University of Massachusetts Bodto
Allison B. Taylor University of Massachusetts Boston
Emilio Sauri University of Massachusetts Boston
Stacy Braga University of Massachusetts boston
Denise Khor  University of Massachusetts Boston 
Shari Evans University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Frederick P. Sperounis University of Massachusetts Lowell
Emily J. Lordi University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Graciela Monteagudo  University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Svati P. Shah University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Edmond Caldwell University of Massachusetts, Boston
Judyie Al-Bilali University of Massachusetts/Amherst
Anne Erde University of Massachusetts/Boston
Rose Parfitt University of Melbourne
Andre E. Johnson University of Memphis
Molly Giblin University of Memphis
Amanda Nell Edgar University of Memphis
Cookie Woolner University of Memphis
Laura Sullivan University of Memphis
Luvell Anderson University of Memphis
Jennifer Williams University of Memphis 
Rebekkah Mulholland University of Memphis 
Kate Ramsey University of Miami
Anthony Barthelemy University of Miami
Roxane Pickens University of Miami
Tim Watson University of Miami
Lauren Whitmer University of Michigan
Austin McCoy University of Michigan
Ryan McBride University of Michigan
Miriam Gleckman-Krut University of Michigan
Elise Hernandez University of Michigan
Grant Mandarino University of Michigan
Ellen Muehlberger University of Michigan
Kathleen Wroblewski University of Michigan
Stephen Berrey University of Michigan
David Temin University of Michigan
Elizabeth Mosley University of Michigan
Alexander Stephens University of Michigan
Kevin Donovan University of Michigan
Alix Keener University of Michigan
Lawrielle West University of Michigan
Katherine Lennard University of Michigan
Elizabeth James University of Michigan
Amelia Frank-Vitale University of Michigan
Matthew J. Countryman University of Michigan
Jodi Greig University of Michigan
Amanda Alexander University of Michigan
Grace Argo University of Michigan
Rebecca Miller University of Michigan
Maria Cotera University of Michigan
Ashley Lucas University of Michigan
Stephanie Hicks University of Michigan
Karyn Lacy University of Michigan
Irène Lucía Delaney University of Michigan
Ruby C. Tapia University of Michigan
Bridget Vial University of Michigan
Tierra Bills University of Michigan
Jessica Garrick University of Michigan
Rebecca Epstein University of Michigan
Carolyn Hetrick University of Michigan
Alec Foster University of Michigan
Christopher Mulvey University of Michigan
Joanne Ehret University of Michigan
Robert Ramaswamy University of Michigan
Tonya Kneff University of Michigan
Sam Shuman University of Michigan
Daniel Hurwitz-Goodman University of Michigan
John Carson University of Michigan
Yvonne Combs University of Michigan
Genta Nishku University of Michigan
Shannon Kloberdanz University of Michigan
Christine Chalifoux University of Michigan
Scott Larson University of Michigan
Fatima Al-Rasool University of Michigan 
Audrey Gilmour  University of Michigan 
Dana Kornberg  University of Michigan 
Clarissa Love  University of Michigan 
Amy Noel University of Michigan 
Lynn Meltzer University of Michigan 
Devon Keen University of Michigan 
Emily Cornish  University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Leah Schneck University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 
Bailey Roark University of Michigan-Dearborn 
Daniel Birchok University of Michigan-Flint
Michelle May-Curry University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Eric Swanson University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Iván Chaar-López University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Victor Mendoza University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Gavin Arnall University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Salman A Hussain  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
Chloe Gurin-Sands University of Michigan; University of Illinois at Chicago
Joe Soss University of Minnesota
Karen-Sue Taussig University of Minnesota
Blanca Caldas University of Minnesota
Robert Wallace University of Minnesota
K Popiel University of Minnesota
Jennifer Henry University of Minnesota
Harshit Rathi University of Minnesota
Michelle Phelps University of Minnesota
Eric Goldfischer University of Minnesota
Nasreen Mohamed University of Minnesota
Naimah Petigny University of Minnesota
Jordan Kleist University of Minnesota
Sumanth Gopinath University of Minnesota
Matt Hines University of Minnesota
Anthony Damiano University of Minnesota
