Sports, Race and Society Lectures

American athletes, and black athletes in particular, have a storied history of utilizing their platform for the purpose of political expression. A new academic and current affairs forum at Princeton University, The Sports, Race and Society Lecture made possible by the Stephen C. Mills ’81 Fund, will explore the implications and possibilities of uniting sport with the American experiment, the obligation that executives in the governance of sport ought to fulfill to athletes and communities, and the impact of athletes as citizens and influential community members. The Center for African American Studies at Princeton University along with the Princeton University Department of Athletics are committed, with the support of the Mills Fund, to continuing this forum for years to come, as a newly endowed lecture series at the University.

Political Expression and Activism in Today’s NBA with Adam Silver
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, New York Knicks General Manager Steve Mills ’81, ESPN analyst Craig Robinson ’83, and Eddie S. Glaude Jr. came together for “Political Expression and Activism in Today’s NBA,” and explored topics such as visual signaling and demonstration by NBA players; such as players replacing Clippers jerseys with blank t-shirts, the widespread donning of “I Can’t Breathe t-shirts (both in the NBA and the NCAA), and players outspokenly aligning with the "Black Lives Matter" movement, among other shows of activism. Silver, Mills and Glaude also considered the question of leadership in light of the ouster of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

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