Bernadette Perez University of Minnesota
Alissa Case University of Minnesota
Farrah Tek University of Minnesota
Tammy Eaton University of Minnesota
Thomas Hammerlund University of Minnesota
Keavy McFadden University of Minnesota
Aren Aizura University of Minnesota
Joanna  O’Connell University of Minnesota
Terrion Williamson University of Minnesota
Alexander Liebman University of Minnesota
Teri L. Caraway University of Minnesota
Drew Ehlers University of Minnesota
Terri Birnbaum University of Minnesota
Gabriela Spears-Rico University of Minnesota 
Edward Goetz University of Minnesota 
Joseph Sannicandro University of Minnesota 
Kyle Lengling University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Calvin Miner University of Minnesota Duluth
Crystal Wabnum University of Minnesota SPH
Hannah Gray University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Jillian Fish  University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Lisa Santosa University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Kiese Laymon University of Mississippi
Danielle Buckingham University of Mississippi
Marc Lerner University of Mississippi
Luanne Buchanan  University of Mississippi 
Rebecca Marchiel University of Mississippi 
Anya Groner University of Mississippi Alum
Julien Grayer University of Missouri
Julie Elman University of Missouri
Robert N. Johnson University of Missouri
Andrew Twaddle University of Missouri
Tara Warne-Griggs University of Missouri
Andrew Hoberek University of Missouri
Gloria McGillen University of Missouri – Columbia
Peggy Placier University of Missouri (emerita)
Krista Galyen University of Missouri-Columbia
Ruchira Sen University of Missouri-Kansas City
Austin Roos University of Montana
Eduardo R.C. Capulong University of Montana
Tobin Shearer University of Montana 
Emma Atwood University of Montevallo
William Aviles University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kara Mitchell Viesca  University of Nebraska Lincoln
Patrick Jones University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jeannette Eileen Jones  University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Brandon J. Manning University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Cynthia Clark University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mark Padoongpatt University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Javon Johnson  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Deborah Achtenberg University of Nevada, Reno
Andrew Seal University of New Hampshire
Sarah Andrews University of New Hampshire
Mary Grace Elliott University of New Hampshire
Siobhan Senier University of New Hampshire 
Joelle Ruby Ryan  University of New Hampshire 
Nicole cunningham-frisbey University of New Hampshire 
Ashlee Thomas University of New Hampshire 
Tiffany Florvil University of New Mexico
Alex Lubin University of New Mexico
Alyosha Goldstein University of New Mexico
A. K. Sandoval-Strausz University of New Mexico
Kency Cornejo University of New Mexico
Brian Goldstein University of New Mexico
Michael A. Ryan University of New Mexico
Jessica Holland University of New Mexico 
John Whitlow University of New Mexico School of Law
Nikki Brown University of New Orleans
Calvin Deutschbein University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Williams Parker University of North Carolina Asheville
John Bowles University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jennifer Standish University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Adra Raine University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jack R. Leff University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Mariam Aziza Stephan University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Mahsima Hallaji  University of North Carolina at Greensboro 
Ryan K. Anderson University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Olivia Gilliam University of North Carolina at Wilmington 
Marta Sánchez University of North Carolina Wilmington
Hannah Frank University of North Carolina Wilmington
Ansev Demirhan University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
David Pier University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Ryan Branagan University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Brent Cebul University of North Carolina, Charlotte
 Jennifer Lieberman University of North Florida
Matthew C. Solomon University of North Texas
Todd Moye University of North Texas
Mariela Nunez-Janes University of North Texas (for identification purposes only)
Emily Brownell University of Northern Colorado
Katherine Osborne University of Northern Iowa
Debra Avery University of Northern Iowa, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg
Suzanna Krivulskaya University of Notre Dame
Susan Harris University of Notre Dame
Jarvis McInnis University of Notre Dame
Tanya B. Schwarz University of Notre Dame
Karen Graubart University of Notre Dame
Maria McKenna University of Notre Dame
Jason Springs University of Notre Dame
Mary Celeste Kearney University of Notre Dame
Gillian Roberts University of Nottingham
Milan Potpara University of Novi Sad
Nicole Morse University of of Chicago
Amit Baishya University of Oklahoma
T. Elon Dancy II University of Oklahoma
Benjamin L. Alpers University of Oklahoma
Jeremy Allen University of Oklahoma 
Ronnie Grinberg University of Oklahoma 
Jennifer Gómez University of Oregon
Zachary Hicks University of Oregon
David Woken University of Oregon
Feather Crawford University of Oregon
Wade Keye University of Oregon
Jennifer Freyd University of Oregon
Grace Binion University of Oregon
Melissa L. Barnes University of Oregon
Rachel Mallinga University of Oregon 
Leslie M Alexander University of Oregon 
Eric Gross  University of Oregon 
Vito Laterza University of Oslo
Doug Rossinow  University of Oslo 
Adrian Murray University of Ottawa
Camron Heshmati Calderón University of Ottawa
Henri Feist University of Ottawa
Kizi Spielmann Rose University of Ottawa
Josh Lalonde  University of Ottawa 
Suhana Kadoura  University of Ottawa (B.Ed., M.Ed.) Carleton University (B.Comm)
Lloyd Pratt  University of Oxford 
Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi University of Oxford 
Lori Zaspel University of Pennslyvania
Jaime Marie Estrada University of Pennsylvania
Raphael Krut-Landau University of Pennsylvania
Leon J. Hilton University of Pennsylvania
Shantee Rosado University of Pennsylvania
Jane Abell University of Pennsylvania
Russell Trimmer University of Pennsylvania
Ronit Y. Stahl University of Pennsylvania
Fernanda Dobal University of Pennsylvania
Samantha Daniels University of Pennsylvania
Amy C. Offner University of Pennsylvania
Luis Moreno-Caballud University of Pennsylvania
Frances Nan University of Pennsylvania
Jeremy Dell University of Pennsylvania
Krystal Strong University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Leone University of Pennsylvania
Ericka Beckman University of Pennsylvania
Amanda Colon University of Pennsylvania
Matthew Berkman University of Pennsylvania
Zaire Lofton University of Pennsylvania
Patricia Lesesne University of Pennsylvania
Ernest Owens University of Pennsylvania
Ron Silliman University of Pennsylvania
Glenda Goodman University of Pennsylvania 
Claudia Gallego University of Pennsylvania 
Paul Pennington University of Pennsylvania 
Nali Asamoah University of Pennsylvania 
Sage Myers University of Pennsylvania 
Aaron Davis  University of Pennsylvania 
Haley Pilgrim University of Pennsylvania 
Kate Scheffey University of Pennsylvania 
Gary 2 University of Pennsylvania 
Abigail Wood University of Pennsylvania 
Emily Leitner University of Pennsylvania ’12
Janay M Watts University of Pennsylvania /Princeton Alumn ’10
Julie Laquer University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice
Leia University of Pennsylvania, Howard University
Gabrielle Ralambo-Rajerison University of Pittsburgh
Benjamin Case University of Pittsburgh
Peter Niesman University of Pittsburgh
Tom Bair University of Pittsburgh
Michael Thompson University of Pittsburgh
Neepa University of Pittsburgh
Jeff Heinzl University of Pittsburgh
leah jacobs University of Pittsburgh
Katherine Kidd University of Pittsburgh
Andre L. Brown University of Pittsburgh
Brennan Chambre University of Pittsburgh 
Maritza Stanchich University of Puerto Rico
Marla Pagan University of Puerto Rico
Jorge A Montijo University of Puerto Rico
Peter L. Carlo Becerra University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Douglas Sackman University of Puget Sound
Kathy Feeley University of Redlands
Alycia Mosley Austin University of Rhode Island
Robert Widell University of Rhode Island
Ellis Iacono University of Rhode Island
Ogo Igwe  University of Rhode Island
Katrina Santos University of Rhode Island
Africa Smith University Of Rhode Island
Melissa Villa-Nicholas  University of Rhode Island 
Eric Yellin University of Richmond
Dr. Amy Howard University of Richmond
Eric Anthony Grollman University of Richmond
Elisabeth Gruner  University of Richmond 
Masani McGee University of Rochester
Vitaly Lorman University of Rochester
Kristin Hocker University of Rochester
John Michael University of Rochester
Rohith Palli University of Rochester
Karim Yaport University of Rochester/ Rochester Institute of Technology
Agnes B. Curry  University of Saint Joseph
Gail Perez University of San Diegi
Perse Hooper lewis University of San Diego
Greg Prieto University of San Diego
Amanda Ruiz University of San Diego 
Diana Negrín University of San Fracisco & CIESAS
Noriko Milman University of San Francisco
Adam Hudson University of San Francisco
Rachel Brahinsky University of San Francisco
Kathleen Coll University of San Francisco
Tamara Kneese University of San Francisco
Annick Wibben University of San Francisco
Stephanie Brown  University of San Francisco
Patricia Barthaud  University of San Francisco
Samira A. Abdur-Rahman University of San Francisco 
Jennifer Saul University of Sheffield
Melanie Richter-Montpetit University of Sheffield
Desiree Fields University of Sheffield
Adrian Vickers University of South Alabama
Maya Marshall University of South Carolina
Patrick University of South Carolina
Nathaniel Bryan University of South Carolina 
Brian Connolly University of South Florida
Scott Ferguson University of South Florida
Quinna Dorleus University of South Florida
David Owen University of Southampton
Karen Tongson University of Southern California
Carla Della Gatta University of Southern California
Reynaldo Baca University of Southern California
Tani Ikeda University of Southern California
Jason Zevin University of Southern California
Leslie Berntsen University of Southern California
Lamb Chamberlin University of Southern California
Daria Roithmayr University of Southern California
Ashley Lukashevsky University of Southern California
Eszter  Zimanyi  University of Southern California
Andrea Wenzel University of Southern California
Megan Luke University of Southern California
Marisol Romero University of Southern California
Nicole Arlette Hirsch University of Southern California
Dara Parsi University of Southern California
Nicholas Bredie University of Southern California
Sam Ikehara University of Southern California
Christopher Chien University of Southern California
Liza Sutterby  University of Southern California 
Karlina Maria Wiederhold University of Southern Denmark  
Jason Read University of Southern Maine
WL Chapkis University of Southern Maine
Tanya Lima University of Southern Maine
Jon Austin University of Southern Queensland
Valerie Shoates University of St Andrews
Leshu Torchin University of St Andrews (UK)
Ashley Abraham University of St. Andrews (Scotland)
Ry O. Siggelkow University of St. Thomas
Mackenzie Burke University of St. Thomas
Ciara O’Connell University of Sussex
Shamini Kothari University of Sussex
Anne-Marie Angelo University of Sussex (UK)
Stephen Whiteman University of Sydney
Aletha Penrith University of Sydney, Australia
Aaron Walker University of Tamp
Amy Thomas University of Technology Sydney
Robert Spirko University of Tennessee
Tanya Granados University of Tennessee
Amanda Clack  University of Tennessee 
Jordan Amirkhani University of Tennessee Chattanooga
Luke Harlow University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Elizabeth Stanfield University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Charlotte Canning University of Texas
Drooby Najla University of texas
Franchelle Dorn University of Texas – Austin
Karma R. Chavez University of Texas – Austin
Rebecca Rossen University of Texas at Austin
Peter C. Kunze University of Texas at Austin
Anne Lewis University of Texas at Austin
Francisco Herrera University of Texas at Austin
Grace Sparapani University of Texas at Austin
Marnie Ritchie University of Texas at Austin
Sona Shah University of Texas at Austin
Mónica A. Jiménez University of Texas at Austin
Susie Bannon University of Texas at Austin
Betty Jeanne Taylor University of Texas at Austin
Gabryella Desporte University of Texas at Austin
Nicholas Bloom University of Texas at Austin
Charles Holm University of Texas at Austin
Cassandra Donnelly  University of Texas at Austin 
Robert Meisel University of Texas at Austin School of Law(1976)
Lowry Martin  University of Texas at El Paso
Josie Carmona  University of Texas at El Paso
Char Ullman University of Texas at El Paso
Kinitra Brooks University of Texas at San Antonio
Brandy Adams University of Texas El Paso 
Marci R. McMahon University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Marisa Knox University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Brian Montgomery University of Texas- El Paso
Jasmine Terrell University of Texas- San Antonio
Kira O’Reilly University of the Arts Helsinki
Aparajita De University of the District of Columbia
Laurie Morin University of the District of Columbia School of Law
Ahmed Kanna University of the Pacific
Hsinyun Shen University of the Pacific graduate
Valerie M Wilhite University of the Virgin Islands
Ajamu Nangwaya University of the West Indies
Dylan Kerrigan University of the West Indies
Mark Bould University of the West of England
Kirk B. Sides University of the Witwatersrand
Jill M. Humphries University of Toledo, NCBL-NY Member
Warren Coughlin University of Toronto
E. Natalie Rothman University of Toronto
Kanishka Goonewardena University of Toronto
Patrick Keilty University of Toronto
Daniel Wright University of Toronto
Rick Halpern University of Toronto
David Helps University of Toronto
C.G. Smith University of Toronto
Bryn King University of Toronto
Kris Thurrell University of Toronto
Catherine Evans University of Toronto
Chris Dingwall University of Toronto
Jennifer Purtle University of Toronto
Mara Marin University of Toronto
Minelle Mahtani University of Toronto Scarborough
ReAnna University of TX – San Antonio 
Kya Mangrum University of Utah
Laurel Romney University of Utah
Danielle Olden University of Utah
Jefferson Colt University of Utah
Edmund Fong University of Utah
Emilia Ataata University of Utah
Stacy Nguyen  University of Utah 
Helen Scott University of Vermont
Rasheda L. Weaver University of Vermont
Valerie Rohy University of Vermont
Peter Spitzform University of Vermont
Emily Bernard University of Vermont
Ethan Hazzard-Watkins University of Vermont
Gindla McBee University of Vermont
Nancy Welch University of Vermont 
James Rowe University of Victoria
Timothy Griffiths University of Virginia
Kristin Schroeder University of Virginia
Amy Coddington University of Virginia
Dannah Dennis University of Virginia
Andrew W. Kahrl University of Virginia
Carena Thompson University of Virginia
Lanice Avery University of Virginia
Denise Walsh University of Virginia
Tessa Farmer University of Virginia
Jack Chen University of Virginia
Noelle Hurd University of Virginia
Paromita Sen University of Virginia
Laura Goldblatt University of Virginia
Hannah Russell-Hunter University of Virginia
Amy R. Boyd University of Virginia
Clifford Maxwell University of Virginia
Monica Kristin Blair University of Virginia
Melissa Gismondi  University of Virginia 
Ashon Crawley  University of Virginia 
Mireille Kaiser University of Warwick
Celeste McNamara University of Warwick
Gavin Schwartz-Leeper University of Warwick
kemi adeyemi university of washington
Michael Reagan University of Washington
Megan Francis University of Washington
Ramon Resendiz University of Washington
Ashley Ellerson University of Washington
Ryan Archibald University of Washington
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein University of Washington
Margaret Ramírez University of Washington
Cat Cunningham University of Washington
Emma Esselstyn University of Washington
Steven Pillen University of Washington
Brian Sargent University of Washington
Jonathan Beardsley University of Washington
Alexis Rinck University of Washington
Cricket Keating University of Washington
Moon-Ho Jung University of Washington
Alice Friedman University of Washington
Erin Adam University of Washington
Holly Biné University of Washington
Jamie Mayerfeld University of Washington
Leah Zajac University of Washington
Zachary Tavlin University of Washington
Krystal Correa University of Washington
Robert Langan University of Washington
Stephanie Ballard University of Washington
Erik Jaccard University of Washington
Lindsey Beach University of Washington
Lubna Alzaroo University of Washington
Tyler Kipling University of Washington
Lauren Lichty University of Washington
Katherine Seidemann University of Washington
Kathryn Grubbs University of Washington
Beth Kalikoff University of Washington 
Guadalupe Mahoney  University of Washington 
Stephanie Smallwood  University of Washington 
Michele Cadigan University of Washington 
sakin ibrahim University of Washington 
Shane Draney University of Washington 
Frances Lee University of Washington at Bothell
Julie Shayne University of Washington Bothell
Scott Kurashige University of Washington Bothell
Camille Walsh University of Washington Bothell
Mira Shimabukuro University of Washington Bothell
Janelle M Silva University of Washington Bothell
Dave University of Washington Bothell
Ron Krabill University of Washington Bothell
Martha Groom University of Washington Bothell, but I am also an alumna of Princeton
Dixie McIlwraith University of Washington Graduate
Kevin Wynter University of Washington Tacoma
Michael Forman University of Washington Tacoma 
Denise Grollmus University of Washington–Seattle
La TaSha Levy University of Washington-Seattle
Amanda M. Fulmer University of Washington-Seattle
Yolanda Padilla University of Washington, Bothell
Jade Power Sotomayor University of Washington, Bothell
Carrie Lanza University of Washington, Bothell
José I. Fusté University of Washington, Bothell
Sophia Jordán Wallace University of Washington, Seattle
Sarah Tuttle University of Washington, Seattle
Vince Schleitwiler University of Washington, Seattle
Alysse Hotz University of Washington, Seattle
Ralina L. Joseph University of Washington, Seattle 
Kyra Laughlin University of Wasington Bothell
Maxwell Levit University of Waterloo
Melissa Finn University of Waterloo
Nicholas Ray University of Waterloo
Joshua Hartman University of Waterloo
Rowland Keshena Robinson University of Waterloo (Ontario)
Angela Pashia University of West Georgia
Neil Ewen University of Winchester, UK
Jay Botsford  University of Wisconsin
Nan Enstad University of Wisconsin
Stephanie Farrar University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Sami Schalk University of Wisconsin – Madison
Jesse Benn University of Wisconsin – Madison
Autumn Kent University of Wisconsin – Madison
Joseph Evica University of Wisconsin Madison
Zahiah Hammad University of Wisconsin Madison
Tony Laing University of Wisconsin Oshkosh 
Laurie Cooper Stoll University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Brigitte Fielder University of Wisconsin-Madison
Katherine Charek Briggs University of Wisconsin-Madison
Erika Bullock University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ellen Samuels University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gwen Baxley University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tina Treviño-Murphy University of Wisconsin-Madison
Daniel Hast University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bianca Baldridge University of Wisconsin-Madison
Satya Chima University of Wisconsin-Madison
Amy Clay University of Wisconsin-Madison
Diane Gooding University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jenell Johnson University of Wisconsin-Madison
Katrina Daly Thompson  University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Richard Grusin University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Daniel Listoe University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Erin Winkler University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Will Tchakirides University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Constance Bougie University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Jamie Browning University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Paula Mohan University of Wisconsin, Madison
Katie Zaman University of Wisconsin, Madison
Shelleen Greene University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Loretta McCormick University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Erin Forbes University of Wyoming
Sarah M Duncan University of Wyoming
Lilia Soto University of Wyoming
David Huyssen University of York
Leslie Fox University on new mexico
Elizabeth MacDowell UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law
Lydia Platon UPR Cayey
Smita Ramnarain URI
Shana Wride USD
Fatimah Waheed USF
Indrani Chatterjee UT Austin
Nathaniel Walker UT Southwestern Medical Center
Sarah Shippobotham Utah
Whitney Johnson Utah State University
Kelli Potter Utah Valley University
Denise Nepveux Utica College
Angelita Chapa UTMB
Patricia Schor Utrecht University
Sonja Lanehart UTSA
Susan Rigely UW-Madison, Princeton ’96
Chelsea Wait UW-Milwaukee
Phyllis Schlessinger UWMilwaukee
Mak Matix Valencia College
Leabriah Spencer Valencia College
Colin Dayan Vanderbilt
Evan R. Bunch Vanderbilt Divinity School 
Candice Amich Vanderbilt University
Sara Mayeux Vanderbilt University
Rin Abernathy Vanderbilt University
Emily Birnbaum Vanderbilt University
Andrew Krinks Vanderbilt University
Lisa Guenther Vanderbilt University
Lisa Mellecker Vanderbilt University
Kristina E. Lee Vanderbilt University
Guojun Wang Vanderbilt University
Ariel Smith  Vanderbilt University 
Elizabeth Gold Various
Marsely Kehoe various
Laena Haagensen Vassar
Asia Alman Vassar College
Eve Dunbar Vassar College
Cameron Gerrity Vassar College
Danielle Winter Vassar College
Allie Dunham Vassar College
Tyler Wilch Vassar College
Erika Nagasaki Vassar College
Nicole González Vassar College
Taneisha Means Vassar College
Mia Moraru Vassar College
Katherine Hite Vassar College
M McKee Vassar College
Amitava Kumar Vassar College
Cecilia Graña Rosa Vassar College
Yibo Yu Vassar College
Hanna Park Vassar College
Emily Overman Vassar College
Anna Blum Vassar College
Spencer Garcia Vassar College
Lily Berman Vassar College
Timothy Koechlin Vassar College
Madeleine Schafer Vassar College
Maria Hantzopoulos Vassar College
Jeff Sparrow  Victoria University
Daniel Simpson Beck Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
Rick Schneider  Villanova
Mary Mullen Villanova University
John-Paul Spiro Villanova University
Charles Prusik Villanova University
Chris Bishop Villanova University
Felicia Rivers Villanova University
Raul Diego Rivera Hernandez Villanova University
Shannen R. Wright Villanova University
Dave Mesing Villanova University
Billie Murray Villanova University
Yannik Thiem Villanova University 
Morey Williams  Villanova University 
Timour Kamran Villanova University 
Trevor Muth Villanova University 
Ryan Morrison Villanova University 
Asia Pham  Virginia a commonwealth University 
Brandi Thompson Summers Virginia Commonwealth University
Rohan Kalyan Virginia Commonwealth University
Megan Osborn Virginia Commonwealth University
Kimberly Nichele Brown Virginia Commonwealth University 
Deidre Garriott Virginia Military Institute 
Kiragu Beauttah  Virginia State University 
Asia Reynolds Virginia State University 
Ellington Virginia Tech
Corey Miles Virginia Tech
Melanie Kiechle Virginia Tech 
Marian Mollin Virginia Tech 
Regina Simpson Virginia Union University
Joel Neville Anderson Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester
Adriel Trott Wabash College
Dvora Yanow Wageningen University
Jennifer Greiman Wake Forest University
Robin Simon Wake Forest university
John Kernodle Wake Forest University School of Divinity
Brian Ragsdale Walden University
Markkus Pfirman Warren Wilson College
Nina Bildstein Warwick University 
T.J. Tallie Washington and Lee University
Paul Gregory Washington and Lee University 
David Leonard Washington State University
Lisa Guerrero Washington State University
Shameem Rakha Washington State University
Nishant Shahani Washington State University
Roger Whitson Washington State University
Alana Inlow Washington State University
John Lupinacci Washington State University
Stephen Bischoff Washington State University
Samantha Edgerton  Washington State University 
Rebecca Wanzo Washington University
Steven Tran-Creque Washington University
Paige McGinley Washington University in St. Louis
Amber Jamilla Musser Washington University in St. Louis
Pannill Camp Washington University in St. Louis
Joanna Dee Das Washington University in St. Louis
Christine R. Johnson Washington University in St. Louis
Marie Griffith Washington University in St. Louis
Elise Peterson-Trujillo Washington University in St. Louis
Debra Kennard Washington University in St. Louis
Maddie Krips Washington University in St. Louis
Connie Chen Washington University in St. Louis
Jessica Hao Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, Princeton University ’15
Jeffrey Q. McCune, Jr. Washington University in St.Louis 
Kate Levy Wayne State
Danielle Aubert Wayne State University
Douglas Williams Wayne State University
David K. Langstaff Wayne State University
Amber Taylor Wayne State University
Lisa Ze Winters Wayne State University
Christina Martinez Wayne State University
Adam McGaw Wayne State University
Kaitlin Popielarz, MA Wayne State University
Leena Ghannam Wayne State University
Lisa Doris Alexander Wayne State University
Erica Montgomery  Wayne State University 
Maida Rosenstein We represent workers at Columbia University, New York University, Barnard College, Teachers College, Union Theological Seminary, Mercy College and TCI College.
Margery Sabin Welleesley College
Susan M. Reverby wellesley College
Haley Cheek Wellesley College
Ngozi Oghor  Wellesley College
Leigh Gilmore Wellesley College
Petra Rivera-Rideau Wellesley College
Laura Grattan Wellesley College
Liza Oliver Wellesley College
Edward Silver Wellesley College
Sara Lewis Wellesley College
Lynne SpigelmireViti Wellesley College
Helene Bilis Wellesley College
nora hussey wellesley college
Anne Brubaker Wellesley College
Lawrence Rosenwald Wellesley College
Shannon Weber Wellesley College
Selwyn R. Cudjoe Wellesley College
Catia C. Confortini Wellesley College
Charlene Galarneau Wellesley College
Scott Gunther Wellesley College
Helena de Bres Wellesley College
Susan Ellison Wellesley College
Susan Meyer Wellesley College
Nancy Marshall Wellesley College 
Inela Selimovic  Wellesley College 
Danica Buckley Wentworth Institute of Technology
Ryden Nelson Wesleyan University
Taina Quiñones Wesleyan University
Zoe Thrasher Wesleyan University
Miranda Hoyt-Disick Wesleyan University
Courtney Patterson-Faye Wesleyan University
Gina A Ulysse Wesleyan University
Kerwin Kaye Wesleyan University
John Henry Vansant Wesleyan University
Elizabeth McAlister Wesleyan University
Maya Bernstein Schalet Wesleyan University
Abigail Boggs Wesleyan University
Leneil Roderique Wesleyan University
Vera Benkoil Wesleyan University
Robert Eastman Wesleyan University 
Lucy De Souza Wesleyan University/University of British Columbia
Kathleen Riley West Chester University
Michael Burns West Chester University
Timothy R. Dougherty West Chester University of PA
Tiffany Lanoix West LA College
Natalie Nagthall West Los Angeles College
Michael Cadmus West Orange High School
Lisa Weihman  West Virginia University
Jihad D. Dixon West Virginia University
Ryan Claycomb West Virginia University
Laura Wright Western Carolina University
Peter Cole Western Illinois University
Dorothea Browder Western Kentucky University
Cynthia Ream Western KY University
Leah Wood Western KY University
Elisabeth Carnell Western Michigan University
Alana Lentin Western Sydney University
Josh Cerretti Western Washington University
Shirin Declaim Western Washington University
Losa Berhane WEstern Washington University
Christopher Towler Western Washington University
Matthew Thogerson Western Washington University
John Milodragovich Western Washington University
Ezekiel Nierenberg Western Washington University 
Alex Zeiler  Western Washington university 
Erin Judge Westfield State University
Jonelle Coutinho Westfield State University Alum
Melissa Harris-Perry WFU
Ashley Tsegai Wheaton College
Jordan E. Miller Wheaton College (MA)
Susan Owusu Wheelock College
Jack Jackson Whitman College
Julie Kitzerow Whitman College
Matthew Bost Whitman College
Lizzy Harvey Whitman College
Ann M Kakaliouras Whittier College
Susan Johnson  Whittier College
Taylor Smith Whittier Law School
Georgette Kirkendall  Wilbur Wright College (Chicago, IL)
Frann Michel Willamette University
Leslie Dunlap Willamette University
Gia Dacayanan Willamette University
Roy Perez Willamette University
Erica Meier Willamette University
Sarah Kinniburgh William & Mary
Danielle M. Wallace William Paterson University
Angela Murphy William Patterson University
Barbara Solheim William Rainey Harper College
Emmanuel Whyte Williams College
María Elena Cepeda Williams College
Shanti Hossain Williams College
A. Luana DeJesus Williams College
Meredith Coleman-Tobias Williams College
Eliza Klein Williams College
Miriam Lawrence Williams College
Neil Roberts Williams College
Phacelia Cramer Williams College
Jacqueline M. Hidalgo Williams College
Cindy Killion Winona State University
Antonia Randolph Winston-Salem State University
Bill Fetty Wisconsin
Kelly J. Baker Women in Higher Education
Jennifer Peterson Woodbury University
Johnnie Jackson Woosong University
Noeleen McIlvenna Wright State University 
Thomas Lynn Xavier University 
Simone Davalos Yale
Mary Sullivan Yale (alumna)
Nancy Elizabeth Reynolds Yale BA ’90, UNC MA ’93, UT JD ’97
James Bhandary-Alexander Yale Law School
Julia Salseda Yale Universigy
Gabriel Winant Yale University
Maryam Ivette Parhizkar Yale University
Jill Jarvis Yale University
Anthony Reed Yale University
Damian Vergara Yale University
Demar Lewis Yale University
Matthew Nadel Yale University
Thomas Thomson Yale University
Sasha Sabherwal  Yale University
Tim Kreiner Yale University
Aaron Greenberg Yale University
Bradley Proctor Yale University
Gregg Gonsalves Yale University
Andrew Epstein Yale University
Wills Glasspiegel Yale University
Stephen Pitti Yale University
Olivier van Donselaar Yale University
Claire Schwartz Yale University
Jacinda Tran Yale University
Fabian Menges Yale University
Daniel Luban Yale University
Erica James Yale University
Nicole Demby Yale University
Marie Buck Yale University
Makayla Haussler Yale University
Zareena Grewal Yale University
Yuni Chang Yale University
Anne Eller Yale University
Joana Andoh Yale University
Viet N. Trinh Yale University
Justin Brooks Yale University
Azaria King Yale University
Andrea Smith Yale University
Gabriela Elisa Morales Yale University
Justin Randolph Yale University
Tavia Nyong’o Yale University 
Kim Clayton Hershman Yale University 
Stephanie Sparling Williams Yale University 
John Craig Hubbard Yale University 
Myles Lennon Yale University 
Anne Lessy Yale University 
Annemarie Strassel Yale University 
Ambre Dromgoole Yale University 
Jalen Parks Yale University 
Nia Berrian Yale University 
Inderpal Grewal Yale University 
Briallen Hopper Yale University (Princeton alum)
Stuart Strange  Yale-NUS College 
Lance Green Yellowstone Theological Institute
Clementine James York college CUNY
Jessica Evans York Univeristy, Toronto, Canada
Jesse Cumming York University
Kyle McDonnell York University
James Beirne  York University
David McNally York University, Toronto



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